I allow my child to smoke

I smoke four packs a day, and have for a long time. My six year old girl recently asked me to let her puff on my ciggy. So I did. She asked to do it repeatedly all day. By the end of the day, she wanted her own ciggy. So I gave her one. Since then, she has been smoking like a champ, about a pack a day. I somehow feel guilty but not really. I actually don't think it's all that bad for her to smoke.
Recently, I cut down to 2 packs a day because I am pregnant--3 months. I just don't think I should deprive myself just because I a pregnant. I expect my new baby will want to smoke too, and I don't have a problem teaching it how to do it. I love smoking more that anything. I don't think I'm all that bad, but my friends say I'm wrong. Any comments?

Jun 10, 2014

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  • It has taken me a month but I'm finally pregnant. Now Ren, Lilly and me will have our babies together and before we're 14. No I'm not going to give up smoking either.

  • You are a very bad parent letting your daughter smoke a good parent wouldn't give their daughter cigarettes

  • I'm smoking 3PPD now but mum wants me to cut back because I'm pregnant and it might hurt my baby but I love smoking so much.

  • I know it's addictive because I smoke too but you really shouldn't smoke cigarettes at all I know it's not that easy

  • We smoke and a smoker shouldn't be telling us not to smoke. Our parents permit it and that's all there is to it.

  • It would be a good idea lilly

  • I think you're right about that but I love smoking so much.

  • Lilly,
    You shouldn't be smoking let alone being pregnant at 13. Your mother is not fit to have either you or your twin sister whom I might just remind everyone here that she's also pregnant and is a smoker.

  • Hey Ren and Lilly,
    My name is Valerie and I've been f******, smoking and drinking since I was 8. My mother encouraged me to do all that. I'm 15 now and the only thing different is that I'm doing more of it and f****** loving it.
    You girls f****** rock

  • Good on u ppd what brand do u smoke do u have any mooe in your family that smoke i have 3 children 6 8 10

  • I can't believe the narrow mindedness of some people on this board. I'm glad that person didn't judge my daughter just because she also drinks, smokes and has paid s** with men. She also had an abortion when she was 13 and later have birth to a healthy baby boy.

  • You people are all idiots and shouldn't have kids and should have your kids taken away by children's services

  • Your daughter is great good on her do u have friends that there children smoke

  • Don't fvcking worry about the naysayers Ren and Lilly I wish you were my kids.

  • Suppose you know you are destroying yout health and their health.Pregnant with 13 years old. Alcohólics and heavy smokers.
    And poor twins smoking and addicted with 3 years old.
    I remember when you were thinking about going university.jajajaja
    I Hope social services are informed about It.
    Absolutely crazy. How are you going yo live. Of course prostitution

  • I'm 13 too and I drink, smoke and have s*x. I am also a friend of Ren and Lilly and I'm trying to get pregnant as well. My parents are Russian so I suppose you have that against me too.

  • Idiot

  • I do not u are fine oskana

  • No enjoy what u do

  • That is f ucking awesome you are my grand daughter twin.

  • Lol who are you?

  • We're going to university and that's our intention. We'll work in mum's hairdressing and make up parlour business but mum wants Lilly and myself to get a business degree first because one day she wants us to take it over.

    Whether we become escorts when we come of age then that's up to us but we'll do it without drugs and in a safer environment than a brothel.
    So that's the plan, we have had a solid education and we're continuing it and we've both always come in the top 4 in our end of year studies. We've been school captain and school vice Captain in our last year of Junior school.
    Ok we drink, smoke and have s ex but have your kids been academics like us?

  • I wonder why the anti smoking brigade use this forum as a springboard to preach their beliefs. There are anti smoking boards where you can post. I was pregnant at 14 and yes I drank and smoked and I still do. Today I'm a semi,-profeddiomal 34 year old woman and educated. What I dislike is kids vaping and I haven't read anywhere that Ren and Lilly are doing that. If they have any thoughts about prostituting themselves, why should you concern yourself with that?

