I will try to keep this sadly pathetic story as short as possible, although it still hang in there because I really need to vent and could sincerely use any constructive advice anyone may have.
I fell deeply in love with my high school flame, after we reconnected 10 years after graduating. As cliche / overly dramatic as it sounds it was electric. If you believe in fate / soulmates, this was it. It was the most fulfilling and complete sense of love and “home” that I’d ever felt. He was my “one”. He claimed the same as well. After 8 months I found he had been talking to his friends wife (who he had dated in high school), about wishing me and the husband weren’t there, etc. He swears up and down that nothing actually happened (I didn’t/ don’t believe him) and I broke up with him. This was almost 25 years ago now, and it still hurts me at times. We see each other on social media sometimes and he still states he will always love me, etc. That just brings back all of the love, hurt, and anger from then. It seems pathetic to still have those emotions after such an extremely long time. I feel basically empty and numb from being ever able to truly love again….as I said, it’s pathetic. I have gotten rid of him on social media, but I don’t think I will ever get over him. I do realize that I probably don’t love him now, but I love him as it was. I want him to be out of my heart

May 26
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  • Take psychedelic mushrooms- they have a way of liberating people from the past

  • Problem is you keep thinking whether you did right or wrong. Just let go and consider its over. Done!

    Our thoughts control our actions. Life isn’t about just thinking about long gone relationships. Kins die and people still move on. Overthinking will just keep you deluded. Just come out of it.

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