I realize I'm not "supposed to" but I like being 38. I know I'm supposed to worry about my gray and that a 20 year old is going to usurp my position as "desirable"... but I don't care! I'm so happy with where I am as a woman, I'd rather be me, at this age right now than ever go back to being naive and anxious and trying to base my life on crap that doesn't really matter! You "sexy" 20 year olds can take all the pressure and the disrespect from men who only want to use you like objects. I like being sure of myself and laughing at and sending any man who throws a fit that I'm not doing enough to "please him" back to his mother. I love me and who I am. I'll be okay by myself.

Yeah, it's nice not running around trying to be everyone's everything. I like being happy-- and I like being around people who are happy I'm happy on MY terms. I've had enough experience to know how to find those types of people to surround myself with.

Life is good. Better than good. And I'm extremely happy and excited that it's only going to get better. :)

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  • Hmm... silence from the peanut gallery. GOOD!

    Go you!

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