Ohoy, 23 year old guy here.

So, after spending alot of time online with a Girl i met in an online game (like 6 months ago) - i noticed i started to fall in love about a month ago. She's extremely smart and funny, and I am next to obsessed i feel like.

Anyways, yesterday, i decided i had to confess to her over webcam (we've had a few sessions), because i felt vibes from her too.

After that, she's extremely silent, and we haven't had a normal conversation like we used to before since i confessed, and we usually talk ALOT. Now it just feels awkward.

I don't know what to do, I was desperate to confess and was very honest, but now after this apparent rejection (I haven't had any replies on the subject, and she seems to avoid me), i feel like an idiot for doing so - like we lost the friendship.

I have never had a partner before, so I am not very experienced at this kind of stuff.

Another problem is that she lives in Denmark, and I in Sweden, so meeting up seems next to impossible.

I dont know, I just felt like sharing this. I feel like a j***, and I stabbed myself in the heart.

Oct 21, 2013

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  • Go back to being super friendly and don't mention it again. Don't make her feel any pressure, just go back to being yourself.

    You have planted the seed in her mind, now let it grow. You would be surprised how many girls start to like a guy once they know he likes them and start to think about it over time.

    It may never happen of course, but at least you will have your friend back.

    Years later, I think people are more likely to regret the things they didn't confess than the things they did.

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