there is a new family that moved in on

there is a new family that moved in on the block- a woman and her two children. She is some kind of writer. she must be good because we live in a pretty well to do neighborhood. I'm intrigued by her. she doesn't talk to anyone but seems to take care of everything. I've never seen her have anyone over- no 'male influences' if you know what I mean. i met her kids when they came to play video games one day at our house-they're really very good kids. and my kids have met her and say she is really 'cool'-how many kids say an adult is cool? i want to meet her, really get face to face with her. I do but I don't. and I don't know why. maybe because she is so independent. all my wife does is b**** at me for more money. she's never satisfied.

but this woman she is...I don't know- a free spirit? And you can tell- in the way she moves and just everything about her. I wish I wasn't so intrigued- but I am.

Her hair is this sexy mass of untamed waves. she has a tatoo on her left arm but I've never gotten close enough to see what it says. My neighbor says he's seen her out out jogging in the wee early morning hours when he was housetraining their new puppy. She says hi. she's friendly. I look at my wife- she doesn't work out. she just takes diet pills and starves herself.

This woman- she's... a mystery. I can't quite tell how old she is but her kids have to put her in her 30's at least. My son said the boys are vegetarieans but she is vegan. I don't know exactly what that is. I just know she's in awesome shape. Maybe that has somehting to do with it.

I want to meet her, talk to her- but I know my wife. She would immediately assume there is something 'going on'. I can't even watch TV without her accusing me of 'having an affair' in my mind. The truth is, I would WANT something to go on. I WANT to get as humanly close to her as possible- if she'll let me. Christ. I'm stuck between my reality and my intrigue- and they're beating the h*** out of me.

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  • Just so you know: A vegan is someone who does not eat or use ANY animal products like: milk, eggs, and leather.

  • Seems like a huge crush. DUmp your w**** bag wife and get with the new chick!

  • grow uo dork. Whack off to fanrtasy mom all you want. Just no touchy-touchy. The divorce lawyer will hang you out to dry. Seriously (you're a dork) but if you love your wife (dork) why give her doubts? Dork.

  • you might be so intriguued by her because her life is everything yours isn't- free, adventerous, spontanious, exotic. or at least that's how you percieve her anyway. and the fact that someone can be that free so close to home in many ways. you want that for yourself. where else can you find an outlet for your own wild, adventerous side? An outlet that won't destroy a family.

  • (Person that wrote the first comment) well you need to look up immortal or whatever but keep close to her kids and she would want to meet this person (you) her kids keep talking about.....or you could get some of her mail and walk over to her house and return it maybe or order some pizza and walk over to her house and say you ordered to much...the things that im suggesting is gonna take some guts to do....but you should really make a move because your not getting younger.

  • Update: saw her at the little corner store down the block from our neighborhood. She was coming out as I was going in. She didn't really notice me but her tatoo says 'immortal' in these neat gothic letters. I don't know what that means...? I think I'm too old to be feeling like some 17 year old boy with a crush.

  • Well you should let her kids hang around your kids and maybe her kids will say good things about you and she would want to mmet you but dont do no dumb s*** when you meet her though....for example f*** her while your still with your wife cause dats some jerry springer s*** but maybe take all of your kids and her kids to Toys "R" Us and let them get one thing or take em out for ice cream but tell your wife to put on dat Victoria Secret and get a new hair do and dress more sexier!!

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