I allow my child to smoke

I smoke four packs a day, and have for a long time. My six year old girl recently asked me to let her puff on my ciggy. So I did. She asked to do it repeatedly all day. By the end of the day, she wanted her own ciggy. So I gave her one. Since then, she has been smoking like a champ, about a pack a day. I somehow feel guilty but not really. I actually don't think it's all that bad for her to smoke.
Recently, I cut down to 2 packs a day because I am pregnant--3 months. I just don't think I should deprive myself just because I a pregnant. I expect my new baby will want to smoke too, and I don't have a problem teaching it how to do it. I love smoking more that anything. I don't think I'm all that bad, but my friends say I'm wrong. Any comments?

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  • I miss Cate so f ucking much.

  • Belinda it must have been a real turn on for Ren and Lilly's father when you came home to him in school uniform as you were going to school at the time when you were 17. Did he f*** you when you were wearing school uniform?

  • Paul,
    I have been living with Ren and Lilly's father since I was 17 years of age and I was in my second last year of high school. He was 26 at the time and Ren and Lilly were two. When I went on to teacher's college at Sydney Uni and graduated but I only taught for one year. There was far too many government politics with teaching plus the fact that I was only able to smoke during recess and lunch times what I needed top smoke much more than that.

    I then bought in to a hairdressing salon and make up parlour with a girlfriend teacher colleague of mine.

  • Belinda how long have you been hooked up with Ren and Lilly's father?

  • Mum said Ren and I may be able to f uck guys again soon because Australia has only had 100 coronavirus deaths.

    I need c ock really f ucking bad.


  • Emily,
    I love both smoking, drinking and f ucking but if I was only allowed to have 2, I would prefer to f uck and smoke.

    I hope you f uck soon.

  • Ren
    I love you girls that you f*** both boys and girls. I'm still a virgin but I'd love to have my c*** f*****.

  • Emily,
    Haha I know what you mean about getting a head rush and smoking. We were smoking at school at recess behind the ammenities block. Lilly and a couple of other girls just finished their cigarettes when a teacher walked around the corner. I was about a minute into smoking my cigarette and I had a mouthful of smoke when she said Renae I thought I could smell cigarette smoke, put that cigarette out.

  • I'm 10 and I got a head rush last weekend so I lit a cigarette in front of my mom. She was surprised I smoke and asked me how long I have been smoking. I said maybe two months. She said its fine that I smoke and we had another couple of cigarettes together. When she went shopping she came back with a few packs of cigarettes for me.

  • Good for you smoking (and drinking) at 10. F ucking love it!

  • Good on u smocking at 10 years old what brand do u smoke how many ppd and and your parents have any moore children that smoke and what brand does your mum smoke and how many ppd thank u from greg

  • Mom smokes 4ppd of Newport cigarettes and that's what she bought me. When she bought me 3 packs of Newport I smoked 2 packs on the first day. Mom asked me to try to keep it at one pack per day coz cigarettes are expensive. I've got a sister who is 13 and she smokes a bit over 1ppd and a 15 year old brother who hates smoking.

    I showed mom this feed and she laughed when she read the posts by Lilly and Ren. She said they talk so dirty especially when Lilly called that old lady an old c***.

    Mom said she's going to let me f***. Well she didn't say f*** but she said she's going to let me have s**.

  • Hi Emily i smoke winfield blue i was thinking of smocking newport cigarettes ask your mum if she ever smoked winfield blue are newports a strong cigarette to smoke and when u do have s** one day u will really enjoy it thank u from greg

  • Mom has never heard of Winfield cigarettes here in America. Newports are fairly strong. She said blue labels of cigarettes are not as strong as red label cigarettes over here.

    I'm really happy mom and dad let me smoke. I feel much more easier about things and my life. It will be awkward when I have to smoke in front of my grandparents but mom said just light up anyways.

  • Thats great you and your sister sound like some fun girls, happy to see she is a smoker to.

  • Hi what about u how many do u smoke ppd and what brand do u smoke and how old are u

  • Me? I am 47 but have and older daughter 29, young smokers ages 12, 10 and 7. We all smoke 1.5-2ppd Marlboro red and Marlboro 100s

  • Does your older daughter smoke and how many ppd and what brand does she smoke

  • Have u ever smoked newport cigarettes and if u had what are they like to smoke thank u

  • A group of 10 of us girls and guys went for breakfast
    at a cafe this morning coz it was the first time we've been allowed to get together in a group of 10 since the coronavirus. The place was set up with 3 tables and 10 chairs but there was already a old man and an old lady sitting outside in the smoking area where we wanted to sit.
    They were just reading the paper and not drinking or eating anything and we had a bacon and egg roll and a cup of coffee each and we wanted to smoke.

    I asked how long they were going to sit there because we wanted seats and we don't have 3 hands each and we can't stand because we had a cup of coffee in one hand, our bacon and egg rolls in the other and we want to smoke. The lady said she was will be there for a while so Lilly called her a selfish old c unt.

    Lilly said was absolutely dying for a smoke and she could have killed for one so she lit up and the old lady said we're feral kids and shouldn't be smoking and that our mum should wash Ren's mouth out with soap because she spoke so dirty. The old bag asked if our mum knew we smoke and Lilly said "yes, do you want my phone to ring her, she in my contacts under mum

    We went into the cafe and asked the staff to get rid of them and so they did and the girl handed us 4 ashtrays lol. But the old people were still talking about us when they left but we didn't give a f uck.


  • I've had a new boyfriend for 6 days now and we've been f ucking at his place. He's 17. I brought him home to meet mum and dad last night. We were on the lounge under a blanket kissing when dad said to him "if you make her pregnant you'll have to marry her".

  • I really like Lilly, how true, she is a such a foul mouthed little b itch. She just doesn't give a f***.

  • Lilly, me got a group of ten of us together of guys and girls this morning to have breakfast at a cafe. That is the maximum number of people allowed during this coronavirus sh it. We all ordered bacon and egg rolls with a cup of coffee each so the cafe shop got a hundred bucks out of us all together.

    We wanted to sit outside and there were ten chairs and 3 separated tables but there was an old man and an old woman there already and they just reading the paper. Lilly said to them if they are finished their coffee to pi ss off because we can't have 12 people out here altogether and we don't have 3
    f ucking hands to hold our coffee, bacon and egg rolls and that she's dying for a smoke. The old lady said we'll be here for about another hour and that they were finished their coffee but are reading the paper. I went inside and talked to the staff who came out and told them to leave.Lilly called her a selfish old c unt and the old b itch said "you're a foul mouthed little so and so and your mother should wash your mouth out with soap". Lilly then lit a cigarette and that b itch said how old are you? Lilly said 12. The b itch said you're too young to smoke, does your mother know. Lilly said yes and wanted to give her my phone and said ring our mum, it's in the contacts under "mum".
    Lol. As they left they were still talking about us.

  • F****** love it good for lilly. Love that she is a foul mouth b****.

  • I mean your twin sister Ren

  • Lilly,
    I'm a 38 year old woman and I adore the fact that you and your twin sister, Ken have s**, drink and smoke. I would be a hypocrite if I didn't endorse it because I wasn't all that much older than you when I did all those things all those years ago.

  • I absofuckinglutely agree

  • I absolutely agree with you and not only smoking. All the contents regarding drinking, having s** etc.etc.
    These children are going to have a very difficult life regarding health. Early emphysema, lung cancer. It is really horrible

    Crazy parents . I can not imagine how parents can allow and start their children to smoking,drinking ,s** especially at that early ages

  • I'm not too worried about me and my twin sister having S ex with guys, drinking and smoking. We're 12 and we've been smoking for a few years now. We're so addicted to smoking we couldn't give it up if we tried anyways.

  • You must hate your child because you are killing her by letting her smoke cigarettes

  • My mom starting me smoking
    when I was 6 year's old. I am
    now 10. I m********* while I
    smoke in front of my mom
    my sister who is 8 also started
    at 6. She loves to m********* me
    and loves oral s** to. She also
    masterbates a lot. We smoke
    a pack of cigarettes a day. We
    want to smoke 2 packs a day
    that's are goal. My mom smokes
    2 packs a day she is 29 she also
    started at 6 year's old. Her dad
    and mom started her smoking.
    My mom is very beautiful, she
    just just graduated, from college.
    She does m*********, me while
    I smoke luv my mom.

  • What brand do your children and u smoke

  • I f****** love it, good for you and your sis. I myself smoke (2 ppd) and have 2 girls and a boy who all smoke, girl 12, started smoking at 8 girl 7, started smoking at 5 boy 10, starting smoking at 8.

  • Do your daughters f uck yet

  • What are you an idiot letting young kids do something that will kill them go ahead if you hate your kids and want them to die young

  • How many ppd do your children smoke and what brand do u smoke and what brand do your children smoke my name is greg

  • All smoke 2 ppd, except the 7 yo smokes 1 ppd

  • You F@#$/ing PERVERT.

  • What brand do u all smoke

  • What ever is on sale or Marlboro red

  • Your a PERVERT

  • It's f ucking stupid to say people are perverts just because they let their kids smoke you f icing idiot.

  • How old were u when u started smocking do u have other family who smoke like your parents or your brothers or sisters have children that smoke from greg

  • Your a F@#$&ING PERVERT.

  • When did your mum smoke 2 ppd so your children are a boy and a girl


  • Sounds like the f ucking pervert above wants a guy to suck his c ock lol

  • I started my 5 year old daughter smoking while her mom was out working all day. Now when she leaves, we chain smoke all day

  • How many do u two smoke per day

  • How many ppd do u and the 5 year old smoke and what brand and u are a friend of the mother

  • What brand u 2 children smoke and your mum what brand does your mum smoke and how many ppd do u have a dad does he smoke

  • Any parents let there children smoke

  • Your a A******.

  • Belinda,
    Made it home a while ago.
    Stopped at a couple of stores on the way, and stocked up on some basics.
    Lola called and said Phillip's mom pulled all the girls off the street. There's
    just no business. Restaurants and bars are closing. Lola said they're
    going into a kind if isolation, and will be making videos and taking photographs for sale on the internet. Sounds safer than being on the street.
    I see Australia is starting to be affected. Hope you are all OK. Keep me posted on events down thee.
    Stay safe.

  • Belinda, who ever YOU ARE YOUR

    CHESTER THE MOLESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Belinda,
    Leaving for home, early tomorrow.
    The caronavirus situation here in the States is worsening, despite what that Orange Idiot in the White House keeps saying. That man couldn't find
    his backside with both hands if he was sitting on them.
    Anyway, I'm heading home.

  • Am back you F****** PERVERTS

  • Hey Ren and Lilly

    He's back to j erk off at what we're writing.

  • F*** you rent ren and Lilly your
    probably a F****** MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belinda,
    it's Wednesday morning here.
    I won't be getting anything pierced soon.
    This caronavirus is state by state shutting the country down. Just last night, Nevada, which is next door to me. ordered every casino to close at midnight. Las Vegas is closed for gaming, bars, restaurants, and non-essential everything. They're telling everyone to stay home.
    I'm debating to stay where I'm at or go home.
    I hope Lola is OK. I haven't heard from her, so I'll assume she's all right.

  • B****,
    You are so full S***!!!!!!!!!

  • Here he goes again, can't f ucking help himself poor little p ussy, he's getting no c unt.

  • F@$K YOU B****

  • Cate,
    It's 8.20pm on Wednesday night here and mum is getting her c unt f ucked by dad so hard. Her moans are making her cry.

    I wish we had t it piercings like mum's, they look beautiful. She's got a gold bar through her nipples with a ruby on the end. Her c unt looks really neatly pierced too.

    I hope you get yours done.


  • I love smoking when I'm being f ucked.
    I could never date a non smoker. Non smokers say it doesn't worry them when we smoke and they don't but all they want to do is f uck us before they kick our ar se to the kerb.

  • B**** YOU CAN'T EVEN F******

  • Cate,
    These piercings are most stimulating. I strongly suggest you have piercings. We're having left over roast tonight, not that Ren and Lilly are great meat lovers. They will roast the potatoes and pumpkin. I'm in the mood to f uck tonight. I think with Ren and Lilly having had them put in last Monday together with our planned adventure, they have been more active in the bedroom, even with if it has been with each other. They are looking forward to tomorrow night as are we adults. It will be a good swingers' evening. Five couples and their kids have confirmed their attendance so far.

  • It's a BIG plus that you, Belinda and Cate are attractive ladies and Ren, Lilly, Oksana and Lola are very pretty young girls. Furthermore you all smoke and if you all dress provocatively then you are guaranteed a f*ck. How often do you hear that smoking and f*cking go hand in hand.

  • I can't believe all of you are still
    F****** HERE. SO F*** YOU

  • F uck, this b@stard is. Losing the f uckin plot

  • F*** YOU NASTY B****

  • You're a f ucking fucktard for talking about my real life friends of Ren and Lilly you low down c unt. Go to a prostitute to get off or j erk yourself.

  • Belinda,
    Even though Lola's piercings were more or less imposed on her, they are
    lovely. As a result, I have been toying with the idea. Maybe when i get back
    home, I'll have made a decision.
    Glad you're enjoying yours!

  • Cate,
    My piercings are my most beautiful pieces of jewellery. My engagement ring, although it was expensive and everyone comments on it, it doesn't doesn't turn me on like my c unt jewellery.

  • Cate,
    Pardon the expression but my c#nt and t#ts look super. I'm told I'll feel a whole lot h#rnier when I breastfeed the babies. The gold bar going through the nipples will make my t#ts feel sensational when the babies are feeding.

    Do me a favour, at least consider having yours c#nt and t#ts pierced.

    F****** with my jewellery in should also feel great.


  • Belinda is 27 and the twins say she's very, very attractive. I've read that here somewhere and maybe on another site.

    I think Ren, Lilly, Oksana and Lola should come under the control of Belinda and Cate when they do their prostituting. I think Belinda and Cate should partake in prostitution too.

  • You F****** PERVENT

  • Cate,

    How old are you if you don't mind me asking? We know that Ren, Lilly and Oksana is 12 and Lola is 9.

  • I am 33. Lola turns 10 in early May.