  • Greg,
    The little twins are smoking a bit less than a pack a day although Liberty smokes more than Summer. Liberty gets up more during the night to smoke too. They look great smoking and they inhale every drag, they're really addicted to nicotine now. When mum isn't home I give them alcohol but I guess she'll know that now coz she reads everything we post. Liberty and Summer say the words
    F uck and c unt because they learnt it from me but mum goes mad at them for swearing.

  • Thanks lilly good luck and ren with your both being pregnent u both be great mums say helo to belinda from me greg

  • Hi all,
    I'm finally pregnant. Now both Ren and me are pregnant but Ren's babies will be born about 4 weeks before mine. I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant I smoked 5 packs of cigarettes last Monday and I got drunk.

  • Lilly
    How old is the father of your baby and how old is the father of Ren's baby

  • Huh I don't know who the father of my baby is, I've had a man aged 22 f uck me, another one aged 18 and a 16 year old. Ren doesn't know who the father of her babies are either. She's had a few men and boys f uck her to get pregnant. She's having twins, I don't know if I'm having one or two babies yet, it's too early to say. Ren got pregnant before me.

  • Congratulations lilly and ren u girls will be great mums how are the twins how many do they smoke know from greg

  • Greg,
    Thanks so much for the congratulations of our pregnancies. Ren looks stunning with her really small baby bump when she's smoking and I kiss her belly every night. Mum dresses us up every day so that we can smoke in public and show off our pregnant tummies. We want to get pregnant again in a couple of years time.

  • Are the twins inhealing yet from greg again well done u girls

  • Mum made a guy and me breakfast in bed this after we slept together last night and f ucked. We'll be in bed all day today f ucking because mum and me want me to get pregnant.

  • Lilly,
    I think your mother is right, you're trying too hard to get pregnant. Just relax and your mother says get a little bit drunk when you're having s ex honey.

  • Greg,
    Liberty and Summer are smoking now that they are three. Ren is pregnant and I'm so happy for her. Mum was angry at first but she has accepted it now. She wanted Lilly and me to wait until we are 14 before we got pregnant but sh it happens. I'm trying hard to get pregnant too. I guess I will have to f uck more.lol

  • I think its wonderful your little sisters are smoking. They must look so cute with their lovely menthols in their little hands. When you have your baby how soon will you start to introduce them to cigarettes. Are liberty and summer playing with themselves while they smoke yet. With you and your sisters influence it would be great to introduce them to s** while smoking. My mum introduced me to my wonderful menthol cigarettes when I was 5 and from my first cigarette she also taught me how to play with my little stuffy. As she noticed from an early age that her smoking made me hard. She also let me start dressing as a girl and supported me as a trans child and eventually helped me become the sexy smoking lady I am today. I still have a p**** but also b**** and a feminine figure. I remember the first time I wore lipstick while smoking in a mini skirt, stockings, suspenders and a blouse with my bra forms smoking in front of a mirror with a misty 120 mum had bought from America it got me so excited I came without touching myself. I was also able to help my younger sisters and brother start smoking and when I was 7and my baby brother was 3 I tought him also how to dress as a girl and give me smokey head jobs.

  • The little twins are adorable when they smoke, mum says it and aunt says it all the time. It took them less than a week and now they're really addicted. Even though my twin Ren and I f uck boys Liberty and Summer see Ren and me f uck each other all the time so I think they'll want to start. But Ren and I didn't know about incest we thought it was natural. Then when we were 9 mum bought us strap ons.

    Ren is pregnant and I'm trying to get pregnant. We want our babies to be born as close together as possible. Mum said I'm trying too hard and to relax, maybe have a few drinks before I have s ex.

    I'm going to my babies everything in life our mum gave us at an early age, permission to drink, smoke cigarettes and a bit of weed and allow them to drink.

    Ren and I love smoking while we're being f ucked.

