Hate my racist mother

I'm sick of my racist mother. She hates me and refuses to see any of her grand children because there daddies are black. It's my choice who I sleep with and who I find attractive.

She's a filthy racist, the b**** called my children half breeds? What sort of human even does that? Especially to their own blood.

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  • Once you go black you never go back. Lady, how hard is this for you to understand? You rut with one of these shitbeasts, you slowly become one of them. Your mother is absolutely right for hating you and your niglets.

  • Just to clarify the comment I made eight hours ago: I was referring to the racists, NOT the original poster. I myself am a white person married to a black woman, and I had similar issues with my mother over it. What my mother seemed unable to understand was that my children come first, and always will. Fortunately, we do not live in the U.S.

  • The Country isn't the problem, it's your mother's attitude and ignorance towards diversity - that's the problem!

    Racism is taught and learnt. No one is born racist.

    Your mother has issues. You mentioned your children are important, course they're. They shouldn't be subjected to your mothers ignorance and prejudice. If they're, it's racial abuse and deemed a hate crime. Protect your kids and your wife. She's important aswell. Your children need protecting from your mother.

  • Well if your mother had problems with your relationship, then I would say your country is no better than America. Guess you have some work to do too before you become civilized.

  • The country isn't the problem, it's the ignorance and narrow mindedness of some people, that's the issue. No one is born racist, it's learnt.

  • Such invective! It seems to me that you Americans still have some way to go before you can truly call yourselves civilised....

  • True. We lost a lot of yardage in 2016, too. When was the last time a US president was openly laughed at by a roomful of other world leaders? MAGATs, answer this question now. We'll wait.

  • The obongo period, libturd.

  • Were the rest of the world and the intelligent regions of the US laughing constantly at Obama? If you turn off Fox News once in a while you might begin to catch a whiff of reality, Trailer Park Boy. Ret@rds like you who are more mouth than brains used to just be an embarrassing secret; now the entire world knows about you creatures and the mentally ill man-baby you worship. Try again, sister fister.

  • Keep waiting. They can be a very quiet clutch of retards when they WANT to be.

  • F*** you.

  • Lick a light socket, pig wrestler. It'll be the only time in your life there'll be lights in your eyes.

  • You are disgusting, worthless piece of white trash! I hope you and your half breed babies live and walk in shame. You are a filthy disgrace to your parents! You have ruined your life! Disgusting. Disgusting, nasty, white trash b****.

    You do your thing anon. Disown that abusive ass tbh, she call your children half-breeds she isn't no mother.

  • F****** N*****!

  • I hope your kids one day hate you the way you claim to hate your mom.

  • Lmao. They will hate her because she is white! They will be like "you damn cracker ass white honky b****!"

  • Which of course isn't racist at ALL... fucktard

  • Birth control and better choices, lady.

  • Wow! N.i.g.g.e.r lovers are always shocked when people disown them and their hybrid human-primate procreations. I don't feel a bit sorry for you. Do you really enjoy the smell of elephant? You must be as big as one since you lay with something that smells like one.

  • Take your Oreo babies and find a new n***** to f*** since your probably already dropped you, thunder thighs and big assed b****!

  • Get over it, b****! You decided to spread your probably fat ass pasty white legs for a black man! Sometimes these are the consequences! You obviously have no self-esteem or don't give a s*** about your family's values. So enjoy welfare and having him split his money between his other 8 children!

  • Anyone who doesn't think their race is superior is either ignorant or a liar. I'm not defending one or another, I'm just saying that is human nature.

  • That's your opinion. But it doesn't mean it's right. Try again.

  • You don't think your race is superior?

  • No. However, I do believe some races "believe" they're superior, compared to others.

    I think non-humans are superior.

  • But you do believe a race is superior, human or not. Thank you for proving my point. I rest my case!

  • Thank you for reminding me, why I think non-humans are superior to humans.

    Your original question was regarding whether or not, I find MY race superior. Non-humans AREN'T my race you fool!

    But thanks for resting my case for me!

  • You are f****** idiot. You STILL believe there is a SUPERIOR race. And that is the f****** point! People like you are the reason humans are so f****** stupid. And yes, I REST MY F****** CASE.

  • Hey, d******! Do you think if you write in all caps that it gets your point across any better? It doesn't. And f*** you for defending this white trash, n*****-loving b****.

  • You should've stated your question like this; "Do you think any race is superior?" Instead of - "You don't think your race is superior?" Your original comeback didn't reflect the question you asked. However, my answer reflected your question and i elaborated further, disclosing which race i think is superior.

    You obviously didn't construct your comment, to reflect your question. Instead, you highlighted your disagreement of my answer undiplomatically, to accommodate your own personal insecurities and dissonances regarding race superiority.

    You appear to have numerous personal issues and aggressions, It's conveyed within the structure and context of your comments.

    I wish you peace and harmony, life is too short not to :)

  • Look, anything that breeds with a n_i_gg_e_r , that species mix of gorilla with human, produces a mongrel ; nothing else. What is sad is the ones with conspicuous, conflicting features that label that creature as a clear 'mistake'. Steer clear o' them.

  • You do realise we're all animals aswell, don't you? We're hierarchal in the animal kingdom, but we're animals. Don't forget that :)

  • Two sides to every story!

  • She doesn't like you because you are a Crack w**** who f**** black men for drugs. Your little b****** children are the result of your trashy life style.

  • You are filth

  • I knew I should have shot my load in your mommas ass the night we conceived you.

  • Maybe a load should've been shot into your a***, just for a laugh!

  • " Daddies" ? How many are we talking about? May be its more the fact she disapproves of you having a bunch of children by a bunch of different men?