  • Ian,
    I don't mind Ren and Lilly smoking these cigars but I draw the line with them smoking cigars in public, it's most unlady - like.

    They say they get a good headspin by smoking cigars as they inhale every long drag. I like them smoking cigars at home, I enjoy smoking cigars as much, if not more than my girls.

  • Belinda it's neat that your girls smoke cigars. I looked up wee willems on the Internet, the look to be the length and thickness of a cigarette.

    I'm glad they've made up their minds to prostitute themselves.

    Cate, I hope Lola is doing well, and my thoughts are the same as Belinda's. Phillip is treating her badly and I hope it doesn't take her long to realize he's a fucktard and not worth the effort. If there was a way she could do this without him and his family, she'd be better off.

  • Am back BITCHS

  • Well f uck off already

  • Back to materbate I gather.

  • Lola is learning a hard lesson with regards to Phillip. I don't think
    she'll forget how she was used. I found out, he's what's known
    as a "romeo p***". His mom is basically a "madam".

  • Yes ian u and me the same the sooner lola gets the f*** out of there the better

  • Sorry. Not possible.
    Lola is under guardianship of a private child welfare agency. The agency
    then gave guardianship to Phillip's mom, who is using Lola as a
    prostitute even though she is only nine years old - ten in May.

  • Cate,
    The adventure is very much all go. I'll speak with Oksana's mum tomorrow night at the skinny dip pool dinner about the prostition thing. I haven't told her I'm getting my p ussy and t#ts pierced today, so she may be in for a shock. I told Ren, Lilly and Oksana to keep it quiet. I don't care less what she thinks of them, it's all my doing and I'm looking forward to it. I'll let you know the outcome once I speak to Oksana's mother about Oksana joining us in this s ex thing.
    Lilly came into our bed last night, I was in the middle, with her father on one side of me and she on the other. As I said, they stayed up most of the night just smoking. She had her arms and legs wrapped around me in bed then as she dosed off, she had her fingers in my p ussy and she was grinding her leg up into my groin area. When she awoke, she pulled my head towards her mouth and started kissing me. This, I'm sure was the result of her thinking about her new role as a prostitute. I'm leaving work early today after I have my little procedure. I'm still breastfeeding the babies, so I hope I am able to keep doing that. I'd like to breastfeed them for a couple of years yet. I've had Ren and Lilly on my b****** together and they quite like the taste of my milk but they make me so f ucking h orny when they suckle.


  • Huh you jealous little c unt. It's Belinda and she's a great step mum to Ren and Lilly. I wish she was my mum. She holds the BEST skinny dipping Tea Party dinners and swingers nights which are not illegal so get over it.

  • Everyone should have a mum like Belinda you jealous piece of sh it

  • Cate,
    I've argued the point with them for just about a year against them getting pregnant. It's been going on for about a year. I warned them it will f uck up their lives. Hopefully this new venture will settle it once and for all. I've got two other girls to contend with in later years and I hope their pubity will give me much less grief.

    Lola sounds lovely and it's my guess she speaks her mind. Ren and Lilly don't take any sh it although they have the backup of one another.

    Ren and Lilly have the look of their Scandinavian grandparents, with their blonde hair and icy cold blue eyes. Very much the look of their Swedish heritage.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    Don't take the cigars to school and definitely DON'T smoke them in the public arena.

  • Belinda,
    By the way, I'm happy the pregnancy - baby thing is settled.
    I think that would be a mistake at this age.

  • Belinda,
    Here's Lola's particulars:
    Height - 58 inches tall
    Weight - 83 lbs. - slender build, small feet.
    Hair: Red - long, soft in color, Jessica Chastain would be a comparison
    Eyes - green.
    Likes to dress provocatively and show her body. Wears sexy sandals,
    Not troubled by nudity - especially her own.
    Very uninhibited. I've even seen her publicly urinate when she had no
    where else to go.
    In a word: Vivacious.
    Just a personal observation: No wonder she's so good at what she's doing.

  • Belinda, Lily, Ren, Oksana,
    Here are my thoughts.
    I personally would rather see all of you going out, looking for men, having
    s-x for money and basically living as Lola is doing, than having babies.
    In all this discussion, no one has addressed what you want to as to how
    it's going to affect the children you girls will be responsible for raising.
    I would rather sell myself, than bring a child into a situation, for the
    reasons described. I hope this doesn't offend you, but that's my

  • Cate,
    That's my thoughts exactly, I should have been more direct. The girls are happy with your sentiments. My girls didn't sleep last night with the excitement and anticipation of it all. Do you have an email address you're able to use so we can better communicate without your name in it. I use one that is attached to my partner's email.

  • Belinda,
    Are you saying this little adventure is on?
    What did Oksana's mum say?
    Hope everyone has a good time and lives up to your expectations!

  • Cate,
    I was envying Lola as did Lilly and Ren when I heard she was being a prostitute. Now I'm going to envy Lilly and Ren for doing the same thing. Belinda has been good to me. She talked my mum into letting me smoke, drink at parties and have s**. Belinda knows how I feel about this but she doesn't know how to ask my mum if I can do the same and go to bars with them and get s**.
    Do you have any ideas.

  • Oksana,
    Perhaps Belinda could assure your mum, that she would be a sort of
    chaperone to whatever activities you girls engage in. I take it that you
    girls have pretty much decided what it is you want to do. I wish you
    all the best. Have fun, but please don't make frivolous decisions
    about getting pregnant or having babies.

  • Cate,
    Your idea is a good suggestion, I get more guys when I'm around Lilly and Ren, they are very pretty and the tallest by far in our class at school and I envy their t#ts size. I'm only 5 feet 1. How tall is Lola? Belinda is going to buy them new revealing outfits to work in.

  • Cate,
    This new arrangement will quash any thought of babies. I've told Ren and Lilly if their new path is going to be pursued then I don't want to hear anything further about them getting pregnant or having babies and that goes for Oksana.

  • Cate,
    I want to hold a nude dinner party and have it catered for and invite our friends over and their kids who are in Ren and Lilly's circle of friends. It's short notice but they usually attend when I put on these dinners because it is at no cost to them. The men and women and kids can see Ren, Lilly, Oksana and my piercings for the first time. Oksana's mum likes her piercings but I'm not sure whether she'll have them. Maybe if she sees mine (after I see them), she'll think about it. I don't know what it is with s ex but since Ren and Lilly have come to understand they'll getting experimental with it by coming out with me to hook up with men, they have been talking dirtier and smoking more. I must say, I like that in them.

  • Cate,
    Ren and Lilly have just turned 12. They want babies now for 2 reasons. (1) because their babies will be close in age to my baby twins. (2). They want their babies while they are still young. They like the idea that I'm only 15 years older than them but they want the age bracket between them and their babies to be less in years.

    You're correct in saying they were alluding to starting our s** nights straight away but I didn't acknowledge them when they asked about a starting frame. Instead I pondered about it when I went to bed. I only addressed a start date with them after dinner tonight. We'll start just after Easter when I home school them and a few others. I'm getting my vag and nipple piercings tomorrow.

  • Belinda,
    Missed your comment below.
    I think Lola is hurt by Phillip's treatment, and probably feels used.
    I also think that's why she's seeking affection and response from the men she has to service. As a nine year old girl with intense feelings, no one enjoys being rejected.

  • Cate,
    It's obvious that Phillip doesn't give a flying f uck about Lola.

  • Belinda,
    How old are the girls? I'm sort of guessing around twelve or thirteen.
    Also, what reason do they give for wanting to get pregnant. A baby
    is not a toy or a status symbol. It's a lot of fu-king work and playtime
    is over.

  • Ren,
    I don't know how many times I've told you not to ring me multiple times a day when I'm at work unless it's urgent. Your call went to message bank and I texted you back letting you know I'll buy you and Lilly a tin of cigars. I don't consider you wanting cigarettes or cigars a good enough reason to ring me. Should you need more cigarettes then take a pack of mine if you're short.

    We spoke at length last night about the 3 of us getting men to have s ex with. I want you to think about your silly reason for wanting to become pregnant. You have to decide what you want, either we're to go out and meet men or you and Lilly have babies. You can't have both. We can't expect my sister to look after the twin babies and your newborns.

    Lola is in a different position as I've explained many times.

  • Ren,
    Don't worry about it sweetheart. We have a change of plan now. We and mum have got this all sorted out.
    Love Lilly xoxo

  • Ren,
    Cate here. Sorry for chiming in.
    Lola's situation is a bit different. If I had control of the situation, I might do things a bit differently, and perhaps Lola might be at least on the pill.
    That's not the case, and Lola is making her own decisions without
    parental input. your Mum has an advantage I no longer have.

  • Cate,
    You and I were both addressing Ren symaltaneously, echoing each other's reasoning. Thank you for your input.

  • Mum,
    Why is it that you don't have any issue with Lola not being on the pill or using condoms yet you expect us to do differently? If we get pregnant sobeit, that's what we want anyways.

    And I tried ringing you then I texted you to bring home a tin of Wee Willem cigars for Lilly and I to share. A tin of ten cigars will do.

  • Belinda,
    I have a feeling that Lily and Ren want to do this, however, I think this
    is something they want to do now, not at sixteen or eighteen years
    old. If you're comfortable with this and are also participating with
    the girls, trust your instincts. But I believe this is something the girls
    want to do now, not later

  • Cate,
    This is what Ren and Lilly discussed with me and I've been wanting to share with you. They want us to go together to bars when they're 18, (younger if they look the part - 16 perhaps, if they can get away with it.) There we will pick up men and take them to a hotel room and f uck. This is no different than us holding wife-swap parties as we do now. The only provision the are making is that their father and I stay together. I'm positive this is a reasonable thing to do and it'll work out fine.

  • Belinda,

    It's been a lovely evening. I just got it again! I feel so juicy!

    I told Lola to call me if she felt the need and she said she would. I was
    happy with that, and we left it there.

    Although I didn't press my questioning too far, I tried to gather how
    she liked her new life. She said she loves the attention she gets from dressing
    provocatively, really enjoys the variety of men, and occasionally a man will
    give her money extra from what is paid to Phillip or his brothers. She
    thinks the men appreciate that she gives them extra attention instead of
    "just getting the job done". Since the father of the twins had paid Phillip so
    well, she really showed them a nice time, too. She really liked them, and
    they seemed to like her. She hopes they'll come back again.
    The only down side, Phillip shows no interest in her now. He just
    demands some oral from her occasionally and that's it. No more real
    intimacy. He got what he wanted - a new wh-re.

    The piercings sound fabulous! Tell the girls to follow instructions on
    keeping everything fresh and clean.

    And will you please tell me what it is that you have to tell me?
    You said still something to say, but later.
    It's later! Tell me.


  • Cate,
    I'm so happy for you that you're getting your c*** f ucked. Mum and dad have always had their bedroom door open when they f uck and they often tell us nothing at all is a secret in our house. Mum and dad walk our home as do Ren and I and dad likes our piercings.

  • Cate,
    That's so f ucked up. So money is greater than love. How does Lola feel about Phillip now, apart from being used, if not abused emotionally? It's my bet he'll wipe her like a dirty as s if she gets pregnant.

  • Cate,
    Getting f ucked to satisfaction is the best stress releases one can get. All worries are temporarily removed; it's better than any drug on the market.

    I'm glad that Lola has been in contact with you, more importantly she told you she loves you. Did Lola volunteer to call you if necessary or did you request that?

    You asked her about the use of condoms, she's non committal about that, there's nothing you can do about it. I would not press her at point abut anything at this stage; she's probably taking in more than she she is expecting right now especially in anticipation of the videos.

    When I took the girls to get their piercings done yesterday the girl doing the procedure was quite open with them, telling them not to get their clitorous pierced because it can damage the nerves and therefore lesson sexual feeling.
    she advised them to have their l**** pierced because the l**** can cope with two piercings and heavier jewellery. She said have on in the clitorous hood. She also said have the Princess-Diana-Piercings (I've never heard of it before.) Essentially it entails two piercings to the right and left of the c*** through the c*** hood instead of a single ball on the c***,They have two piercings with jewelley and a thin gold chain hanging down about 1.5 inches from their p ussy. Their necklace/t it piercing is one piece and it goes over thee neck and loops on to each t it. That chain is also thin gold. Now that is what the twins has. Oksana had only the one piercing through the cl it hood and the same neck/ nipple chain. When Lilly came to the breakfast table this morning, she pulled her lips apart and said "Mum look at my c unt, isn't she gorgeous?"

    There is still something I have to say, but later.

  • Belinda,
    Well, it's lovely here in Sedona, sunny, mid sixties temps. I got here about
    noon and we went out for a nice lunch. When we got back, I got my brains
    f-cked out - twice- which was just what I needed! So much better now!

    As far as Lola, I'm not too concerned about pregnancy. She has just begun
    her periods, very sporadically. No regularity at this point, and getting pregnant
    is not too likely at this point. I told her to call me if she needs me.

    Which brings me to Lola. On the drive here, I received a text from her. I
    messaged her back to call me. I wanted to hear her voice and speak with her.
    I had her call me, since I am prohibited from contacting her. She called, and
    we spoke of how she's doing. No, she is not using condoms. I advised her,
    but she was non-committal about their use. She so far has been with about
    sixty-five men. She said they were very nice, especially when they discovered
    her age. She even told me of the twin boys, and said they were so sweet.
    She said Phillip's mom was very pleased with her, and told her she had something planned after next week and Lola would be making some videos.
    I told her to keep in touch, ad let me know if she needed anything. I feel
    better after speaking, We each said we loved each other, and she said,
    Mom, I'll be OK, but promised to call if necessary.

    Anyway, how's your world? Tell me about the piercings, or what you're
    getting. Write back.


  • Cate,
    I don't know if Lola having unprotected s** is a good thing. If she gets pregnant it will put her out of action. Sure men love having s** with pregnant women and girls but it'll get so uncomfortable for her in the later months and put her out of action. This will have ramifications on the anticipated money she is able to earn. If she does become pregnant, I hope Phillip's mum doesn't have Lola's baby aborted. It would be devastating. A*** s** is an option should Lola become pregnant but it can be painful. As I mentioned, should Lola get a disease it too can put her out of action for a bit thus reducing her income stream. It's painful to urinate with an infection and blood could enter the urine.

