The camp boy.

Alright, so i'm sixteen, seventeen at the end of the summer, and i'm working at a camp this summer. I've met this guy at camp... hum... let's say his name is... camp boy, although it isn't. Okay, so John is like... the cutest thing ever. he's got adorable curly hair, kind of like nick jay, and his braces make him like... well, i don't know, but i think his braces are extremely hot. on him at least.

so, yes, i only recently met him, during our pre-camp training, but i think he's totally sweet and funny, and i'm definitely attracted to him. he's about nine months younger then me, athough it definitely doesn't bother me that much.

however, since we only recently met, nothing has happened, of course, and i'm definitely cool with taking it step by step, since it's obviously the best way to do things. i'm just really stuck right now, since i'm definitely not sure if he's flirting back with me. it seems like he is, but, you know how these things are. it may seem like flirting when he is only being nice. still, i can't get camp boy off my mind, he's that great.

we say hi and kid around, we've hugged and every time we see each other he gives me the "head nod" smile thing. it's hard to explain. he always smiles when we lock eye contact and we flirted about open an umbrella inside. it was actually really cute. he definitely makes me smile, and i'm almost certain he's into me too.

i'm not sure what to do, though. tell him i like him, or just let the flirting take place and see where it goes from there... I really don't know.

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  • well, the thing is, he's extremely shy and i have new updates. another friend from camp, one that kind of works with him and is a bit older then us, says he's pretty sure that he likes me. and a couple of days ago at a camp gathering thing, he was ditching his group to come sit with me while i sat with a different friend.

    According to the other friend, he thinks that he's just too shy to actually admit he likes me, and i kind of see where he is coming from. so, i'm thinking i'm just going to tell him how i feel, but he does know i find him EXTEMELY attractive, since i pretty much told him.

    and to the guy about this post, um, i'm okay. thanks though!

  • Flirt with him, see where it goes.
    I've had experience with telling boys that i like them and getting nothing back. Boys are boys. They like the physical stuff.
    Hook up with him and what not!
    and then plant the dating thing on him?

  • ^ well, sorry to tell you but that doesn't work. i lost my virginity like... two years ago. s** is an option, although losing my "v" card is not.

    also, it could be much more then just a summer relationship, which is what i'm hoping for.

  • ^ Heh.. brutal, but a little funny.

    Well. Welcome to puberty and all the confusion that can come with it. You are exploring the boundaries of the new sexually influenced relationships that come with maturity.

    So.. just ask him if you two can date each other. It'll be a summer relationship though. It'll end, but by that time you will have grown by the experience. Kiss, cuddle, laugh, share, and explore nature together. I'm sure you two can find some wickedly naughty stuff to get into with out actually proceeding to anything deeper.

    Wouldn't skinny dipping together be so cool? Things like that will stay with you for your entire life and you'll remember it fondly. Lose your virginity, and you'll remember it with regret (possibly, depends on you).

    Best of luck!

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