  • You could put on your strap on and teach your sisters how To give A smoky head job or even better teach them how with one of their friends. My sister let her daughters smoke and f*** from the age of 5 and I used To love babysitting them. It was always an orgy with me and my little nieces. Ì would get them all a carton of 120s and we would all smoke 2 or 3 at a time while I got sucked off from all 5 nieces aged from 13 To 5 while THE older girls encouraged the younger girls To chain smoke and and swallow my c** as they played with their own little c****. It was a joy to here them say how much they loved smoking while they were having a dry coma or seeing THE older girls getting wet as they rubbed their cigarette packets on each other's c****.Sometimes my other sisters sons would be there and I would have a 5year old girl sucking my c*** while I had a boy sticking his little p**** In my mouth both with menthol 120s dangling between their lips and smoke pouring out of their mouth And nostrils. Thanking me over and over again for letting them smoke and f*** and asking me for more cigarettes and getting me to light them up. My great niece had a baby girl 2years ago And she had her on nicotine patches for a year before she gave her her FIRST drag just after she turned 1. Now at 2 she is smoking around 10 a day and looks so cute as she gets A light from her mum her little cheeks hollowing as she takes a long drag. I can't wait till shè learns To suck c*** like her mum or finger herself while she smokes. Her mum already plays with herself as she smokes And her baby girl is a fast learner.

  • Do u have friends let there children smoke

  • Well do lily what brands do liberty and summer smoke how many per day are they inhealing yes lilly f*** moore say helo to belinda from greg

  • Our little twin sisters smoke Marlboro Ice Blast, about 10 a day. They inhale really well because Ren, mum and me have been teaching them. They have their own pack of cigarettes and they each have a cigarette lighter.

  • How are the twins smoking know do they smoke moore than ten a day how is cloe how many does she smoke per day and how are u ren and lilly say helo to belinda for me and have a great christmas from greg

  • Do they let the smoke come out of there nose from greg thank u lilly how are u

  • No they just inhale and let the smoke come out of their mouths. I'm well Greg but I'm trying to get pregnant at the moment. How ru?

  • That is good so far i am well i have had the 2 jabs astrazenka and my wife the same good luck getting pregant

  • Greg,
    Mum and dad have had 2 doses of Pfizer and she booked Ren and me to have it. Mum said the best chance of me getting pregnant is to have s ex with all the male friends we have. I haven't been on the Pill for nearly two weeks now.

  • Good luck how many so far only jocking

  • I would love to give them alcohol while they're smoking but mum is against that until they're 5. Maybe they can have s** when they're 4.

  • What about cigars how old would u let them smoke a cigar when they are older plus allachol my children tried a cigar it was allright allachol soon a bit older

  • Mum wants me to get the COVID vaccination now that pregnant.

  • Ren,
    Is Lilly pregnant too?

  • Paul,
    No she's not preg yet but she's trying very hard to get preggo. Me and her will by baby's mummy and when Lilly has a baby me and her will be its mummy too. So my baby will call both of us "mummy"

  • No, I'm not going to give up smoking or drinking for that matter. I love cigarettes and alcohol far too much

  • Hey everyone,
    I think I'm pregnant, well I'm hoping I'm pregnant anyways. My period is 3 days late and I'm getting excited.

  • Ren,
    Are you going to give up smoking if you're pregnant,?

  • Ren,
    Aren't you twins only 13? You're too young to have babies, you're babies yourselves. Keep your legs closed and stop pumping out b***** kids like some well oiled machine.

  • Ren,
    I really hope you are pregnant dear, I know you and Lilly desperately want babies.
    Good luck love.

  • We ran out of cigarettes yesterday, f uck how could mum let that happen? We had to get dad roll us ciggies from his tobacco because our hands were too f ucken cold to roll them ourselves.

  • Lilly,
    You should be smoking normal ciggies.

  • You're a stupid c unt. Can't you f ucking read, you sl ut? I said we were out of cigarettes so dad rolled Ren and I a few because it was f ucken cold and our hands were cold so we couldn't f ucken roll his tobacco. Now f uck off.

  • Idk where the f uck that little c unt Maja is but I'mma gonna f uck her big time if we catch up.

