Unfillfilled love

I got married 8 years ago and it was a big mistake. I can hardly stand to listen to her every morning complaining and using profane language even about her Mom.
There is a younger woman at Church I am 51 and she is 30. I respected her a lot she went to school after her divorce and with two young girls has a professional career.
Several times when she had problems I will help her whether it was a comforting word a hug or a little money.
This last Sunday after several weeks of not coming to church she shows up with a successful attorney. Not only that but one that is 4 or 5 years older than me. Always considered her a friend before I saw her with him. How I wish I could express my feelings for her and act on them.

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  • 2 things: If you're unhappy with your marriage, then walk away or get couples counseling. Relationships will not just magically improve or change.

    Just because you are interested in someone doesn't mean they feel the same,you can be an older friend to her.

  • Hey f***** why dont u fk urself. At this age u have crossed the limit of ur life n still not satissfied.wtf? PERVERT

  • You are an idiot.

  • Seems like you missed your chance with her (but who knows, maybe it won't work out with Mr. Attorney) but if you're that unhappy with your wife why don't you leave her? You seem like a good guy, I'm sure there are lots of women who'd jump at the chance to be with you.

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