  • Nah, it couldn't be that. It's GOT TO BE about RACE. Remember, you can confuse two blonde white celebrities and no one cares, but if you confuse two black celebrities you're totes a RACIST. It's all about RACE RACE RACE.

  • You are right, it is your choice who you sleep with and have children with. Same as it is your mother's choice to like or dislike whoever she wants. Does the truth offend you? Are your children not halfbreeds?

  • No, they are not half-breeds. That is, no more than a half-Swedish, half-Italian man is a half breed.

    To the OP, you might have to just go on and live your life without your mother's approval. When people grow up believing that interracial relationships are wrong, it's hard to get them to re-examine their beliefs later in life. They are getting psychological comfort as well as self-esteem from notions of racial purity. Just be the best parent you can to your children. It's their grandmother's loss.

  • You are what is wrong with this world. Everyone gets offended by the truth or who they are. They are halfbreeds, period. They are half black and half something else. That is a fact. Just like a half Swedish and half Italian IS a halfbreed. But for some reason that offends people today. People just need to grow up and except who they are instead of b******* and whining about it. I'm a halfbreed and I don't b**** about it.

  • You're a person, a human being. Race/ethnicity should be irrelevant.

    Labels have too much power and control in our world. Unfortunately, human beings are at fault for that.

  • Words not only have definitions, they have connotations and contexts. Half-breed is considered derogatory, just like the word "n*****" is. By your logic, it's ok to use that word to describe the Irish. For a period in history, they were thought to be the low man on the "white" totem pole. Nobody could be lower than the Irish and still be considered white. That's why they were referred to as "white n******" "n****** turned inside out" and "the n****** of Europe."

    Applying a word to someone just because you know the dictionary definition of it isn't as logical or as cut and dried as you think.

  • Finally, someone intellectual and open minded :)

  • The world needs you to fight racism. Please do.

  • WRONG weirdo. Racism & racist people are just, respectable & have their place in society as opposed to liberals, who harm society with their foolish, radical, horrific, progressive concepts.

  • No one is born racist you inbred, It's taught and learned from our social environments.

  • Liberals were and still are the most hypocritical and racist people ever. It was the liberals who opposed abolishing slavery in the 1800s and continued to fight and belittle blacks even after the war ended. Even today you have people like Elisabeth Warren who is a far left liberal Democrat and claimed to be Native American so she could exploit Native American programs. She's no more Native American than Vladimir Putin is. She preaches about equal pay for everyone, yet pays her own female staff less than the men. Liberals have not changed in the last 100 plus years, they're still the same racist, hypocritical a******* they've always been.

  • I fight racism towards white people!

  • You have warped perspectives!

  • Warped? You don't think there is racism toward white people? Or are you one of those people that thinks racism doesn't apply to white people?

  • Racism is present everywhere, regardless of race. It's not going to change, until humans change their ways and attitudes' towards it. No one is born racist. Racism is taught.

  • Exactly! And that is why I fight against racism toward white people. A lot of blacks are being taught that whites are racist and in turn that makes them racist toward white people. They need to stop teaching their kids that whites are racist and that whites owe them something. Only then can humans change and move forward.

  • Where are you from? Because there are more racial ethnicities, than black and white. Because you mentioned racial prejudice between black and white, I'm assuming you live in a social culture and environment, that's consumed with it. Everywhere is different you know, you do realise this don't you?

    Are you from America and residing there?

  • Why is it that the rest of the world thinks so bad of the Americans? Even if I was American and I was arguing my point based on that view, what the f*** difference does that make? I have a lot of friends who are American and I happen to like them. Just because everyone else in the world hates them, I do not. And that is the whole point of this post. People are f****** racist. Even to the Americans.

  • You've misconstrued my comment and used your personal judgements, to make inaccurate conclusions.

    A few things are obvious about you. You have a problem with racism against white people and believe black people are the perpetrators of that racism. You make inaccurate conclusion's about some people i.e "me" in this case and use your negative perceptions/opinions of some people,
    cloud your judgements.

    No offense, but you appear narrow minded and obtuse.

  • Obtuse? Wow, did you have to look that word up in the dictionary to make yourself sound all smart? Offense taken. And you obviously have something against Americans, otherwise you wouldn't have asked me if I was American when you started to disagree with me. You assumed, therefore you asked if I was, instead of just simple asking me what nationality I am. As for black people perpetuating the racism toward whites, yes i believe a lot of blacks are predominantly racial towards whites. However, there is racism between all races. You can't tell the world that there is racism toward your people, at the same time teaching your kids to hate those that you feel have wronged you. Is that a better clarification? Or am I still being "obtuse"?

  • You've articulated your opinion and personal perspectives more thoroughly - good for you. But you've still misconstrued my earlier comment. That's ok, sometimes we're all misunderstood :) If your assumptions were accurate about me, i would've happily conveyed that. But they weren't.

    Have a blessed day (:

  • Ah, you finally realized your opponent has a good point and you had nothing left but empty words of butt-hurt.

    I love it when people sign off with "Have a blessed day" and a fake-smile emoticon. It means a not-very-intelligent person has finally realized they're not intelligent and they're trying for the "injured but noble goodbye".

    Following up with "Right on!", as if anyone else agrees with you, was a particularly weak move.

  • Ah, you finally realized your opponent has a good point and you had nothing left but empty words of butthurt.

    I love it when people sign off with "Have a blessed day" and a fake-smile emoticon! It means a not-very-intelligent person has finally realized they're not intelligent and they're trying for the "injured but noble goodbye".

    Following up with "Right on!", as if anyone else agrees with you, was a particularly weak move.

  • Right on!

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