  • Belinda,
    Nice. Very nice. No, you are not too old!
    Leaving in about an hour.

  • Belinda and Cate your daughters are naughty. Belinda and Cate get those piercings on your c*** and t***.

  • U R N A$$HOLE!

  • Who are you referring to as an a$$hole and why? What post does your comment relate to?

  • This c unt wouldn't know what anything relates to. He's a f***** dumb c unt.

  • Cate,
    The girls are delighted with their piercings and chain hanging down from their vags with jewellery. After seeing their vags, I relented and allowed them to get their nipples pierced too with a chain that goes around the neck and then attached to each nipple. They have been sexually aroused by it all and it is making them smoke more and the more they smoke, the more sexually aroused they become. I tongue kissed them tonight and I felt aroused as well. I want mine done and when they leave school next month, I'm allowing them a tattoo near their vag. I'm 27, do you think I'm too old for piercings. I adore them on Ren and Lilly?

    The girls have mentioned something to me which I'm seriously considering. I'll talk later about that.

    I'm going to have s** now myself, I'm all worked up.

  • Belinda,
    Let me know how the piercings go. I'm anxious to hear how everyone likes
    them - including you! Have you changed your mind about having their
    nipples pierced, or was that not even considered?

    Sedona is about two hours from home, a bit over 115 miles.

    As you recall, Phillip was the first boy Lola had been with. They tried a
    condom and she hated it. Lola said she loved the feeling of Phillip inside
    her and basically swore off the use of condoms. Now, I'm not at all sure
    what she'll do. She loves the feeling of natural intimacy. It will not
    surprise me in the least if she continues to go "bareback", both
    orally and vaginally. I think she's probably a bit hyper-sexual. Perhaps
    that's why she seems to be able to accommodate the sheer number of
    men she has been with so far. I hope she calls, and I can speak to her
    about protecting herself. Pregnancy is the least of my concerns though.

    I do think she's attempting to show Phillip's mom how obedient she is to
    their demands, and be as productive and profitable as she can be.
    In other words, If I do well, I'll be treated well.

    Write me back.


  • Cate,
    How long does it take to drive to Sedona? Take care on the road.

    When you get there, literally lay back and enjoy the time with your man. S ex can be good therapy.

    Pack your laptop before your toothbrush and keep in touch.

    Sometimes, I need a double dose of stimulants myself and I found I needed coffee and cigarettes when I was heavily pregnant. I couldn't cut down on cigarettes, I didn't have the desire nor the willpower and to make it worse Ren and Lilly were forever smoking when they arrived home from school.

    I'm pleased the kids have gone to school today. I think the only reason I had to battle less to get them there today is that there's an air of excitement about them because I'm taking them to have their piercings done after school.

    I refrained from having an argument with the 3 girls this morning, they left our place smoking in school uniform which is against the rules. They were ordered to wear civilian clothing should they want to smoke on the way to school and on the way home. Lilly was suspended twice last year after being caught smoking in uniform. If they're suspended this time, it won't hurt because I'm homeschooling the three of them from the 7th April.


  • Lily'
    Tell Oksana, we all have to start somewhere. It'll be OK.

  • Thanks Cate,
    Mum can be so insensitive at times. Anyhow it's lunchtime and we're going to have a few cigarettes and an apple. I hope there will be still some time available after we have our piercings today to have coffee with our friends. We have told them to stay at the coffee lounge until 6pm. We should have our piercings done by then.

    Cate, enjoy yourself with your man and I hope you get lotza good s ex.

  • Mum there was no f ucking need to tell everyone about Oksana's t it's.
    She's so upset

  • Belinda,
    Since I'm off work for a while, I'm going to drive up to Sedona tomorrow and stay with a friend for a few days. I need to get away, and with Lola settled into her new life, I'm going take a few days for myself. I'll be back Thursday, but I'll
    take my laptop so I can still communicate.
    I'll check on Lola next weekend, after I get back.
    P.S. Yes, my friend is a man. I really need this!

  • Belinda,
    It's Sunday morning, I'm having my coffee, smoking, and just contemplating
    what to do next. Lola's room is cleaned out, her belongings stored. I
    wonder what she's doing. I hope she's getting some rest. I imagine the girls
    work ten or twelve hours a night, and the sheer number of men must be
    grueling. I do hope she's using condoms. Lola hated them, but now, with so many men, one after another. I hope she's taking precautions, but
    frankly, I do have my doubts. The excitement of her new life could well
    overshadow the need to be cautious.

  • Cate,
    I remember you telling me Lola despises her men wearing condoms during s** but Phillip's mother has a duty of care to ensure her hygiene. Should Lola catch some unearthly disease or become pregnant, the income won't be as lucrative for all concerned.

    My girls and Oksana didn't use condoms last night. Ren and Lilly told me they only had s** with respective boyfriends and there was no swapping partners. I have my doubts that these guys stay loyal to them. They are hulking lads who play football for their school and as the expression goes "they can be dumb and full of c um."

  • Cate,
    It is a mind blowing number. Surely she must get sore from time to time.

    Ren, Lilly and Oksana are talking very crudely while they're having s** tonight, they're putrid in fact. There is a lot of cigarette smoke emitting from their rooms. I'm going to ensure they'll be going to school in the morning no matter how tired they claim to be.

  • Belinda,
    Even allowing for my numbers being off by say, 20 per cent - It still a
    staggering number of men generating an incredible amount of money.
    I know Lola loved s-x. I doubt she had this in mind though.

  • Cate,
    Ren and Lilly have got big t#ts for their age. They have shapely legs with calf muscles but then they're tall for the age at just on 5 feet 5.

    Oskana has small br easts but then she's very tiny at 5 feet 1

  • Cate,
    I'm in the wrong profession. I, together with my female business partner employ 9 other ladies in our hairdressing and beauty salon. We've got a double shop in frontage and size and we do all our work on our feet. It takes about 3.5 hours to give a client a total make up which consists of a hairstyle, facial make-up, a pedicure and a manicure and we charge $425. That is relatively good money but only when we're flat out with that type of servicing all day. We offer the girls good bonuses if they are able to upsell.

    On the way home from lunch Lilly was a has in the as s. She wanted me drive to her boyfriend's place and pick him up because in her words "she needs c ock." Then Ren started so I had the girls ring their boyfriends to come and sleep with them at our place. I asked Oksana if she wanted her boyfriend and she said yes. So she'll also sleep with her boyfriend at our place and she can have the bed in the sun room. The guys are old enough to drive, they are 17 and go to an all boys high school not far from the girls' school.

    Oskana's mum has given approval for her daughter's cl it to be pierced

  • Belinda,
    I went to check on Lola, but only for about an hour. Just came home.
    You're correct. I believe it was you who suggested Lola was ready for s*x
    Not to worry though. Who could have foreseen?
    I understand your feelings about piercings. Lola had no choice. Phillip's
    mom ordered the piercing and tattooing. Lola had begun to develop a nice
    bosom and she has beautiful puffy, erect nipples and the piercings do look
    lovely. I just hope Phillip's mom doesn't tattoo her like a billboard.
    I did some rough calculations. Lola will turn ten years old in early May.
    Based on the number of "johns" she's serviced over the past few days, that I witnessed, in the seven weeks until her birthday, given an average of fifteen "johns" per night, Lola will have serviced more than 750 men. At an average of fifty dollars ( just guessing ) per "john", Lola would have made Phillip's mom
    about $37,500.00 dollars. You can see how lucrative this business is. And now with Lola added, they have about nine girls on the street.
    Just something to ponder. No wonder they wanted Lola.
    Talk later.

  • Cate....
    this is continued

    Another thing too , these kids have mums and dads who are our friends and friends of our friends. They come to our nude pool dinner parties with their kids and no adult is seen staring at my kids although they can't help but look at them naked. I think I was the one who suggested to you that Lola is ready for s** a couple of years ago.

    To be open with you, Ren and Lilly envy Lola's prostitution and as I've said, they enjoy s** and want to be paid for it. They have often talked about having piercings but I've always forbidden it until yesterday. This IS in light of Lola's piercings. I am now allowing it because I'm going to home school them from Easter. I refuse to allow them to have their nipples pierced, I was concerned about the private school where the twins attend. It's an all girl's school and rather strict. They were already reprimanded for having a tattoo. They have the word "family" in old English writing tattooed from their wrist of their right arm to their elbow. Ren forged my signature and had them done at a tattoo parlour "Skin Deep" This was after i declined them to have tattoos. They want more but I think too many tattoos cheapen a girl's looks.


  • Cate,
    As I say, you are powerless to do anything about this situation. I cannot think badly of you. I do have hatred for Phillip's mother, Phillip and his brother for taking Lola away from you and using her and threatening you. The lies and deceit that came about is too much to bare. It is not your choice, abandonment is not a word you should use here.

    As for allowing my girls to have a s** session on Saturday night, you may recall through times when we were in contact more frequently I held pre-teen or gies at my place for my kids, nothing has changed. I was ridiculed by many for allowing it.

    Nothing has changed, it's that they're older and a few more have joined in and some are older than Ren and Lilly. These girls go to their school and are in higher classes. As a result there will be older guys too but it's essential an or gy.


  • Belinda,
    You are so correct! I'm taking your advice. What is going to happen is going to
    Over the last few nights, I've watched Lola take more than fifty men upstairs.
    And this is a nine year old girl! If nothing, I'm simply amazed at her stamina.
    Please don't think badly of me. No matter, I am not abandoning Lola. I will still
    occasionally check on her. She is still my daughter.
    Now to another question I have for you.
    I see what the girls are planning for Saturday and that's fine. My question is
    are you planning to permit the girls to go where they really want to go with
    this? And, secondly, has what happened to Lola given them ideas of what
    they want to do? I'm just curious.
    And remember, pierce the hood - not the c***!

  • Cate,
    I didn't make myself clear. It is paramount you sit back and allow what's going to happen, let happen without being anywhere near the venue, no matter how difficult that is for you. You can't afford to jeapodise safety.

    It's my every intertion to allow Ren and Lilly to have their clito rous pierced and they are looking forward to it. That will be done tomorrow after school. Oksana wants her's done as well. When I drop her off, I'll talk to her mum about it. Oksana is a very sweet girl but has learnt so much about things from Ren and Lilly. I don't know if it's a good thing but she talks with me about relationships and other matters more than she does with her own mother.

    I will take your advice about the manner in which the piercings will be conducted on board. Ren has a crude approach to all of this, telling me she can't wait until they have c unts pierced because it will make her c unt feel so good when she's being f***** but she wants to be free of pain before Saturday night so she is able to enjoy herself. Text messages went out this morning to ten girls and 12 guys to advise there's all night s** at our place on Saturday night and everyone is most welcome to stay overnight.

  • Anything on the internet is forevvvveeer.

  • How can I find the video of Ren and Lilly smoking

  • How do I find it

  • Belinda,
    One thing I forgot.
    When Phillip's mom had Lola pierced, she did her nipples with delicate rings
    and her c******* was pierced through the clitoral hood - not the c******* itself.
    Much less painful. Just a suggestion if you're going to allow Lily and Ren to
    get their c**** pierced.
    Keep me posted.

  • Belinda,
    Glad you're back
    So if I read you correctly, it would be OK to back off from Lola's situation and
    give my mind a rest, especially since I can't do anything.
    I keep going back to what Phillip's mom said. They have an investment in
    Lola and plenty of time to recoup their investment. In point of fact - years.
    From what I have observed, she is already producing well. I also think the
    real money is not on the street, but in the videos they intend to produce.
    And the kinkier, the better.
    Anyway, I am going to dial back my concerns, otherwise I'll just make myself
    crazy. I've lost my daughter, but she seems (relatively) safe, so long as she's useful and profitable.
    It's Saturday evening, so I'll make one last trip to see her.
    Write back.

  • Cate,
    It's f ucking sickening. Ren Lilly made a video early last year. Oksana was in it. The video was headed "eleven year old twin girls smoking" they said they wanted to see how many hits they would get. I'd imagine they'd get hundreds of thousands if left for any length of time. Anyway I made them delete it however I understand that although it was deleted, it leaves a fingerprint. I was f ucking mad at them. Prospective employers and university chancellors would pick this out in no time.

  • Cate,
    I have no issues with black men in general. When I was in teachers college I accepted a lift home with another student. He was so good looking and so black that he looked purple/dark blue if you know what I mean. I would have had s** with him but he turned me off because he picked his nose most of the way to my place. Nonetheless we kissed when he dropped me off and I must admit it stirred my loins somewhat.

    You have a good memory of Lola enjoying herself after you saw her yesterday and as you said "she put a smile on your face". She left you with that happiness so I think you should put your mind at rest by not upsetting you further. There maybe something further down the track that you see that maybe more difficult to accept.

    Although I'm going to allow the kids to have their fun on Saturday night, don't hesitate to contact me if you feel a need. In fact keep in contact.

    I'm allowing Ren and Lilly to get rings in their clitorous. It's the least I can do and I can't see that a worry but they want one inserted a bit further up so it shows the outline of ring from their p#ssy in their bikini. This will be more revealing when their bikini bottoms are wet.

    I'm taking them and their Russian friend, Oskana out to lunch today. Her mum and I have become very close friends. It wasn't all that long ago that Oksana used to come to our place every afternoon to have a few cigarettes with my girls until I told her mum she smokes and she should allow her. Since then she has allowed Oksana to drink and have s** and Oksana will be staying over at our place on Saturday night.

  • Belinda,
    Just a clarification about Lola.
    She always did prefer Black males for sexual partners. When she was in school,
    she would never accept the attention of or dates from whites. She was not being reverse racist, because she's white. It was just a personal preference.
    With what she's being required to do now however, she must accept any man
    who pays. On the street though, it seems as most of her "johns" are Black, which would make her situation more tolerable to her.

