I'm 11and depressed.

I'm depressed because my rabbit, the one I gave all my secrets to, died. Than afterwards our family cat died from fleas. I than started pushing away my friends. I mean, they're my friends, but honestly, I don't want them to find out my feelings. When I least expected it, my friend who held our group together moved away. Afterwards my mom lost her baby and I am devastated. Next, my big brother is going to college and I feel so safe with him. I feel like the world hates me. Now I don't like attention, and don't want to be noticed which I know is impossible because I'm really popular for no reason. What do I do?

Nov 17, 2013

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  • I recently lost my best friend, my husky dog, and I'm feeling exactly the same. Though I have no advice to give I hope you know you're not alone.

  • I always worry about my dog even though she's got 13 more good years ahead of her.

  • It's okay to be a private sort of person. Your thoughts belong only to you, you don't owe them to anyone else. But if you have bad feelings, make sure you let them out somehow. You don't have to tell them to people. I'm sorry that your friend rabbit died, I know he/she helped you. Maybe you have a favorite plushie that you can tell your secrets to? I hope that doesn't sound too silly. Or you could create - make drawings, or write, or sculpt, literally anything, you could just copy down poems in writing on on your computer if that feels good to you. Anything, anything to get the bad energy out. The best way to get it out if not through the mouth is through the hands. Make something, or do something. If you feel bad and you don't let out your thoughts in some way, it can really hurt you in time. It's hard when people you like leave. But ultimately all you have in this world is yourself and your own strength and smarts. Everyone else is a good bonus but you have to depend on yourself before anyone else. Much love and luck.

  • My dog died when I was your age- and I didn't get another one for almost 30 years it hurt so bad. During that time I lost many people dear to me- in every way a person can lose. I felt many of the things that you did until I realized by accident that I was a treasure to others- and like most people- when I opened up about how I really felt- everyone felt the same way. It is not the bad things that happen to us that define us. It is how we deal with them. There are many people worse off than you- just look at the world. Try to be grateful because you are already strong enough, smart enough and likable enough that the awful pain of the past is not the promise of the future- unless you want a future filled with pain and sadness. The world doesnt hate you- its just life. As you know it can all come crashing down in a moment. My revenge for all the loss and pain is to choose to be happy and to say F#%&K* you to a World that can't take away my joy in this short life.

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