I've been in love with my best friend

I've been in love with my best friend for the past year. He recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years and it came out one lonely night that he had had some very non-platonic feelings for me for a very long time. We've recently started dating, and of course, at first everything was wonderful...but seeds of doubt have begun to surface.

He says I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever met, that he loved me for half a decade, that I'm amazing-all that jazz. But he just seems so miserable most of the time, because of the ex. While I don't expect him to up and forget about her, she was a major part of his life, and it hasn't been too long since the break. I want him to hate her, I really want him to curse her name, and not just because he thinks that's what I want. I think he regrets me sometimes...which kind of makes me want to die.

I told him I never wanted to be a rebound, he's too important to me. And I truly hope he meant it when he said I wasn't going to be, we're each other's closest friends, and I never wanted to f*** with that...so why does it seem like we might have made a terrible mistake?

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  • it wont work out, your just that pretty kind hearted rebound girl that all guys just call late at night to talk to for comfort and sleep with, and they lead you on to make you like them but really you are just there puppet and once they find something they see better they will forget you, cuase even though you fell in love with them, you meant nothing to them, you trust people too much. All they do is s**** you over and take advantage of your kindness and love. The same thing happened to me.

  • Update: He is a lying sack of s*** and I hate him for being such a selfish pig! He's back with his ex. I did just meet a new guy though. He thinks the world of me but he just got out of a LTR. I made him promise that I wasn't just another rebound girl. I think it will work out.

  • I'm glad it all worked out for you :-)

  • Not that anybody read it, but the problem is sort of solved. He's perfect and I love him. All is well.

  • REBOUND!!!!

  • Damn grrl, you gots a problem.

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