  • Belinda,
    It's mid-morning here, and I did manage to get some decent sleep.
    What made me smile, was two young boys being introduced to s** with a
    pretty young girl, close in age, who knows what she's doing. I'm sure she did
    things far beyond what they would have expected. The father stayed downstairs and talked with Phillip for a while, and then went into the bar and waited for his sons. I can hardly imagine the delight of these boys with a girl
    like Lola.
    I have been toying with a decision, a thought really, and I'd like your opinion.
    Please get back to me with your thoughts. and please, just hear me out.
    Parentally and legally, I no longer have control of my daughter. Legally, she belongs to Phillip's mom through the authority of the child welfare agency. Whatever she does with Lola is completely beyond anything I can respond to or take legal action against. At this point, I have no legal rights ( the court calls it
    "standing".), I have no standing to bring any counter action against them. In
    other words, I can't even go to court and make a complaint - even with evidence. I know, it's f***** up, but so is our judicial system.
    I am wondering if I would be better to just accept the situation, and not follow Lola at night. There's nothing I can do. Doing this every night is going to frazzle
    me, and most important of all, I may be putting Lola in serious jeopardy if
    I'm seen. Maybe I should just back off.
    Let me know your opinion. I am NOT abandoning my daughter. I am simply
    trying to insure her safety, by removing myself from the scene to a greater
    Get back please.

  • Cate,
    Don't concern yourself too much with what Lola might be doing. Sure you will always have the thought of what Phillip's mother told you she'll be doing, s** with animals and selling videos of her in explicit s** acts with groups and maybe women. But it's so unfortunate and corrupt that you are powerless to protect your own daughter.

  • Cate and Belinda,
    You are extraordinary mothers. Cate for accepting the situation beyond her control with Lola and Belinda for the way she is getting an alternative method for Ren and Lilly to f*** other than them becoming prostitutes.

    Belinda if there was nil danger to Ren and f****** in the big wide world, would you allow them to prostitute themselves?

  • Ian,
    This is hypothetical. There is a danger of harm to Ren and Lilly should they become prostitutes. I'd need to find someone to look after them. The possibility of police and authorities finding out about their activity is very real. We'd have to leave our neighbourhood for them to prostitute themselves for this to happen. If all that was in order, then I'd consider Ren and Lilly becoming prostitutes. I've said a few times I'd prefer them to wait until they are 18.

  • Cate,

    It may be that Lola refers black men that made you smile and knowing she was safe in that the guys she were with were minors. I'm arguing with my girls, they still want to prostitute themselves however thankfully they're aware of the dangers involved. They made comment that I mentioned to you that I hope Lola is still enjoying the experience of prostituting herself. I had previously explained to them that Lola is forced to have s ex so i hope she's safe and is enjoying it. I went on to say that it would be disastrous if she were forced into it and didn't enjoy it. I further said, Lola doesn't have a choice.

    What I'm doing for them next Saturday night is allowing them the house so they can have girls and guys over and Rick and I will take a hotel room in the city. My sister will look after the babies for me.

    It will be the same group of Ren and Lilly's friends who are the kids of our friends who come to our skinny dipping pool dinner parties. I will not provide them with alcohol or cigarettes. The kids can bring their own and I'll lock our liquor cabinet. I'll leave a bottle of Jim Beam and a few bottles of coke out for Ren and Lilly. The kids can stay over and have s ex throughout the night if they want.

    Ren and Lilly are not totally satisfied by this arrangement but those are my rules. I get the impression that I'm not going to hear the end of them wanting to be prostitutes and they're wearing me thin.


  • Belinda,
    I'm tired, but almost too over-tired to sleep. I had a couple of scotches, but
    they aren't helping. It's almost midnight.
    I just can't get my head around the number of men Lola must be servicing.
    And to think, it was just a short time ago she was a fourth grader in school.
    Now she's a prostitute with who knows how many men she's had to sleep
    One thing I saw tonight that made me smile. A good looking black man
    arrived with his two young, twin sons (age 11 or 12 maybe ?) He talked to
    Phillip and then paid him. Phillip called Lola over and she took both boys upstairs. I think the dad was getting his boys some experience with a pretty young white girl, who could introduce them to the world of s**. They were upstairs for nearly an hour. When the boys came down, the dad gave Phillip some more cash. In a way, it was kind of sweet. I hope Lola was nice to them.
    Anyway, enough for tonight.

  • Cate,
    Thank you for your kind words. The mind boggles as to the amount Lola is making for these hangers-on tonight. As a general guide, I wonder what the rate is for a session. That would by large, depend upon the type of service provided. I hope for her sake she's still enjoying the experience. Don't be concerned how much she smokes, let's hope she can cope with all this without drugs.
    Have yourself a night cap now and try to sleep tight.

    I am feeling for you and I wrote my first message to you at about 1am today.

  • Belinda,
    I just arrived home a bit ago. I spent over six hours watching Lola walk her stroll.
    It's Friday night, and the bars were especially busy. The working girls didn't
    even have to compete for the men's attention.
    In that six hours, I watched Lola escort seventeen men to the room upstairs.
    When I left, she was still walking the block.
    By the way, I didn't take anything you wrote badly. We're all good and I find your responses very reassuring and in a way, cathartic.
    Write when you can.

  • Belinda and Cate,
    Your girls would looking fucken amazing with a black horse c*** up their c**** and in their ass.

    Belinda you should let your s**** be prostitutes.

  • F*** OFF YOU A******.

  • Here he is, shouting from the f ucking roof top but still getting a f ucking h******.

  • Thank you for getting stuck into this f ucking lowlife who wants Ren, Lola and I to f uck a horse c ock. He or she is a c unt and notice that he or she hasn't put a name to the post. F ucking coward.

  • Cate,
    I should have said that you'd be better off with a night cap each night to make you sleep. I don't mean to say you should get wasted up to your eyeballs. I certainly don't want you to go a doctor who will only prescribe drugs, like Xanax that will f uck you up. Doctors treat everything with drugs, that's the only way they know.

    Another thing I want to get straight with you but I never had the chance because we were taking about more serious matters. That is Ren said, I said she and Lily smoke too much. I have never said such words and I had a go about that to her. I said you girls are smoking more than ever so if you need more cigarettes let me know. I have since bought them a carton of 10 packs per week between them. I wouldn't be too concerned if Lola is smoking more, either she needs it de-stress or needs more cigarettes for the enjoyment.

    It just occurred to me that I hope you parked your car out of sight when you met up with Phillip's mother yesterday and not give her an opportunity to notice your new license plates. The same i think should apply when you park your vehicle at home, keep it in the garage at all times.

    I think if I were in your shoes, I'd risk going to jail in order to see my kids. This would not be a wise move on part though but the b itch has got me so f ucking frustrated with her antics and control. She'd give her right arm to see you cleaning out Lola's room and putting her belongings into storage.

  • Belinda,
    Thanks. I really appreciate the support.
    After my meeting yesterday, I went to the block to check on Lola. She looked to be doing OK. I noticed she's smoking a lot more and every so often she'd go into the bar by where she works. I think she uses the toilet. She never leaves the street though, unless it's with a "john", when she goes upstairs. She appears to be doing very well, and she gets a lot of attention. Her youth and sleazy manner of dress is a real attention getter. She actually looks to be having fun. Of course, this is a whole new life for her. Perhaps, in time, the newness will wear off. I can't even imagine how many men she's already been with. At this point, I'm thinking at least dozens.
    I've kind of gone from numb to acceptance. I have no choice, but to accept. I'm not going drown my sorrows in booze or drugs. I'll be going out every evening for a while, just to keep tabs on her, and keep notice of her physical appearance.
    By the way, that was a good idea to change my license plates. I feel a little more anonymous now.
    For the rest of the day, I think I'll occupy my time, cleaning out Lola's room and packing what's left of her things for storage. I doubt she'll ever use them again. Then I'll go to the block. By the way, I purchased a pair of high - quality binoculars so I can observe from a greater distance with greater clarity.
    As far as Phillip's mom, she wants me to know what's in the works for Lola's future. It's a form of control and intimidation. And it very effective.
    I'll check back later.

  • Care,
    Although this is the reality of Phillip's mums plan it is appalling that she should tell you this. I can just imagine Ren and Lilly dressing in the same fashion and they are beautiful too but it would devastate me to see them walking a man into room to have s**. Let alone to be exploited by outsiders for monies worth . The thought of them having s ex with animals sickens me to them stomach. In a way, I'm pleased that you're bringing this to my attention because the twins read these posts and it should heed as a warning to them that prostitution isn't all fun and games.

    They are a low-down family and it'd be a sad enditement for me to see my daughters in despicable s ex acts all over the Internet.

    It's unnerving knowing the b itch has been to child welfare agencies telling lies about you and has the hide to treat you and Lola like this.

    Knowing that you are powerless to do anything about this situation tears at my heart strings for you.

    Look after yourself Cate but if I were in your position I'd probably resort to drinking but I know that won't help. I know that it will only make me slide into depression but I think I'd need something to help me cope.

  • Belinda,
    After the attorney and stenographer left the proceedings, Phillips mom asked me to stay a bit so we could talk. I don't know what she thought we had to discuss, but I stayed and mostly listened.
    First, she again warned me about interfering in any manner. I assured her I would not. I don't wish to put Lola in danger, and now she has not only child welfare on her side, but the courts as well, which also puts me in jeopardy.
    What she then told me was her final dig to show me, she was in charge of Lola and her future.
    She said Lola would of course be a prostitute. But Lola would also be filmed in videos to be produced and sold. These videos would involve men, and women, single and multiple partners, as well as s** with various types of animals.
    Lola could also be rented out for money, to other gangs or pimps, for whatever use was agreed upon. She indicated that Lola's youth would mean years of work in the s** industry, some of it in the most degrading situations one could imagine.
    She is an unbelievably crude woman. She said it again, Lola's pu**sy is going
    to make me a fortune.
    She also indicated that she owns some building down on the block and that's where the girls are able to conduct business, in the rooms over or adjacent to the bars and clubs. The money involved in this type of operation must be incredible.
    I said, I think I've heard enough. At that point, I left in tears.
    From there, I drove to the block, and sure enough, there was Lola and some of the other girls working, under watchful eyes. I must admit, she looks
    beautiful - even as a w**** - and must be very appealing to men. Forgive me for saying this - I do hope she does well, because her safety depends on it.
    I'm going to stop now. I am just too exhausted, physically and mentally.
    Write when you can.

  • Cate,
    I love the way Lola is dressing for her new venture and I'm pleased she's enjoying it so much. She'd look so hot smoking in her skimpy outfits and picking up men. So s exy. We just want her to be safe. As Ren said Lilly and I'd like to do what she's doing but we're too afraid at this stage. Plus we don't like the idea of not being able to be choosy with men. I'd hate to service drunks and blokes off their face with drugs all night.

  • Lily,
    When I Lola left me, after the meeting, she was wearing a micro skirt and skimpy top of metallic mesh that was almost totally sheer. She wore heeled sandals and nothing else. You could even see her piercings under the material. Yes, she was beautiful and very appealing.
    Later, when I went to the block to see where she was working, she made quite a site walking her stroll and trying to acquire customers.
    I do hope she does well.

  • Cate,
    I can't believe the judicial system is so corrupt in Arizona.

    Rick could never coerce a claimant to sign a statement in regards to insurance fraud in New South Wales.

    Do you have copies of everything you signed before the attorney?

    Is there any provision for you to see Lola?

    How often if any outlined, is Lola able to communicate with you by phone.


  • Belinda,
    I was given copies of the documents as pertained to me. Interestingly, the order, which has to be signed by a judge, had already been signed by the judge when it was handed to me for my signature.
    If Lola calls me, I guess it's OK. I cannot call or try to contact her under any circumstance.
    The judicial system in this country is a joke. We incarcerate more people than even communist countries. And watch out if you're a minority.
    I don't know if or when Lola will call - or ever call at all.

  • Hi Cate,
    School has just come out and we're dying for a cigarette and I'm reading your posts as we're sitting in a coffee shop. When Lilly and i first started to live with mum she told us never to lie to her and this will be an everlasting and loving and honest relationship. She told us to tell her the truth all the time no matter how much sh it we may get ourselves into. She said it's easier for her to knowing the truth than spending time unraveling lies. Never trust a liar she said, which makes me think I hope she won't mistreat Lola. I don't trust Phillip's mum because he lied about you.

    We can't blame Lola for what's going on. I slept with Lilly last night and after we had s ex we talked for hours and we would love to prostitute ourselves right now but we're afraid because we're so young. We spoke with mum about it at the breakfast table again this morning and she reiterated that we wait until we're 18.

    I hope you don't think it's weird that Lilly and I have s ex together. Mum has read a lot about it and said that twincest is quite common. Lilly and I love each dearly and mum said that incest is illegal and immoral, but most things we do are illegal already and she has no problem at all with us having s ex together.

    What worries me too is that Lola is missing out on education and you are a very articulate lady and I think you'd be concerned about that.


  • Lola's getting a different type of education.

  • Ren,
    There's nothing wrong with sibling s**.
    As for your other desire, I think you should listen to Belinda. She has your best interest at heart. Being a prostitute is not all the glamour it's made out to be in the movies, and it can be dangerous.
    Lola is in that world now. I can only hope that Phillip's mom will look after her until she's older and has time to grow into the life of a young prostitute.
    Unfortunately my ability to help her has been removed and I cannot even have contact with her.

  • Belinda,
    Read the all the posts carefully.
    Question 2 first: The tattoo on the nape of her neck is not a word. It's a Chinese character that means "c*nt". Look it up online. I did when I got home.
    Question1: This is a criminal conspiracy. It involves people like Phillip's mom, her sons, the private child welfare agency, people in power, people who run the system, attorneys, the judges and courts. There's big money involved and everyone gets their cut. Probably even the lowly stenographer.
    I'll stop here and start a post with my conversation with Phillip's mom.

  • Cate oh f uck I didn't read the two posts. "drunkenness?" "your mental state". Pardon my language here Cate but Phillip's mum is the c unt in all of this. What a conniving f ucken b itch.

    I'm left speechless, I don't know what to say, I sympatize with you.


  • Cate,
    There must have been a discussion.
    Question 1: On what grounds did the child welfare agency to come up with to give custody of Lola to Phillip's mum, what f ucking bull sh it did Phillip's mum spin.
    Question 2. What is the significance of having the word "c unt" tattooed on the nape of Lola's neck.