  • That was from meee,
    Queen bi tch

  • Maja,
    Where the f uck ru today u f ucking sl ut?
    My tongue wants to find its way into ur f uckhole

  • Hey Maja,
    Out mum and dad are divorced too but dad has stayed good friends with our natural mum. He met Belinda when she was 17 and he was 26 and soon after they lived together when she was in the her second last year of high school. We call Belinda and our real mother "mum". And Belinda refers to Ren and me as her daughters. We started living with Belinda and dad when we were 9. On NYE Belinda mum offered us an alcoholic drink when dad was playing golf so we said "mum we smoke too" she then offered Ren and me a ciggie. She said she was in awe of our snap inhales so she bought us a carton each of Marlboro Gold because we didn't like her dunhill cigarettes. We asked her what our dad, grandparents, her sister and brother would say now that she lets us smoke. She said "Don't let that worry us cos it's her problem to deal with". Only her brother took objection to us smoking. I'll tell you more later wh ore.
    Love Queen Bi tch
    Lilly xxx

  • Mum is thinking about letting me and Lilly get pregnant when we're 14 but she's worried about a couple of things. Firstly because Lilly and me are twins there's every chance we'll have twins each and mum has another set of girl twins who will be 3 next month. So there could be 6 kids in the house under 4 if Lilly and me get pregnant straight away and mum said she'll probably have to help raise our kids.

    BTW Lilly and I are allowed to teach Liberty and Summer to smoke next month.mum said a child's lungs are fully developed by the time they're 3.

  • How are u naughty girls so is liberty and summer smoking yet from greg

  • Hey Ren, Ive been thinking about getting preg too. Mom wouldnt mind, she says its my decision. And it would be a turn on to show off my baby bump while smoking in public… and get lots of nasty comments and h orny looks. But a friend of mine was preg last year and the last weeks were really awkward. Plus im not sure if im ready to be a mom. Maja

  • Maja,
    It'd be f ucken so, so badass if we were all had a 6 months preg tummy and smoking just to pi ss off all the nasty old bi tches out there. Swearing and smoking our f ucken lungs out while we're high on weed and smashed on alcohol, tripping up the gutters as we cross the street while drunk without panties then screaming "F ucken F uck" and showing our pus sys to the guys as we stumble.

  • Go get a c ock in ur c unt and leave us alone you f ucking b itch. Settle yourself down a tad a get f ucken wasted and high. Learn to live your f ucken life or is it f ucked up already?
    We're enjoying ours so f uck off out of here.

  • Love the way you talk, Lilly. So in the mood to smoke a big bl unt with you n exchange smoky kisses. Maja

  • Maja
    Take your f ucken pants off bi tch I wanna get my strap on so far up your c unt while we're smoking, high off our ti ts and face and f ucken wasted.
    Love Lilly

  • Lilly… you silly s lut… you really think this wh ore is wearing pants? Haha… mini skirt with nothing underneath. Easy to touch and finger and f uck. Love to f uck in mini and heels. Your s lut Maja

  • Maja,
    I was only really checking that you're not wearing panties honey. If I see my little s lut wearing them I'll whip your f ucking ass until you c um.

  • Mmmh, Lilly… that might be the only reason to wear some panties. Just to make you whip my ass. Sometimes Im in the mood for some really rough action, esp when Im all wasted… such a turn on to get whipped by another s lut. You can also pull my hair, slap my wh ore face… just do what u want with me! Maja

  • You young girls, Ren, Lilly, Maja and Oksana are disgusting. Your language is totally unacceptable and you shouldn't be drinking, smoking cigarettes or cannibus and having s**. For God's sake your only 13 and 14 year olds.

  • Good reply,
    Who wrote it, Oksy or Maja?

  • Oh I see, it was Maja, I owe you a f uck darling.

  • Yeah Lilly, come on… f uck this h orny s lut. with a fat d ildo. Or with your hand. Or just eat me out and taste the c um if 2 guys who did me tonight. Love, Maja

  • Maja,
    You have 3 holes you little sl ut. You shoudda had 3 guys f ucking you. Come on now, get your f ucken sh it in a f ucken bucket love.


