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I am a bit worried that I have a social disability or whatever it is called. I can turn my crying on and off, and I was quite surprised when I found out that others couldn't. I generally have to think about what I'm going to say to someone because otherwise I generally say something that is considered rude. To me I'm just saying how I feel or an observation, but it seems like other people think that it's rude or just the completely wrong thing to do. For example, someone came in to give a talk a a diversity group that I attend and they were super nervous. Whilst he was talking I wrote down a list of observable nervous ticks as well as some tips on how to control them, and I gave him this list afterwards. When I was talking to the school counsellor about it afterwards, she put her head in her hands and properly facepalmed, I don't understand how that was the wrong thing to do though. I mean, didn't I help him?

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  • I am sick of social isolation and discrimination over my mental illness and it insults me when snorting crack royal snots make out they know how it feels to have a mental illness when they are invited to so many events and people up their a**** and they work and have no care or needs for working wage. and yeh, actually what really toffed me off about the rudeness of poms is years ago my neighbor was a pom and a****** and drank a lot and they were so rude. and in 2003 this old biddy i bought something off in the uk goes "I will P*** it in the mail to you today" and I said "oh don't do that you might hurt yourself having to climb up ontop of the postal box" like they are about 2 or 3 metres high here so to get up to take a s*** inside the post office box would be some effort from some old bag. I had images of the old bagger uk queen just climbing and taking a P*** in the post office box where they bought mail to be relieved, and was shocked. so after that I didn't like royals and uk people much and that was long before I used the word poopty about peoples. but yeh, quite frankly that is where the royals can go. kate is ok and a b**** like all of them. but they are not genuine other then to get money from you. then before that in 1999 this mongrel uk kid was kicking my seat and i was about 27 and he was picking his nose saying "I hate you" that is when I woke up to the witchcraft chicanery and abuse of the royals and their uk humbuggers on us australians. they killed di and they kill and then blame everyone else. stupid idiots. they are not mentally ill they are just mental.

  • Those are also traits of sociopaths. You can manipulate and seem confused when people react like they do. It isn't illegal to be a sociopath. Just act good. Follow through and be the best good altruistic helping neighbor to everyone. Learning to know when not to talk will be your challenge.
    Good luck.

  • You're a r*****.

  • You have a form of autism and are unable to fully grasp the complexity world of social norms. Doesn’t make you bad or stupid. You just don’t get the subtleties of polite discourse

  • You don't know anything about me. You think you are so smart but you really are an imbecile! Mind your own business because you sound very depraved.

  • I am the OP and I did not write the reply above, just thought that you aught to know. I have been wondering about autism, but I've never asked about it because I know from experience that people would say that I'm being silly. I think that I will talk to a psychologist or someone like that.

  • The world doesn't want the truth. They someone to blow smoke up their ass and tell them everything is good, even if it's not.
    Hopefully you will be one of the few people in this world that understands people are easily persuaded. They look at the world through rose colored glasses and will believe most anything someone or something tells them. That is why scams and conartest get money out of people everyday. That is why the media would have most people believing the world is more evil now than ever, when in fact it's the safest now.
    Question everything and don't take anyone's word as fact. Do your own research, and most of all, don't ever let anyone tell you your wrong when you know you are right.

  • Why worry about it. it doesn't make you guy, look we all turn to other women or our same s** sometimes to fill what others can't in a friendship. why worry. women don't want to help men anymore cuz men didn't want to help women enough. I mean I used to help dumb men and I am looking for a hot guy to think of me now.

  • Hot guys don't like paedophiles so you are out of luck, sicko!

  • How is your comment relevant in any way? So you're sexist, who cares.

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