He disgusts me

I have no respect for my husband. He is a drunken, pathetic loser. I am not attracted to him as a person. He doesn't care what kind of a person he is or what kind of an example he sets for our child. I wish I could divorce him but I have no money of my own or any place to go. He is such a f****** joke.


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  • From your attitude I would have to say you have 2 choices either help him with his problem, and if that doesn't work then get out. You obviously hate him but if you hate him that is one thing if you hate his drinking that is another.

  • do you go to church.? You need to pray about this. I went through the same, and still do to a certain point, he still drinks, blah.
    I hate it, but I know I do things that he hates to.

  • From the way you act, I'm sure I'd take up alcoholism as well.

  • Someone out there loves you and will treat you and children with the respect you deserve... That person is probably someone you know, you just can't see it.

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