  • Belinda,
    Back to the meeting.
    Argument and discussion were pointless. There was nothing to discuss.
    I ended up signing the papers and giving legal custody of Lola to the child welfare agency. I was given my copies and my part was over. All of this took less than thirty minutes.
    I got ready to leave and Phillip's mom told me to stay. I wasn't done yet.
    Then the attorney gave another set of papers to Phillip's mom for her to sign and the deal was complete. The agency past legal foster care of Lola over to Phillip's mom. I just know that b**** wanted to see my final humiliation.
    Everything signed, notarized, sealed and delivered. And legal. Very legal.
    The attorney and the stenographer left and That was that.
    Phillip's mom asked if I would like to see Lola before I left. I said, of course and she motioned one of her boys to get Lola.
    When Lola came in, I could see her lips had already been "plumped". She just said "hi" in very soft voice. I asked if she was OK and she just nodded. I could tell she was ready to go on the block. She was dressed in a very short see-through metallic skirt and crop-top and high heel sandals. Nothing else. Phillip's mom ordered Lola to show me her new tattoo. She bent her head forward and flipped her hair over. On the back of her neck was a Chinese character about the size of a large postage stamp. I asked what it stood for. Phillip's mom threw me an evil smile. It means "c*nt".
    I hugged and kissed Lola goodbye and told her I would miss her. She just said she'd be OK and not to worry.
    Phillip's mom then told her boy to get her out on the street.
    Before I left I talked to Phillip's mom for a while. I relate that conversation in the next segment.
    I left in a daze. Everything has been taken out of me.
    I still plan to keep an eye on her. From a distance.

  • Belinda,
    I got home a bit ago. I'm still in shock. Like I was hit by truck.
    I lost custody of Lola. I was forced to surrender all my parental rights, including any contact or visitation under penalty of judicial action by the court.
    Here's what transpired:
    I arrived for the meeting just before four. When I was shown in , there were two other people in attendance, along with Phillip's mom. The man was an attorney from a private child welfare agency. (You must understand, in this country, much of what used to administered by the government has been "privatized" to for-profit entities. Prisons and child welfare are two such examples.) The woman was a court stenographer, who recorded the proceeding. The meeting was also recorded.
    I was given papers to sign, releasing Lola to the custody of the child welfare agency. The reasons for the action was my habitual drunkenness and mental instability. (none of this is true.) I was shown a number of sworn affidavits, made by persons, under oath, as to the evidence against me. I did not know any of these people. I said I would not sign. The attorney stated that if I did not sign, I would have to appear in court, with my attorney to contest the charges.
    He assured me that this would be pointless. The judge would look at the charges and the evidence and would immediately rule against me. I looked at the stenographer and she just gave me a nod of assent. It was a fait accompli.
    The deal was done and the fix was in. I lost the war before the first battle.
    I'll start a new segment to I don't run out of room.
    Back in a minute.

  • Cate,
    Oh sh it. I'd rather you meet her on common ground like a coffee shop. That way you can record the conversation. Try to record it anyway. And take photocopies of the B. C
    Get back to me.

  • Belinda,
    I received a call from Phillip's mom today.
    She asked if I would mind changing the meeting for tomorrow to today at
    4 pm. I said, not at all. and so, we are going to meet today.
    When I tried to question her about Lola, the birth certificate and other things, she was very abrupt and said all my questions would be answered at the meeting, and don't be late. She then just hung up.
    I think this change of meeting time is meant to throw me off. It's working
    I'm leaving in a few minutes. I'll check back later, and let you know what happened.

  • Cate, see your phone provider. Over here there's a prefix we dial straight before the number we're calling. That number is 1831 followed by the number you wish to call. That then doesn't reveal your number. It just shows "Private Number". There's a chance though that Phillip's mum won't answer privite numbers and if she does she'll wonder why your number has been concealed.

    Whilst I knew of this before, I just Googled "How to hide my phone number when I call another number" and this prefix was shown. I demonstrated this to Ren by dialling her mobile number (you people in the U. S refer to mobile phones as "Cell phones". When I rang Ren's number by using the prefix, her phone rang and it displayed "Private number". I rang it again without using that prefix and her phone rang and displayed "Mum." indicating it was me calling.

  • Ren,
    It's not the fact they're Black
    Lola loves Black guys. She wouldn't even date a white guy. Perhaps that's why it was so easy for Phillip (and his mom) to gain her trust. Even to the point of allowing herself to be branded and sold on the street. From what I observed watching her the other night, she actually seemed to be enjoying herself.
    I'm at a loss too.

  • Hi Cate,
    It's Renae (Ren) I despise these black people for taking Lola away from you.

    I hope they treat her well and she stays safe and they don't take her to Mexico where young girls are sold as s ex slaves and there's drug mules. How could Phillip? If he was my bf I'd kick his as s out the door for branding her and selling her p ussy and treating her like white trash.

    Stay in contact with mum, we all want you to be safe and well.


  • Thanks honey. I really appreciate your sentiments.
    I think the threat of Mexico is just that - a threat. I think that's a last resort for them, because what they really want is Lola. They want her working and working and working and making videos and making them a ton of money, until she's used up and there's nothing left.
    This is a criminal enterprise, and Lola and I are it's latest victims
    I'll stay in touch. You do too.

  • Sorry Cate,
    I didn't realise I posted the same comment twice.
    All my love to you both.

  • Hi Cate,
    It's Renae (Ren) don't let these black people take Lola to Mexico. They treat young girls like s ex slaves over there and there so many drug mules. Who does Phillip and his mum think they are?

    Although some of our rules at home are strict, overall mum is good to us and we are grateful to have her. She's going to homeschool us after Easter. She and dad have got builders in to convert the double garage into a classroom. The builders are delaying things coz of the fires we've had here and we're waiting on insulation and air-conditioning. Hopefully it will be finished by Easter.

    I hope Lola stays safe and well and stay in contact with mum. She's worried for you both.

  • Belinda,
    I got home a bit ago. I drove the block for hours. I saw Phillip, his brothers, and some of their girls who were working. But no Lola.
    I also tried your suggestion and phoned Phillip's mother. No answer. I tried four times. No answer. She knows my number, so I think she's ignoring me.
    I have no doubt she'll keep ignoring my calls until I show up for the Friday meeting. Then I'll be on her turf.
    You mentioned Lola's alarm bells? She's nine. I doubt she felt anything was amiss. And she's just so in love with Phillip. She'll do anything he says. And don't forget - so far she's been treated like a princess, in spite of what he has her doing.
    I looked at that website. Thanks for the heads up. It's very comprehensive, and I have to delve into it tomorrow after I had some sleep.
    My worry now is that I won't see Lola until at least Friday. For all I know, they have her working upstairs of that bar and just sending men up to her. I have no way of finding out. I'll just go back to the block tomorrow and keep looking.
    Any input is much appreciated. Keep writing.

  • Cate,

    This is an insightful document. It may give you an idea as to why Phillip's mother wants the B.C.


    Reminder: I'd like you to ring Phillip's mother about the B.C and ask her to get Lola to ring you, Cate. Remember, they can't shoot you for asking those two simple questions.


  • Cate,
    Have a few drinks, Dutch courage brings out wonders and I think you need it. I wish i was there with you. Then make a phone call to this f ucking trouble maker and ask her why she wants the birth certificate. Do it now and get it over and done with but do it long before Friday. Dealing with it now will bring relief, believe me. Then you'll have 24 hours to stew over it before you meet her and ascertain whether her request for it is legitimate.

    i have grave concerns about Mexico and it's police and drug cartels. for this reason, ask Phillip's mum that she get lola to ring you tonight.

    I cannot understand why Lola's alarm bells weren't ringing when Phillip's mother came to your place and took her away before threats were made against you in her presence.

    As it is, there won't be much left for Lola after Mr and Mrs ten cent take their cut, police, Phillip, his brothers, mother and s ex room hire.

    I just hope Lola gets sufficient cigarette money to help her through because undoubtedly there will be a honeymoon period in all of this.


  • Belinda,
    There's no way Lola could pass for eighteen. No way. I'm sure it's something else, we aren't seeing. The fact she wants a certified copy of her birth certificate troubles me greatly. She already has all the records from school. What can you do with such documentation? I'm beginning to be very frightened. I'm not sure what my options are, if any, and I won't go to the police. I can't get away from my feeling that the authorities are involved with this woman is some fashion that makes their every move legal, and they are, at the very least, untouchable. Something I'm just not seeing. I'm afraid when Friday comes, I'm going to be blind-sided in some totally unexpected manner and I'll have no way to fight back. Belinda, I'm so very frightened.

  • Cate,
    I just rang Rick. He said it's his guess Phillip's mum wants to photocopy the birth certificate, change the date of birth to purport Lola is 18 and then present that as proof of age. He said when he was in the insurance industry, the insurer accepted a photocopy of the original birth certificate as long as it had the words "This is a true photocopy of the original produced to me". Then it was signed by a Justice of the Peace.

    F uck Cate, I don't like this one bit, you can't trust the b itch and it's Rick's further guess that the police are in on this as well.

  • Belinda,
    Cate here.
    I just returned from the DMV and i have my new license plates.
    I also received a telephone call from Phillip's mom. She requested that I meet at her home on Friday afternoon at 2 pm.,and would I please bring a certified copy of Lola's birth certificate. She did not elaborate further, but I am quite apprehensive about her request. It seemed more in the nature of a demand and I should not be late. I agreed to be there, as I seem to have no choice. I wonder what she has in mind.
    Get back to me when you can.

  • Cate,
    Ring Phillip's mum and ask for about her MOTIVE for wanting Lola's birth certificate. If you're not happy with her reasoning then don't f ucking give it to her and don't go there. This is getting too f ucking messy for my liking. Ask her to have Lola ring you first. This can't be all their way.

  • Belinda,
    By the way, I phoned my employer and said I wasn't feeling well (true). With all this caronavirus issue, he told me to take the next two weeks off with no problem.
    I feel better about not having to worry about my job as well.
    Off to the DMV.

  • Belinda.
    It's early morning here in Arizona. I slept like crap last night.
    I'm going to go out again this evening to see if I locate Lola. Maybe she was booked for an "all-nighter", but I doubt it. It just seems a bit soon for that sort of thing. In a manner of speaking, she still in a "probationary period". I doubt that Phillip's mom would turn her loose that soon. She made it very clear that she had big plans for Lola. She very crudely put it to me, "that little pu**y is going to make us a lot of money. She's very valuable. If she does what she's told, she'll be treated very well". I only hope that's true, but her disappearance has me seriously concerned.
    Your comment about my license plates is a good suggestion. I think I'll see to that today. It'll give me something to do.
    I'm going to take shower, and go take care of those license plates. Then, this evening, I'll go back to "the block".

  • Cate, get back to me.

  • Belinda,
    I went out today about four in the afternoon, to "the block" to check on Lola to see how she's getting on. All night, I drove up and down the street. No Lola. I happened to see Phillip with three other of his girls. No Lola.
    I'm trying to force myself not to panic, but I am worried.
    Get back to me when you can.

  • Cate,
    Maybe a man has booked Lola for an " all-night" session. Let's hope that's all it is and that's the reason you were unable to find her in the 'block'

  • I'm forgetting to sign off - that was me again.

  • Cate,
    I saw your previous post come in more than a day ago but I was procrastinating as to how I was going to answer it. This may answer both posts . I can just imagine a man 6 feet 5 having his way with Lola. You say he looked to be about 240 pounds in weight. I had to covert that because we measure weight here in kilograms and it's 109 kgs. That's Rick's ( the twins' dads weight and height.) You would have observed that this man (about 40 years of age) with a profile like that would be quite muscular. Rick is 36. I have to look up to him to make eye contact and I'm over 5 feet 10. F uck he'd kill her in bed if she's tiny. I was talking to him about all this and he said whilst there isn't any real correlation with tall men and the size of their penises, in the main taller men have got bigger penises. He only hopes that Liola isn't forced to have a*** s ex. I can vouch that it hurts like a b itch, I've had it although Rick takes it easy on me. He pointed out that when a guy is a brothel they don't worry if they hurt their female s ex partner or not, their main aim is "to get their money's worth'. He's used brothels when he arrived home after being deployed by the army overseas.

    Are you able to change the license plates on your car because Lola, Phillip & Co may recognize your car but if the plates are different to what they know, it should confuse them. Then you'd be able to get closer to the 'action" with your binoculars.

    I'll write again soon but get back on that.

  • That was from me Cate,

    And don't worry too much if Lola dresses provocatively. unfortunately she has to dress like that to use s ex appeal to exploit men.

    Young girls dress in that fashion time and time again. Ren and Lilly dress that way and to be honest i like them being so badass about it especially when they're smoking. Their dresses are so short when they sit one can see their crotch and they have an appeal about them when they're smoking. When they're standing in short shorts and midriff t-shirts they uck their pack of cigarettes insid their shorts with the top of the box exposed and with the other hand they hold their cigarette between their index finger and the next finger, they hook their thumb in the shorts front pocket and the wedding finger and small finger is placed on the outside of their shorts near their
    p ussy. There is a mere fine line between being s exy and provocative in my book.

    Things are different when I take them out to lunch, i want them to dress smartly and the favourite gear I like them wearing is a mini leather black skirt, a red blouse with the first two top buttons undone and a pair of black leather knee-high boots and i adore them smoking.


  • Cate,
    Please bear with me, I'll get back. This has been on my mind too much. I've got a lot of questions and a lot to say. I'll have to be like Lilly and bring my cigarettes and a drink to the computer when I start to type. It's a hectic day in the salon. In the meantime and before I forget, let me know when Lola rings you and what she has to say for herself.
    Take it easy over there.
    Belinda xx

  • You tell 'em, Lilly!

  • Mister you can keep your big black c ock to yourself. In your f ucken dreams, we've all had enough of black c ocks thank you very much. You f ucking paedophile.

  • Belinda,
    Back again.
    When Lola returned to the street, she went right back to business. Talking to men. Acting like a real party girl. Trying to entice them and sell what she had to offer. I must admit one thing - she seems to have a knack for what she's doing.
    As I was leaving to come home, I saw Phillip and his mom drive up to collect the nights proceeds. Just as they were about to drive off, they watched Lola take another man upstairs. And this guy was massive. About 6'-5" tall and at least 240 lbs. I hope she'll be OK.
    I'm going to learn what I can about their operation, but in the end, it may be futile. I can't see how this goes on unless the authorities are in on it. Another reason I don't trust the police.
    Although most of the girls are teens, I didn't see anyone as young as Lola.
    Anyway, I'm beat. Going to bed.
    I'll keep you posted. Write back.