  • Ren, 3 at same time is hot, last time I had this was last friday. You s luts get dped too?? Maja

  • Haha were wh ore c unts and we fu ckin swear like wh ore c****. And theres nothing better than drinking alcohol, smoking cigs and weeds, dress lile s luts and f uck our brains out. Thats what we are. Badass c unts and you wont make us quit. F uck goodie girls.

  • (This was me, Maja)

  • It's totally OK to swear. 2 packs is a boatload of cigarettes, a day. Weed isn't that bad. S** at 14 isn't too bad.

  • What about f ucking at 13? Me, Oksana and my twin sister Ren are 13 and we f uck like rabbits.

  • It's quite young but it's still alright.

  • Oh Im the oldest wh ore in our s lut gang. 14 and f ucking my brains out and f ucking loving it. My mom calls me „b**** in heat“, guess that says it all. Maja

  • Maja,
    Have you had your 14th birthday this year or are you 15 in 2021.
    Oksy will be 14 on October 1st and Lilly and me will be 14 on December 30th.

  • Maja,
    I'm such a naughty wh ore for not answering your second post. Spank my c unt really hard. I have corrupted a few of my friends and of course my young cousin and got them to smoke, even f uck.

    I think we should pair off (that's if you lived in Sydney) You and Ren could be together and me and oksy can be together and we'll f uck like rabbits. Then we can change f uck buddys. But Ren has always had a ciggie in her mouth when she's being f ucked and she's such a sl ut coz she'll scream "F uck that f uckhole" especially when she's being f ucked by a co ck

  • Hey Lilly, I hope youre a na ughty wh ore. The na ughtier the better. Also corrupter some girls into the fun lifestyle, some are openly s lutty just as us, some hide it because of theor lame parents… but I try to be always the hottest s lut around in my a ge range. The one who smokes the most, the one who can handle the most drinks, the one who has the sl utties outfits and the one who f ucks the most. I love be ing the wh ore I am and I love other wh ores… so why pair off? Better be the f ucking s lutty four-girl-gang. I need more or gies lol And yeah I also smoke when I get f ucked. Love being bend over and ta ken from behind while taking extra deep drags from my cigs and talking nothing but dirty! Smoky kisses, Maja

  • Maja,
    I bet you like to tease guys when you take deep inhales of your ciggies so you can watch them almost bl ow a load of c um in their jeans. That's what we do. We've also had girl and boy org ies who have stayed over at our place. Mum and dad have adult or gies too and mum pays for catering, sometimes she does a BBQ and makes salads. We've had to build our fence higher because of the f ucken perverts watching us kids and parents naked in the pool. The adult men who come don't worry us, they see us in the nude but don't stare at us. After the last dinner pool party when everyone went home mum gave Ren, me and oksy a couple of blunts to smoke. So f ucking cool coz we were off our f ucking t***.

  • Heee Lilly, your parents sound f uckin cool! Mine are divorced, I live with mom and she has new lovers all the time. Women and men, so yeah Ive seen alot too. BBQs are fun! But Im so f uckin jealous that you got a pool. Here its only pool weather 2-3 months a year so we only have a hot tub but its fun too! Nice your mom gives you blunts too… so does mine. Had my first during lockdown last year and since then we made it a rule that I can get totally tra shed once a week. Weed and booze as much as I want, as much as i can handle. Soo hot, love getting f ucked up and f ucked. And when I visit my dad I also smoke weed… or cigars. He loves me all dressed up in some sexy outfit smoking a big cigar. You s luts do that too? Feels sooo s exxxy! Love, Maja

  • Hiya Maja,
    Good to read your stuff here s lut. I.used to go to Ren and Lilly's place to smoke after school coz I didn't think my mum would me smoke but Ren and Lilly's mum would give me a couple of cigs every afternoon. But then Ren and Lilly's mum, Belinda said she was going to tell my mum I smoke. Lucky my mum let me smoke after that. Belinda and my mum are very good friends and Belinda teaches me my school work with a few of our friends a few days a week and she also teaches Chloe who is a cute little smoker for a 6 year old.

    Yeah it'd be so f ucken rad if we could all f uck, smoke and get f ucking wasted together.
    Oksana (Oksy)

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