Let My Wife Go Out With My Brother

My younger brother got his heart broken a year ago and hasn't got over the heartbreak yet. My wife felt bad for him. She said he's a real good looking, sexy guy and should have a woman in his life to make him more happy.

My wife always the giving person suggested she go out with him on innocent, no kissing dates to help him have some female company and get over the woman who hurt him.

Because I trust my wife, I'm okay with this. I think it's generous of her to volunteer to help my brother out.

The other night she was out until 3AM with him. I have to admit my trust for her slipped a little. I wondered if there'd been some hanky panky going on. But, she reassured me when she said they talked all night and she felt that went a long way in healing his heart.

I know this might sound like I'm being a sucker, but it's helping my brother and I know my wife would never cheat on me. Plus, for the first time in months, my brother smiles again and is becoming like his old self. My wife is happier too. I think helping him is helping her.

Nov 24, 2013

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  • I'm sure the only "talking" they were doing until 3am was of the "how are we going to fool this idiot next time". Dude, wake up..They're having nasty fun, and you're to blam for giving it the OK.

    Try having s** with her after she gets home from her "talks" with him. Ten bucks says she's too tired.

  • The dimwits that said your wife is cheating just have dirty minds. They need some Jesus in their lives to smarten them the f*** up. Pervs!

  • Concur with all of the other comments. Check them panties Bro, slip a finger in her c*** while she's sleeping and feel how slippery it is, then smell your finger, probably smells like c**.
    He's probably coming into your place at the back door as you're going out the front door off to work. Take a day off, leave for work, and just watch. Go to a sporting goods and buy a FLIR deer camera and set it up in a covert location to watch the house or bedroom, get another for the living room in the event that they can't make it to the bedroom.
    you're f*****. Let us know how it goes

  • Wow...I've met some fools, but you win that prize. Of course she's f****** him. She probably was before your little so called "arrangement" with your wife. Now she just does it in front of your face. Wake up bro...you are being played.

  • I'm sorry, but I bet they are f******. Out until 3 am? There is no reasonable excuse for that. Too late now, but you should have insisted that she have s** with you right she got home so that you could check to see if she had c** in her p****. I would also not let them go out again, but if you do, insist that she let you have s** with her when she gets home in order to check. Lots of trusting husbands have been cheated on - you are making this too easy for her.

  • The many married women I have f***** tell me that they are highly trusted by their husbands,you are the husband whose wife I would f*** for months

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