  • Belinda,
    I already thought about recording Lola if and when she calls. Frankly, I'm not sure she is going to call, given what I have witnessed this evening.
    At this point, I'm not too concerned about Lola staying healthy, and where would she get drugs? They're probably watching her very closely. Also, Phillip's mom said something that stayed with me. They're making an investment as to how much money she will provide over the coming years (did I just say years?). I'm pretty confident they will keep her young looking, healthy, and beautiful. They'll get as much mileage out of her as possible. I'm under no illusions though- eventually she'll be sold in Mexico. An offer will be made, and she'll be gone, unless I can figure an alternative.
    I went out tonight and actually found where Lola is working.
    There is an area in our city called the "block". It's about a five block stretch of bars, clubs, strip joints, and it's where many hookers ply their trade.
    I saw Phillip's brother standing in front of a sleazy bar with Lola and two other of their girls. I parked nearby and watched through binoculars. Thank goodness my car has tinted windows.
    I watched for over two hours while the girls worked. I actually saw Lola enter the building with five different men, all Black, all middle-age, over forty years old. She was back on the street within twenty minutes of each man.
    I think Phillip's mom must rent a room or two above the bar, and that's where the girls take their customers. All the money went to Phillip's brother before the girls took them up. The girls never touch the money. It's very tightly controlled.
    I'll have to continue on another segment.

  • Cate,
    I would suggest you record every conversation when Lola rings you. You can't do much about the evidence Phillip has by way of visual recordings he has of her.

    Another concern is what Ren brought to my attention before she left for school this morning is that should Lola start taking drugs and getting so bombed out of her brains that she'll forget about her personal hygiene and Phillip's family may keep her malnourished and lack protein to keep her slender figure.

    She also hopes that Lola will be kept in cigarettes at her rate of 2ppd to cope with stress that may come as she still has be as permiscuous to fullfill her
    duties once the novelty wears thin.

    It's all very so, so sad.

  • Belinda,
    It's terrifying because their method was so insidious. The false friendship. Dating Lola. Worming their way into our confidence. A lot of time and effort when into this. Then the flash drive, with so much evidence of Lola's activities.
    Not to mention the direct threat of kidnapping Lola to Mexico and the horrors that would befall her there. I don't dare cross them, and they know it!
    When they took Lola, Phillip handed me her phone. She won't need this anymore. I'll give her a new phone, and I'll know everyone she contacts. Phillip's mom also took all the school records I had been given. Fortunately, I made copies of everything before they arrived. I also fingerprinted Lola and took half a dozen strands of her hair, with the root attached. Just in case I would need it for future identification.
    As for contact, Lola is out of reach. I accept that. I guess as long as I know she's happy, that's at least a plus. I'm going out later to see if I can at least determine the area she's working. Obviously, I have to be careful, because I'm certain they'll be watching her every move, as well as if I'm about.
    It's quite apparent Phillip's mother is the brains and driving force behind this organization. She said they run a string of girls, age nine (now) to seventeen and no one dares challenge their authority. Disobedience is severely dealt with. It's better for the girls to work, make them money and not cause problems. Phillip's mom said Lola was great investment for them. She stated she expects to reap years of profit from her, given she's so young.
    What happens after that, I just don't know.
    What is so distressing about the whole thing, is Lola seems so eager and happy.
    It's as though she's under a spell, and pleasing Phillip by selling her body to any man is something she actually wants to do.
    I'm just at a loss. I'm getting ready to go out now, and see what I can find out. Check back later.

  • Cate,
    This is terrifying, is there a stronger word I've yet to find?

    Explain to me how the f uck Phillip's mother can do this to you and Lola with any consciousness? Wasn't she once the caring person who looked after Lola after school hours and you couldn't speak highly enough of her?

    I do believe in karma so I hope it comes back quickly and bites the b itch on the a*** ten-fold and I won't be giving two
    F ucks about how bad that is. The threats made against Lola for disobeying any orders are frightening. It has me concerned. Lilly is the more sensitive of my two and she would like nothing more at this stage for Lola to write to her however due to the circumstances Lola is facing and the excitement of her new life, that would seem impossible.

    I feel for you in that you don't have family, I'm blessed in that regard, I have a sister who is my best friend and parents that have learned to accept or tolerate the way I'm bringing up my 4 kids. As for my brother, I don't care less, he can call me a w h*** because I permit Ren and Lilly to do smoke and do other adult stuff, it's none of his concern.

  • Cate I'm going f*** Lola, Ren and Lilly with my big black horse-like c*** and
    Belinda I'm going to c** in Ren and Lilly's mouths and make them swallow every drop.

  • Well, it's all over. Lola is gone, and I'm sitting here in an empty house. Crying.
    Phillip came with his brothers AND his mother. As soon as they came in, Phillip's mom took Lola upstairs to do a makeover and get her belongings. Meanwhile, I stayed with the boys and they explained what was expected. I was not to call or interfere in any way - or else. Lola would be able to contact me in a few days, on a phone they would provide and they would have access to. If I called the authorities or interfered in any way, they would not hurt her, but simply drive her to Mexico, and sell her to a local whorehouse and life would be much more unpleasant. It would involve drugs, men, animals, and some very bad treatment. I agreed that I would cause no trouble.
    When Lola came down, she was completely changed from my little girl to a street w****. Her hair was done in a very big fashion. She had bright red polish on her fingers and toes, and bright red lipstick. She wore a very tight, short skirt that barely covered her behind and when she sat, her front was almost completely exposed. She wore a skimpy top and thong wedge sandals. She looked every bit a s***, who could pass for a much older girl.
    Phillip's mom said in a few weeks, I would hardly be able to recognize her. She was going to have her lips "plumped" to be much fuller and possibly more piercing or tattooing. Nothing definite at this point. They also plan to use her in videos to be sold underground and out of country. I'm sure she'll be all over the internet. Phillip's mom is the one who's really in control here.
    I'm going out later, to see if I can find her and just see how she's doing in her new life - from a distance. Now, always at a distance.
    My life has gone to h***, but strangely, Lola seemed excited and happy.
    When they left, she didn't even say goodbye. That devastated me.
    More later as I sort things out.

  • It's mid-morning here in Arizona. Lola and I just returned fro her school, where I withdrew her as a student. We stopped for breakfast, but I had no appetite.
    I explained to the school officials that we were immediately relocating due to the death of my mother and the domestic needs of my elderly father. In truth, I have no living family, and it's just me and Lola.
    Now we're just waiting for Phillip and his brothers to show up and take Lola away. My stomach is in knots and I'm a wreck. I'm absolutely terrified of what kind of life my daughter is embarking on. Lola, on the other hand, is excited to be a "woman on her own", although I think we both know, that's not exactly what's happening. She seems to think of all this as a grand adventure. I would call it the "Pretty Woman Syndrome".
    Back in a minute. Phone's ringing.
    Phillip just phoned and said he would be here in a couple of hours. He wants to complete this so Lola can be working the street by evening.
    So now, it's just the waiting.

  • There goes Lilly on one of her rants again. I like the way she swears, referring to kunts and saying f***.

    I want to f*** her and Lola too.

  • Belinda,
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support.
    Tomorrow, I'm going to Lola's school and withdraw her. If anything, I feel it's best to go along with my "orders". At least for now.
    When Phillip and his brothers come for Lola, I'll wait and see what their plans for Lola are, although I can just imagine. My great fear is that no matter what I do to stop this, call the police, or get revenge, there will always be someone of their friends who will wreak havoc on Lola. It's too much to risk.
    Lola says so far, Phillip, his mother, or brothers have not tried to coerce her with drugs or torture, except for the branding. She's been very willing.
    In spite of what she is required to do for Phillip, she says she loves him, and will do anything for him, including prostitute herself. A "working girl" at age nine! It's really quite appalling and she'll turn ten in May. I can only imagine the number of men and boys she'll have been with by then. One other thing. Here, Blacks don't use condoms, and Lola has only been with Black men and boys. Another thing to worry about.
    Phillip and his brothers must have some operation. Three teenage pimps, and a bunch of white girls making a lot of money for them. And their mother.
    Please stay in touch. I really need the support.

  • Cate
    Have you been able to detect whether or not Lola had been taking drugs of any description?

    It is a concern that she's f ucking around without protection. i allow Ren and Lilly to do most things but I draw the line at them partying and having s ex with random guys without guys wearing a condom or them giving guys bjs without the guys wearing a condom.

    when police brought Ren and Lilly home to me they asked the gilrs to put their cigarettes out before they bunkled them up and put them in the police van but they didn't confiscate their cigarettes and Lilly had 4 cans of Bourbon and coke in her backpack. Police didn't search that nor did they search them. However police have to search them in the company of a parent or guardian over here because they're under 18. Ren cheekily said to them "I've only just lit this cigarette" and the cop replied, "you can finish it when we get you home to your mum."

    I hope you are able o sleep easy.

  • Cate
    Surely you people who are crying out for you to call police are not mothers. This would undoubtedly cause greater divide between Lola and yourself. If that happens Lola be lost to you forever. I would be devastated should Ren and Lilly be taken from me and they aren't my biological kids. That doesn't stop me from loving them to death. In fact it would be fair to say that I love them more than my biological twin baby daughters, Summer and Liberty.

    When girls are young, they make our arms ache and when they are older they make our heart ache as I've experienced with Ren and Lilly. I was a little b itch growing uo myself. I've learnt to be tolerant and I've witnessed them being brought home by police in a drunken state and I can tell you it's not pleasant being questioned by cops at your door asking if we knew of their whereabouts, the threats that may happen next time they breach laws where they're not to venture. I symathize with you at the prospect of her losing your daughter and I ask that all here show you the kind of respect and empathy and just reflect on your imposition.

    We can only hope that Lola appreciates what she had at home, you are no prude and you have allowed her to have s ex, drink and smoke. In time Lola may realise her accommodation arrangement and chosen "career" is not for her and she returns home. I further hope this arrangement is merely a" honeymoon" and Lola will finally let go of this sadistic f ucking mongrel who can claim ownership by branding her. I wonder in what other ways he mistreats her?
    All the best and stay safe.

  • Just a quick update.
    Lola came home a bit ago and informed me she was moving out and going to live with Phillip. She said Phillip and his two older brothers would be over tomorrow to collect her and her belongings. You must understand, Phillip and his brothers all live at home with their mother, so I suspect she is a prime mover behind all of this.
    She then ordered me (ordered!) to call the school in the morning and have her removed as a student, as we were moving out of the area as to the reason. If I didn't follow these instructions, I would have to deal with Phillip and his brothers.
    Then she showed me something I was not prepared for. Her nipples and clitoral hood had been pierced with jewelry. To top it all, Phillip had branded her (with a heated iron) on the back of her shoulder with his initial to show who "owned" her.

    I'm sitting here in fu*king shock. And I just don't know what to do but cry. The really difficult thing, is accepting the fact that this seems to be what Lola wants.
    Perhaps I should just accept the inevitable, as I seem powerless to do anything.
    One last thing. Phillip had Lola give me a flash drive. On it were multiple pictures and videos of Lola with many boys and men. Many. The threat was obvious, with nothing being said.
    I'll close for now. I need a drink and some time to decompress.

  • U can by law until your daughter turns i think 15 or 16 years of age that is the law ring the police i know the law lola having s** at ten is a crimminal offence and phillip can be charged she has to stay at home that is the law u are her mother from greg

  • Greg,
    Yes, you are correct
    Now tell me what I should do when the evidence on the flash drive is made public.
    I suppose It's better to have a nine year old daughter as a prostitute than lose her forever.

  • If u do not ring the police u are an iddiot

  • Enough.
    You've made your point.
    I'm not listening to any further.
    Go bother someone else.
    This is NOT your decision.

  • It is mad public the police will get in volved and u could be charged because u know what your daughter is doing a s** worker get yur daughter a moove out sooner the better please please

  • Come your daughter next taking drugs pills etc then your daughter mite die

  • Greg,
    Yes correct.
    And what do I do about the flash drive with all the evidence. Evidence that will become public.
    Also, Lola seems entirely willing to proceed into this lifestyle. She could just run away, and I'll have lost her forever.
    I guess I'd rather have a nine year old prostitute, as opposed to no daughter at all.

  • Look a s** worker was murdered 2 days a go she was 12 please ring the police before it is too late have common sence please

  • Sorry. No police. That's final

  • Ok your bissness so good by to your daughter for ever

  • Cate,
    This may be longish so I'll grab my cigarettes because I need to smoke as this is disturbing news and I feel for you. I spoke with mum about Lola and Phillip while Ren was present. Mum wanted to answer your post but she thought you may think she's being harsh with you because she hasn’t written to you for so long. She reminded Ren and I that about 2 years ago she got us to read an article in the Sydney Daily Telegraph about a young girl who was being used in a prostitution ring and was eventually murdered. I can't remember whether this happened in Sydney or overseas or had the protection of older girls like Lola is getting but after investigations it was found that this girl's murder came about she was getting more s ex than her female "girlfriends' and that she was a lot younger .

    Ren and I like the idea of being escorts and mum said she has no problem in us doing that when we're 18 provided we do it in a safe environment like a 4 star hotel in the city that has security and an emergency alarm ,even if we have to charge more. She sees the attention we twins get and it's often said that men like to have s ex with twins. Mum went to teachers college with a woman she's still in contact with who paid her way through college from money she earned prostituting herself. The thing that annoys me is that we have to be 18 before we can prostitute ourselves but are legally allowed to have s ex at 16, yet there have been cases when kids go to court to get approval to marry, some as young as 14 or 15.

    Ren and I love s ex so why not be paid to f uck? guys tell us they love us when they're f ucking us but all they want is a s**** so we tell them they're all bull
    s**** and they don't tell us they love us anymore.


  • Cont.

    Mum said Lola has been going out with Phillip for a few years now so what makes him think he can be so controlling over her. She's asking whether Phillip retains Lola's proceeds from her prostitution.

