Sons best mate

My son's mate came round one evening i just got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around me he was sat down waiting for my son to get changed i sat down and began rubbing cream in to my legs when i looked up and he quickly looked away was thinking to myself was he checking me out im single 5'2 slim ok sized breast and people say im good looking it happened every time he came round, weekends he's at his dad's his mate knows he's out then but he came round saying he forgot i asked him in made comfortable and mentioned it's lonely at times he said i will keep you company if you want i asked him why when he said you're f****** fit ive never heard him speak like that,i wanted him just once but didn't want to scare him off he stayed all day that evening i had a shower this was my chance wrapped a towel round me and went in to the living room knew he would be looking started rubbing cream on my legs i asked if he wanted to do it for me nervously said yes as he's rubbing cream in he stops at the towel looks at me to see if he should stop i move my legs apart to give him the ok to keep going as he went further up i felt his finger brush my p**** then again untill he was running his finger along my slit pleasure i felt i was making all these sounds when he quickly jumped up i could see on his face something was wrong his hands on the front of jeans knew then he e********* in his pants i should of known that would happen as he is 15, said he could get cleaned up and I'd wash his boxers for him he told me he's never done anything like that with a girl before then he left middle of that week just after my son left for school he knocked the door saying sorry for leaving but can we do it again i wasn't going to say no but he had one request he wanted me to wear stockings and suspenders and a pair of high heels put them on and went to him fast forward 5 minutes and I'm now on my back letting this lad give it to me, everyday he's been coming round for the last 7 months for s**,im writing this now in my room waiting for my son to leave can't wait as in a few minutes i no im going to on my back having this kid who's young enough to be my son between my legs f****** me,any advice on what else i should try with him??

Jan 17, 2020

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  • Think he's the dirty perv teacher that comments on teen girls stories, being in love with them nasty c***.

  • Don't worry about him love,write it how you like.

  • You are the same illiterate idiot that makes up other stories. Run on sentences, no commas and you do not know that the word "I" is capitalized. Troll alert.

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