I hate everyone

I hate everyone. except my family, my boyfriend, and my best friend.
i have a lot of best friends, but still.
i tend to see more of the negative side of a person.
i cant fix it. i tried to.
i dont even want this feeling, this hatred towards anyone.
i hate fake people. fake kindness, fake girls, to get attention from somebody else.
i have to say im not fake. i hate being in college. more and more fake people everyday.
everything they do is only to gain popularity.
they stab your back, stepped on you just for their sake.
i hate everyone.
and im hating myself for being sensitive.
for being able to differentiate between fake and real.
for having a hard time talking to people i dont like, because i HATE them.

they only think of themself while pretending that they care of everyone else.
i love my family because they're open minded and honest. and so is my boyfriend. but not my friends. oh and they're not my friends anyway, they're just classmates. i hate them.

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  • You need more vitamin E in your diet. That'll mellow you out and put a little love in your heart.

    - Dr. Suss

  • look up: you need some Jesus in your sorry life...that is you.

    - Ms Polly

  • look up: borderline personality disorder...that is you.

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