C'est La Vie

Am a little disappointed with life, i have often contemplated on suicide but am not as courageous. I nowadays try to fake happiness, trying to impress people who don't care about me... I have fake friends at my disposal and i hate them very much, i hate everything... I hate my ex who used to f*** my brains out and now has left me . Death to him and his new b****! But if i get him am going to ride on his huge d*** like a Pogostick and c** allover his long raw shaft! But ohh well we all die,so let's enjoy as it lasts!! Live it up!!



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  • So you need a lover or someone to love you . anyone will have s** with you but you really want a real lover , are you crazy or depressed because he left you or simply do not have someone to f*** . So are you ugly or what , or maybe crazy . Do you want someone to fall in love with you or just f*** you . a good guy will actually love you and probably fall in love with you . If he sees our crazy he will run or never return , to many s**** and b****** every where , not worth a dime . When the right guy comes along show you have intelligence or loose him .

  • My wife left me years ago for someone else, now she comes over saying she still loves to suck my c*** for hours!!!! so once a week she stops by. 6 yrs now.

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