    I would never let a guy control my life like that and if he tried, I'd be telling him to f uck off. He doesn't own her, nor does he own her c unt.

  • Lola has been seeing Phillip for a long while.
    He presents a nice image in the beginning, but I see now there was always an ulterior motive.
    But I disagree with you on this point - He does own her, mind and body, he owns her.
    Yes, she turns over all her earnings to Phillip, ans he lets her have some back for her own needs. The big stuff, like tattooing and jewelry, he buys, but then she "owes" him.

  • Those two posts were from me.

    And I hope Lola drops Phillip like a bag of f ucking sh it, Cate.


  • Lily
    It seems as though Lola is dropping me.

  • Lily,
    It's been an unsettling weekend for me.
    I mentioned that the relationship between Lola and Phillip had cooled and now I know why.
    It seems Phillip has been pressuring Lola to have s** with anyone he directs her to. Apparently, he basically wants to p*** her out to anyone. Her provocative mode of dress makes her very attractive, and Phillip is actually making money off her "work". He has taken her out the past few months on weekend nights and she walks the "stroll", with other girls, who sort of look out for her, because of her age. He also took her to a tattoo artist and had a "queen of spades" tattoo put on her right ankle. Since she's well under age, I guess he paid the artist on the sly. He told her, she belongs to him, and it doesn't matter what I say, or anyone else for that matter. I'm not sure what to do at this point, because I don't want her hurt, or drugged to make her work. So far as I can tell, she is doing this willingly and not fighting him.
    I followed her and Phillip last night and saw where she's been working. I counted nine customers and she turned all the money over to Phillip. Given her age and appearance, she apparently is an easy sell.
    In a nutshell, my nine year old daughter is whoring for a teenage p***, and I'm not sure where to go with this.
    I'm just at my wits end.

  • He i just using your daughter very dangerous if i was u tell him to get lost having s** with a stranger your daughter could get hurt money is not everything please do it before it is too late from greg

  • I guy could slip a pill into a drink and then raper her

  • Your daughter and this guy could be at a restruant and an under cover detective could be watching spendind a lot of money that then follow them please get your daughter out i am begging u could take a pill could die i am sorry but that is the truth

  • I hope u are not mad at me about your daughter lola just my opoinion from greg to cate

  • Hi Cate,

    I read your post further down and I'm happy for Lolo, almost jealous of the little 'b****" lol that she could get pregnant at any time. Mum wants Ren and I to wait until we're 14 to get pregnant. She said long ago that we can do whatever she does and whatever we want within reason. She got preg but doesn't want Ren and I to get preg yet. We asked our bio mum if we can get pregnant and she said "ask Belinda" We're going around in circles with this but the aim is for us to get pregnant together so Ren's baby and my baby can grow up together.

    Mum said there is a 250-1 chance of Ren and I having twins because we are twins and she said she couldn't manage with 6 babies in the house or 2 toddlers and 4 babies even though Ren and I said we'll take care of our own babies. Mum's twin baby girls were 18 months old yesterday. They were born on 6th September, 2018. Ren and I gave them each a cigarette a few months ago and mum tried to get mad at us but she couldn't stop laughing so she is teaching them to smoke.

    She still says Ren and I smoke way too much and says, all the time, "you are only 12 year old girls, f uck, she's been saying that since we were eleven and ten. she is so f ucked up about this Coronavirus that she doesn't want us to have oral or penetrative s ex with guys without a condom. We love to 69 with our guys but we're allowed to have oral s ex with each other.

    Give Lola a kiss on the cheek from me.


  • Lily,
    Posted you an answer further down from one of yours about a month ago.
    Hope you are well. Lola is as active as ever, and I do mean active!
    Write back!

  • Where are Ren and Lilly, I miss them?

  • Lilly and Ren you're very wise not to do drugs. I admire you for that and I'm appalled at the young lady and her mom for taking that s***

  • My dad left me and mom long ago. I only answer to mom and she does drugs too. When I'm 21 I'm gunna go out to bars and we're gunna pick up blokes to f***.

  • Oh yes I can imagine what I'm missing out on alright. a life of crime through taking drugs, jail time, stealing from my parents to feed my drug addiction . Not getting a job, not going to uni and f ucking up my life for good.

    I guess your dad is okay with you doing all that f ucking s****.

  • Lilly
    Don't call me a mad f*** just bc I take drugs. Have you ever tried them? Nooo
    I bet you haven't and you don't know what the f*** you're missing when you're getting laid when your off your face and t***.

  • Hey Lilly and Ren

    I am a little bit older than you, I'm 14 and I've been smoking, having s** and drinking for years. Have you ever taken hard drugs, I don't mean just smoking cannabis? I smoke that all the time at home with my mom. I mean harder drugs than that like cocaine, ecstacy and LSD. They give me such a buzz and a high and it's so f****** amazing when I'm as high as a kite getting f*****.

    I love Vodka and I like to drink that too.

    When I started smoking , I used to hide it by keeping a separate set of clothing to smoke in.

    I used to put my hair in a bun before I went out with my friends and smoked.
    Then I'd wash my hands to get rid of the smell after I have smoked.
    I used to freshen up my breath with mouthwash after I had a few cigarettes.

    Then after a few months, i thought f*** it, I'm gonna tell mom I smoke so I lit a cigarette in front of her and she was okay with it.

  • You're a mad f uck, why would you want to do drugs?

    If I wanted to get high I'd hire a f ucking helicopter.


  • How many do u smoke per day and what brand do u smoke

  • I smoke about 60 cigs a day and I smoke American Spirits Black

  • What about your mum how many per day and what brand

  • My mom smokes about 4ppd of Newports. She's not a mad f*** either just cos she gets off her face with drugs. I like the most of the men she brings home to f***

  • Greg,
    I missed the post where you asked how I am. I'm all good thanks and I hope you are too. I'm taking Ren and Lilly out to lunch shortly although it's bucketing down in Sydney with rain.

    Undoubtedly they will have sushi. They like to eat healthy food although they smoke.

  • That's so sad, why the f uck didn't your mum stand by you instead of putting you out to Foster care.

    She's a f ucking m ole.


  • I don't want to say my name other than that I'm a girl. I smoke about 30 cigarettes a day. I modeled myself on Demi Moore, I liked her badass childhood ways. I got into the wrong crowd early in life. I drank, smoked and had s**. My father put me in rehab but it didn't make any difference. I wasn't concerned about the authorities and kept running away from foster care. I was allowed to return home after some counselling. My mother then let me smoke to keep the peace.

  • What's your name and how long have you been smoking. How many do you smoke per day. Do you drink alcohol.

  • I'm 13 and I've smoked 120's for years. They're sexy AF

  • How many do u smoke per day i smoke 1 ppd

  • I smoke about 30 of my beloved 120's a day. I started smoking when I was 8. I started drinking when I was 10 and went into drug and alcohol rehab at that age. I fell into a wrong group of friends and was in trouble with police, stealing cars and whatnot. I tried heroin for a while and that's when my father knew I wasn't "normal"

  • I hope u come to your sences and get on with your life

  • I'm sure I've turned my life around now and I'm doing well at school. I've got a job working a two hours, 3 days a week after school and on Saturday mornings. I have more to to proud of by buying the things I want rather than stealing them.

    I still go to parties and I have the occasional drink but I control my drinking. I DON'T touch drugs any longer.

    My aunts and uncles have taken an interest in me again, i didn't give a f*** about them once but now I realize the importance of family.

  • I don't assume to know Ren and Lilly. I'm a 47 year year old man and I think they're the most f****** sexiest twins I have come across.

  • Mum said she wants Ren and I to start smoking Virginia 120 cigarettes. She said because 120's are longer we'll look so damn much more sexier smoking them especially when we dangle

  • Ren you sound like a spoiled little b#tch to me. Belinda has invested a lot in you girls what with private education and you and Lilly wearing the latest fashions. Not to mention she buys you cigarettes, you go for a up of coffee every afternoon after school and she takes you to lunch. I'm surprised at the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Australia.

  • Bettina
    We did the math. Mum can afford to put a woman in her shop and pay her a wage. OK she will have to pay rent to the centre manager of the mall for the shop and pay her 9 staff as well. But she can still do hair appointments from home as well as makeups manicures and pedicures. She will have to spend about $30,000 converting the garage into a classroom and buying desks and computers and stuff.

    She only paid one term for Lilly's and my private school fees and she only bought our school summer uniforms and summer school sports tunics because she'll be home schooling us in the winter months.

    Then she'll save $125 a day each that she paid for the babies daycare fees.

    Dad earns very good money and I think mum is too f ucking greedy.

  • Ren don't be too disheartened sweetheart your mom obviously needs the extra $15,000 she wants to put aside because she'll have to give up her hairdressing business to give the opportunity to be home schooled which will enable you, your twin sister and friends to smoke as much as you need.

  • Ren,
    Don't get too disheartened sweetheart, it's not all that long to wait until your mom home schools you. She obviously needs the extra $15,000 to be put aside because she'll have to give up her hairdressing business.

  • Mum had virtually promised Lilly and I she'd home school us from the start of this year. Then when school started she said she needs to save another $15,000 and wants us to wait until next term to home school us. The thing is mum is going to get paid for tutoring 11 kids. Most are from Lilly's and my class including Oskana. Some are a couple of years higher and some are as young as Chloe so she can home school Chloe too.

    My friends are disappointed cos they smoke and we can't smoke as much at school and we need it.


  • After my 14 year old daughter denied she was a smoker and me smelling smoke on her for months on end I sat her down and offered her a cigarette so she wouldn't smoke behind my back.

  • Greg
    We both smoke Nelsons although I limit her cigarette consumption to 1ppd.
    I smoke 2ppd sometimes almost 3ppd

  • Does your husband smoke or do u have other children that smoke from greg

  • Greg,
    My husband is a smoker so I guess that his decision to allow my daughter to smoke made it easier for him. We've a son who is 16 and he's been smoking for 4 years. Occasionally he will have a cigar with his father.

  • Good on u how much do u smoke per day and what brand form greg

  • We should all back back to the subject of allowing our kids to smoke.

  • Exactly i agree from greg plus s**

  • Greg is your 6 year old daughter having s** yet?

  • Greg is your 6 year old a girl or boy

  • Betina 6 year old is a girl sue smokes 1ppd and 10 year old is a boy john smokes 1 ppd from greg

  • The AIFS and Social Services Dept. will be informed about the contents of this forum.
    Five years old girl forrced to loose her virginity by her own family. Drinking ,having s** etc.
    Close to p********** and certainly children abbuse

  • Greg
    I agree wholeheartedly in your children aged 6 and 10 smoking and that your 10 year old is on the Pill and boys who have s** with her use condoms. Belinda mentioned Ren and Lilly have the boys who have s** with them also use condoms.

    I think you should allow your 6 year old to have s** as well.

  • Yes betina she will how are your 2 children coming along with there smocking

  • Have you got your 2 boys smocking yet and how many does amelia smoke a day from greg

  • Andrew has statted smoking but the oldest, David has no interest at all. Amelia has changed to Newport cigarettes and she is smoking about 12 cigarettes per day

  • How are all your children smocking now ppd

  • How old is andrew

  • Andrew is 9, Amelia is 8 and David is 11

  • How is amelia and andrew with there smocking how many do they smoke per day and what about david do u think he will smoke one day from greg

  • How ia andrew and amelie with there smocking and how much do they smoke per week from greg

  • Betina how are your children with there smocking and how many ppd do they smoke ppd from greg

  • HI Betina how are your 2 children andrew and amelia with there smocking how many do they smoke per day from greg

  • That is a good idea i will talk to my daughter about s** even smocking having s** very enjoyable from greg

  • Greg and All,
    I think that s ex is the natural thing to do. Ren and Lilly were having s ex with each other long before they were having s ex with boys and long before they knew that it was wrong that was. From the time they visited me and their dad when they were 6. I would notice them kissing and playing with each other's genitals. I then looked up and read a lot of documentation about twincest (twins having s ex with each other.) I was worried until I saw my gynaecologist about it who told me it was normal behavior. She said it may be illegal and immoral but there's a lot of it going on and mostly it is between girl twins. Therefore just in the same way s ex with twins is common - s ex with others is also common.

    I could not have taken away the pleasure of Ren an Lilly having s ex together even when they were 6.

  • Hi Belinda how are your twins with chloe and using the s** toy and how many smokes per day does chloe smoke from greg

  • Chloe is very much enjoying smoking. She smokes about 12 per day. I'm now reluctant to talk about her s** life.

  • That is ok how are u belinda

  • How is chloe going how many does she smoke per day how is her s** toys going is she going off really enjoying it and how are u belinda from greg

  • Well done belinda that is fine u are a good young lady the twins having together or boys and chloe smocking and learning about s** and using s** toys from greg

  • Bettina
    Now that Chloe knows what s ex is all about she wants it again but Natalie and I had a look at her p ussy and we've decided it's best for her to have a couple of days break from it as her p ussy is still swollen somewhat

  • Belinda I think it's a good idea to tell your father that Chloe is smoking although I note that she's the apple of his eye so to speak.

    I wonder what Greg on here thinks of Chloe having s**.

    Amelia will start having s** soon I think. She has a young boy in mind to have s** with.

  • I have 2 children 6 and 10 both smoke i will wait till the 6 year old turns 10 to have s** the 10 year old has s** on the pill and using condoms this email is to belinda and betina from greg

  • Greg,
    I don't particularly think there should be any age restrictions on our little ones having s ex, drinking and smoking. All three are for life's enjoyment in my world.

  • Fare enough belinda that is fine sorry i mite have beening over protected with my children sorry from greg

  • My opoinion chloe having s** a bit young a few more years explain to her about it i am scared when she is at school she mite say something to one of her friends and she mite say something to her mother and they mite get a knock on the door by the police from greg

  • Good point Greg and this is why I'm leaving it totally up to Ren and Lilly although they have s ex too. What do you think of her smoking? Then one is as bad as the other considering Chloe's age. She is a good smoker and inhales every time.

