Hate my racist mother

I'm sick of my racist mother. She hates me and refuses to see any of her grand children because there daddies are black. It's my choice who I sleep with and who I find attractive.

She's a filthy racist, the b**** called my children half breeds? What sort of human even does that? Especially to their own blood.

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  • I hope your kids one day hate you the way you claim to hate your mom.

  • Lmao. They will hate her because she is white! They will be like "you damn cracker ass white honky b****!"

  • Birth control and better choices, lady.

  • Wow! N.i.g.g.e.r lovers are always shocked when people disown them and their hybrid human-primate procreations. I don't feel a bit sorry for you. Do you really enjoy the smell of elephant? You must be as big as one since you lay with something that smells like one.

  • Take your Oreo babies and find a new n***** to f*** since your probably already dropped you, thunder thighs and big assed b****!

  • Get over it, b****! You decided to spread your probably fat ass pasty white legs for a black man! Sometimes these are the consequences! You obviously have no self-esteem or don't give a s*** about your family's values. So enjoy welfare and having him split his money between his other 8 children!

  • Anyone who doesn't think their race is superior is either ignorant or a liar. I'm not defending one or another, I'm just saying that is human nature.

  • That's your opinion. But it doesn't mean it's right. Try again.

  • Look, anything that breeds with a n_i_gg_e_r , that species mix of gorilla with human, produces a mongrel ; nothing else. What is sad is the ones with conspicuous, conflicting features that label that creature as a clear 'mistake'. Steer clear o' them.

  • You do realise we're all animals aswell, don't you? We're hierarchal in the animal kingdom, but we're animals. Don't forget that :)

  • Two sides to every story!

  • She doesn't like you because you are a Crack w**** who f**** black men for drugs. Your little b****** children are the result of your trashy life style.

  • You are filth

  • I knew I should have shot my load in your mommas ass the night we conceived you.

  • " Daddies" ? How many are we talking about? May be its more the fact she disapproves of you having a bunch of children by a bunch of different men?

  • You are right, it is your choice who you sleep with and have children with. Same as it is your mother's choice to like or dislike whoever she wants. Does the truth offend you? Are your children not halfbreeds?

  • No, they are not half-breeds. That is, no more than a half-Swedish, half-Italian man is a half breed.

    To the OP, you might have to just go on and live your life without your mother's approval. When people grow up believing that interracial relationships are wrong, it's hard to get them to re-examine their beliefs later in life. They are getting psychological comfort as well as self-esteem from notions of racial purity. Just be the best parent you can to your children. It's their grandmother's loss.

  • You are what is wrong with this world. Everyone gets offended by the truth or who they are. They are halfbreeds, period. They are half black and half something else. That is a fact. Just like a half Swedish and half Italian IS a halfbreed. But for some reason that offends people today. People just need to grow up and except who they are instead of b******* and whining about it. I'm a halfbreed and I don't b**** about it.

  • You're a person, a human being. Race/ethnicity should be irrelevant.

    Labels have too much power and control in our world. Unfortunately, human beings are at fault for that.

  • Words not only have definitions, they have connotations and contexts. Half-breed is considered derogatory, just like the word "n*****" is. By your logic, it's ok to use that word to describe the Irish. For a period in history, they were thought to be the low man on the "white" totem pole. Nobody could be lower than the Irish and still be considered white. That's why they were referred to as "white n******" "n****** turned inside out" and "the n****** of Europe."

    Applying a word to someone just because you know the dictionary definition of it isn't as logical or as cut and dried as you think.

  • Finally, someone intellectual and open minded :)

  • The world needs you to fight racism. Please do.

  • WRONG weirdo. Racism & racist people are just, respectable & have their place in society as opposed to liberals, who harm society with their foolish, radical, horrific, progressive concepts.

  • No one is born racist you inbred, It's taught and learned from our social environments.

  • Liberals were and still are the most hypocritical and racist people ever. It was the liberals who opposed abolishing slavery in the 1800s and continued to fight and belittle blacks even after the war ended. Even today you have people like Elisabeth Warren who is a far left liberal Democrat and claimed to be Native American so she could exploit Native American programs. She's no more Native American than Vladimir Putin is. She preaches about equal pay for everyone, yet pays her own female staff less than the men. Liberals have not changed in the last 100 plus years, they're still the same racist, hypocritical a******* they've always been.

  • I fight racism towards white people!

  • You have warped perspectives!

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