I allow my child to smoke

I smoke four packs a day, and have for a long time. My six year old girl recently asked me to let her puff on my ciggy. So I did. She asked to do it repeatedly all day. By the end of the day, she wanted her own ciggy. So I gave her one. Since then, she has been smoking like a champ, about a pack a day. I somehow feel guilty but not really. I actually don't think it's all that bad for her to smoke.
Recently, I cut down to 2 packs a day because I am pregnant--3 months. I just don't think I should deprive myself just because I a pregnant. I expect my new baby will want to smoke too, and I don't have a problem teaching it how to do it. I love smoking more that anything. I don't think I'm all that bad, but my friends say I'm wrong. Any comments?

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  • Why brag that you give your kid ciggies? If you smoke around her, especially that much, she's been smoking all along. Oh, and so was your second bio-mistake, even though it was "only" smoking 2 packs a day through the cord. Keep lighting up and pushing out kid after kid-- you are on to such a good thing there! Any comments, b****?

  • Props

  • This is my first post. A lot has been written about young girls smoking which i adore and admire. I thought someone may have started a post about what I am going to ask. I haven't seen any, so here goes.
    I'm Sandy, a 19 year old smoker and have been smoking for 11 years -Nine of those with parental approval.
    I often see men aged in their 40's smoke, some younger and some of them make my p**** so f****** wet when they smoke and built this way - more about his build in a minute, I had lunch the other day at a cafe and I saw this guy in his forties eating a hambuger while he drank his coffee inside. I was outside having my coffee and smoking away from the eatery. I kept on peering through the glass at him. When he took a bite of his burger, his right bicep just bulged. He was muscular, has a six-pack stomach and wore jeans, no shirt. He didn't see me i am sure. He ordered another coffee and came outside, sat down and lit a smoke. When he inhaled, I could have f***** him right then and then. After a few moments watching him smoke and athletic body, I had to turn away and inconspicuously adjust my underpants because they were moist, near saturated. He smiled at me when I lit a cigarette on the way out when I left the cafe but he didn't see me clean up my mess with a couple of the cafe's napkins I'm positive of that. I went to a nearby store and bought a new pair of undies, used the old pair and I wiped my p**** clean of the pre- c** that was by this time running down my thighs. . He's my kinda man. I'm sure most of other ladies have experienced that. Tell me about it. I need a f*** now just thinking about him.

  • Okay Im sorry but this isnt sexy at all!. What the h*** is wrong with you letting a child smoke! ! And youre also pregnant 3 months and smoking ??!! Like if cutting to two packets is going to make any difference! You should be ashamed of yourself for risking your daughter to get lung cancer or asthma. As well for your baby,i hope it doesnt come out sick.

  • Natural selection at work.the animal knowing it has no value destroys itsself.somewhere this story is true but b minus for taboo factor.sharing husband with daughter or killing hitch hikers for food and sharing...well that would be A territory.

  • I'd bet a lot of money that you are an incredibly hot smoker! SOOOOOoooooooo f****** sexy!

  • I hope your husband understands just how lucky he is.

  • jesus u r soooo f****** retarded. u r killing urself but that hardly matters.....u r also killing both your kids, the one thats alive and the one that hasnt been born yet. u shouldnt be allowed to have children, u r*****.

  • So sexy

  • That's f***** up man. AND you're smoking while preggo? What is wrong with you? This s*** right here is why I have a problem with breeders. I wish I could take your ability to have kids away from you after seeing the way you abuse it. I hope this is a fake confession because breeders like you make me sick.

  • You are a horrible person!!!!!!

  • sexy b**** . . . . . .

  • ^ Damn straight! ^ You are INCREDIBLY sexy! WOW!!!

  • Do y'all just m********* to literally any confession on here that seems to be authored by someone with a v*****?

  • This is an absurd response about masturbating while children smoke. My girls aged ten smoke. I surely wouldn't want them around you while they smoke. P*** off you pedo. Don't come here for your fantasies.

  • of course.....don't you?

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