Wanna here something really far out? I

Wanna here something really far out? I am your "guy next door", a professional with a high end career that pays VERY well. I have a sexual fetish. While driving my car around town, through shopping malls, stores and strip malls, I routinely search out female drivers who drive up and park to go inside. If they are wearing sandals, or otherwise shoes that display their feet, I park my vehicle alongside their vehicle. I immediately unzip my zipper and pull out the monkey, masturbating until she returns to get in her car. I use all sorts of lotions while doing this, so it feels great. I watch for her to come out of the store. When I see her, my d*** grows with excitement. I am about 7-8 inches fully erect, so as she approaches her car, my d*** is throbbing hard and long. All she'd have to do is turn around and look into my vehicle. But they don't. I know she is curious about what I am doing, but she is either too intimidated, scared or just plain clueless. Anyway, as she approaches her car, I am pretending to be on the phone with my left hand, of course my right hand is busy:). As she approaches her door, I look out at her feet and proceed to explode c** all over my steering wheel. I usually really unload alot of C**, all while this nice babe with bare feet that I am staring at is no more than a foot away from me. It's so exciting and exhilarating. I explode in excitement. and the thrill of being caught, makes my o***** incredible. I truly think that many of these young women wouldn't know what to do even if they did turn around and see my very large c***. I think they'd be turned on by it actually... Therefore, the next time youre in the parking lot of a store, and see if you can see me, you might be surprised what you'll get to see:). Remember though, if you're not in sandals, where I cant see your feet, I'll not park next to you, as that is my fetish. Wow, I feel great to get that off my chest. I can't wait to read your responses. I can already feel the love in here! LOL

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  • That is pretty wierd, although flattering if you are the girl.

  • cool.... I do have a foot fetish..... but I am otherwise extremely harmless

  • no big deal... well i guess in your case it is. lol but ummm yea thanks for the heads up buddy i will never wear sandals to the mall, store, or anywhere else that is. but if i accidentally do and i catch you... i'll just take it as a compliment that i have pretty feet. lol

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