  • I am just scared when she is a school her vigina mite hurt and tell the teacher smocking at 5 a bit young may be 8 or 9 tell ren and lilly to give chloes vigana a rest for at least 5 days sorry belinda that is my opoinion from greg just remind chloe at school do not tell any one plus tell ren and lilly to try and not swere

  • Greg,
    The thing is being extra careful and not to expose Chloe to too much s ex to make her v agina sore or even make it uncomfortable for her. We're going to give her p ussy a rest until Tuesday night before she has s ex again.

    Ren and Lilly do swear too much and they are quite dirty when they're making out. Their language is putrid at times and something I'll have to make them aware of more so when they are having s ex in the presence of Chloe.

  • Does chloe let the smoke come out of her nose i do it it feels great thank u belinda u are doing a great job

  • Thanks for saying I do a great job, sometimes it's not easy with twins in the household such as Ren and Lilly but I like their antics calling each other a
    c unt, and so forth. But they call each other those names in a lovingly kind of way.


  • No Chloe doesn't let the smoke come out of her nose but another cute thing I see her do is that when she's talking smoke comes out of her mouth at the Same time.

  • How is chloe going with her smocking how many does she smoke per day and how is she going with her s** toy from greg and how are u belinda and your twins

  • That is so cute

  • Sorry if i was rude i hope u do not hate me from greg

  • No Greg,
    You're not rude, everyone has an opinion. That's what I like about open forums such as this. I had an opinion when I was a school teacher, perhaps too much of it but I always stood my ground.

    Now that I've got my own business, it and I employ 9, it suits me.


  • That is great is she going to drink alachol soon

  • We put a bit of alcohol in her coffee every now and then. Especially in her hot chocolate at night to help her sleep but she gets up in the night to smoke.


  • Bettina I told my mum that Chloe has started having s ex and she said Mi Mi she is a big girl in that she smokes and is having s ex. She was worried that it hurt her. I told her REN and Lilly said she whimpered at first but was soon moaning with enjoyment.

    Mum is going to tell dad that Chloe smokes because my sister hasn't been able to stay long when they visit because Chloe needs to smoke.

  • Hello belinda how are u

  • Belinda, It's so adorable that your Chloe is (to put it so bluntly) f******, smoking,drinking and that she swears. I could just cuddle her.

    love Bettina

  • Brian,
    Chloe says f uck which is too cute coming from her little mouth. We have to keep telling her not to say it at school or let anyone know she smokes and f ucks.

    When Lilly and I left this morning she was watching cartoons on TV and she still plays with dolls because although we tell her she's a big girl now she has to have a childhood.

  • Ren,
    You Lilly your mom, Belinda and aunt Natalie are a fun family.

    It's cool that Chloe f****, smokes and drinks alcohol and that she's only 5. Does she swear?

  • Chole lost her virginity last night and she was a little girl. Lilly and I used plenty of KY Jelly in her p ussy before we finger
    f ucked her but she bled a little bit. She cried for her mummy so Aunt Natalie came into the bedroom and gave Chloe a cigarette while Chloe watched Lilly and I f uck. We then used the clitorous stimulater on her little p ussy lips and gave her a couple of nips of cointreau and Lilly and I f ucked her gently with our strap on but we didn't put the toy
    c ock all the way into her c unt. Her little moans were gorgeous as we f ucked her but she has got a swollen p ussy this morning so Aunt Natalie said we should wait a few more days before we have s ex with her again.

  • Ren and I are going to sleep over at aunt Natalie's place tonight in the guest's room with little Chloe. Mum bought a clitorous stimulator for us to use on Chloe's little cunnie that she bought at the p orn shop last night. Mum said we should kiss her neck to get her a bit h**** and kiss her on the lips before we finger her as we use the clitorous stimulator in between her p ussy lips.

    Maybe we should give her a bit of alcohol but we will ask aunt Natalie first.

    We're to go gently on her.


  • Bettina,

    Now that Amelia is smoking it would be the ideal time for her to become sexually active. Smoking and s ex go hand in hand and as you may be aware smoking stimulates s ex as does having s ex stimulate smoking.

  • How are your children with there smocking from greg

  • Belinda,
    I'm very aware of what you're saying about smoking and s** going together. I often smoke when I'm having s** and I want Amelia to have that. We're having breakfast at the moment and Amelia is getting her nicotine fix before she goes to school this morning. It's nice that she is enjoying a few cigarettes with me and she's delighted that she's started smoking.

  • How very true

  • Belinda thank you so much for your advice. I gave Amelia the drink you mentioned and got her a bit tipsy.

    She is smoking and she is inhaling so I'm pleased to say my little Amelia is on the way to smoking addiction. Her father put a pack of cigarettes on her night stand when she went to bed as his stamp of approval for her to smoke.
    Love to you and your twin daughters but I'd like to stay in touch.

  • Ren and I have both had oral s ex and penetrative s ex with other girls. We've had s ex with Oskana (Osky) who posts on here and another girl.

    There is a girl in our class this year who is new to our school but she doesn't smoke. We're trying to change that and I'd love to have s ex with her.


  • Osky,
    I want to go to the p orn shop to with mum and aunt Natalie but we can't you mad f uck. We're too young sweetheart.

  • Ren and Lilly have you girls ever had s** with other girls than having s** with each other?

  • Lilly I want to go into the p orn shop with Belinda and Natalie.


  • I guess the post underneath is from Lilly. I have no problem with little Chloe enjoying adult behavior when she becomes sexually active. It's so beautiful that she smokes at such a young age.

    I admire Belinda for the manner in which she is bringing up Ren, Lilly, the baby twin sisters and has input with what Chloe does. I too just hope that boy goes gently on Chloe when he starts having s** with her.

    Belinda you're one piece of hot ass.


  • Mum aunt Natalie are going to a p*** shop tonight to get little Chloe a s** toy and a tiny strap on d ick so Ren and I can give her s ex. Mum said it might be best if we break her hymen with our finger. Chloe has seen Ren and I f uck on the lounge but Chloe thinks Ren is hurting me because I moan a bit. Chloe hasn't had s ex yet but I told her it hurts the first couple of times but after that her p ussy will feel so nice when she's being f ucked.

    Mum went mad at me for telling Chloe that it will hurt her but I was telling her the truth.

    There is a boy we know who is 13 and he can f uck Chloe when she is ready for a real d ick but we won't let him get rough with her because she won't be 6 until July.

    I hope all you people will accept it because we're excited

  • Greg
    Thank you for your kind words about my daughters Ren and Lilly. I gave them a kiss on the cheek from you. If anything they do too much for me and I'd like them to hang out with their girlfriends and boyfriends more often.

    Last Saturday night I allowed them to stay out the whole night but I was
    p issued off with them because they had their mobile phones turned off and I wanted to ring them to make sure they were safe. I gave them a correctional talk when they got home so they won't do that again. I only allowed them to stay out all night because Sunday was Australia Day.

  • That post below is from me, good luck it should work a treat.

  • How is chloe going with her smocking how many per week from greg and how are u

  • Bettina
    Try giving Amelia about 3 nips of creme de menthe in a tall glass filled with lemonade. This will taste like a nice minty drink to her. Don't tell her there's alcohol in it. The alcohol will loosen her up a bit to take away her inhibitions then give her a cigarette. Don't get her drunk

  • Belinda I am at crossroads with Amelia, she wants to smoke but she's too embarrassed to smoke in front of me.

  • Hi Betina when your daughter goes to bed go in there and give her a couple of drags from your cigarette

  • When u are smocking get Amelia to sit on the lounge ask her do u want a drag my name is greg

  • Belinda I guess you and I would be about the same age, I'm almost 40.

  • Bettina
    I turned 27 last November. It's a good thing for me to be only 15 years older than Ren and Lilly. I'm not looking forward to them getting much older but they're going too and that's a fact of life unfortunately.

    I enjoy their antics at home. They are very good kids although you may find that hard to believe bearing in mind they drink, smoke, swear and have s ex. They help me enormously around the house and with the babies. I could not do without them and I love them like i do my own, perhaps a little more.

  • HI Belinda does your partner family have children that smoke

  • My partner's brother has two children one is a boy 13 who smokes but my partner's daughter who is 15 doesn't smoke.

  • I meant to say my partner's brother' s daughter doesn't smoke, she's the 15 year old.

  • Hi Betina do u have family like your brothers and sisters who are now parents that have children that smoke from greg

  • Grg,

    I think Belinda answered your message by mistake. I have one sioster who hasn't got any kids and I have one brother who I think would faint if he knew I allow Amelia to smoke. but hhe has kids who don't smoke. They are 15 and 17.

  • Greg,

    I have a sister, Natalie, who has a 5 year old daughter Chloe, Chloe smokes about 14 cigarettes a day. Chloe inhales every drag of her cigarettes and gets up during the night to smoke.

    My baby twins will be 17 months old on the 6th February and they have been smoking or a few weeks now although they don't inhale every drag nor do they finish the whole lot of their cigarette. They can't smoke properly yet. They get 4 cigarettes a day.

  • How are your twins going with there smocking are they still inhailing from greg and what brand do they smoke

  • How are your twins with there smocking how is chloe

  • What brand does chloe smoke and yout twin daughters smoke how are u belinda from greg

  • My twin daughters Ren and Lilly smoke Camel Regulars. I'm giving the baby twins, Liberty and Summer Marlboro Gold to smoke and Chloe also smokes Marlboro Gold. Marlboro Gold is more smooth for little ones.

  • HI Betina do u think your 2 boys want to smoke know seeing your daughter smocking

  • It's 8pm here in Arizona and I was hopeful my 9 year old son, Andrew would want a cigarette as he said he was ready and willing a couple of days ago. He had a cigarette last night, the same time as Amelia was smoking and he couldn't get the hang of inhaling. He coughed a lot and said he didn't want to try any more. I will try him with it in a couple of days. The eldest son aged 11 uis still not interested at all, maybe I should try and give him some alcohol as I did with Amelia at Belinda's suggestion.

    Amelia is sitting in the living room watching television and smoking like she's been smoking for years. I don't want her to go over a pack a day when she gets really addicted.

  • Thanks belinda but i email betina she has 2 boys and see if they started smocking yet how are u are a great person your twins what brand do they smoke have a great week end

  • I'm sorry for jumping in on the post meant for Bettina, I didn't read it properly.


  • Hi

    My twins both smoke Camel Regulars although when they're short of cigarettes, the don't mind smoking my brand which is Dunhill. They like to put their pack of cigarettes in the back pocket of their short shorts or jeans when they're out and about to show people what brand they smoke. They used to smoke Marlboro Reds but complained they were too dry. To me both Marlboro Reds and Camel Regulars are the same strength.


  • And thanks for saying I'm a great person, I think that m being so liberal with Ren and Lilly I have a good relationship with them. They don't lie to m,e and we can talk about anything . Even when their dad comes in when we're talking and then everything goes quiet, he just says "Woman's talk" and we say yes and he doesn't question us.


  • Good on u belinda ren and lilly who cares what they do they help u around the house and with your babies to me they are darlings tell them please from greg

  • To answer the person who wrote this below

    "Ren Lilly and Belinda,
    Now that your baby twin sisters are smoking they will be able to smoke with their little 5 year old cousin, Chloe."

    Yes it will be cute when our baby twins smoke properly . Our little half
    5 year old cousin, Chloe is so cute and pretty when she smokes. She turns her head to one side and cups her cigarette so the flame stays straight when she lights up. She's so addicted that she gets up in the night to smoke but her mum, who is our aunt makes sure she's awake too so that she can check to see that Chloe has put her cigarette out properly.

    Mum wants aunt to tell pop, who is mum's dad and aunt's dad that Chloe smokes. Mum said it's so damn cruel for Chloe when they visit Nana and pop because they have to cut their visit short so Chloe can leave and have a cigarette. Pop doesn't mind Ren and I smoking in fact he likes the idea that we when we get to his place, he lets us go to the fridge and get a beer each and one for him and we have a smoke with him.


  • Bettina,
    When Ren and Lilly were living with their natural mother they had an older girlfriend living in the same street. That girl has a feral mother and she encouraged Ren, Lilly and other boys to drink, smoke and have s**. She gave them cigarettes and alcohol. She often arranged orgies and gave condoms to the boys to wear. Ren and Lilly told me that when they started living with me and their father. Rather than rant and rave about it and tell them not to have s** because I doubt they'd listen, I took them to my gynaecologist and had them examined and she put them on the Pill.
    That girlfriend is now a heroin and ice addict and has been put into Foster care, she'd be 16 today.
    It's strange how the make up of twins bodies is.

    They had a growth spurt when they turned ten and developed shapely b****** and legs. They are tall as is their dad who stands at 6 feet 5. At that age they started to menstuate within a few days of one another.

    I have had many talks to the twins about the need to steer clear of hard drugs. Having said that I told them I tried LSD when I was in my late teens and it frightened the f*** out of me.

    I am very broadminded and I'd say to you Bettina have a chat with your daughter and you will be able to determine whether or not she is ready for s**, mainly is she ready emotionally to engage in s**.

  • Belinda I am sure that my daughter, Amelia is good and ready to have s** as we have spoken about it plenty of times especially after reading Ren and Lilly's post about it. I don't quite know how to bring up the topic of contraception for her. She will have boys wear condoms though and I think you're very responsible for ensuring that Ren and Lilly have their male partners wear them when they have s** because as we know condoms can prevent sexual transmitted deseases and the Pill can prevent unwanted pregnancies so it's a good idea to have Amelia to have both at hand.

    We spoke about her smoking today in more depth and she wants to be a smoker.

  • Talk to your daughter in the bed room all about s** it will be fine

  • Hi Belinda I am intreged to know how it came about that Ren and Lilly has s** with boys as my 9 year old daughter is forever talking about having s**. She knows what oral s** is all about and has asked me about her dad's and my s** lives.

    I know that she has watched p*** on her computer and that this is not an uncommon among our young as it has often been in the print media.

  • It is up to u i hope i am not beeing rude but what about your daughter watch u and your husband have s**

  • I hope u do not hate me i was trying to help sorry

  • That's not as bad as it seems written. I don't know about watching us with intent but Ren and Lilly have been in our room while their father and I have s**.

    There are no secrets in our family and the twins can talk to me about anything and everything. I encourage openness and I have a good relationship with them and I can openly say it is a stronger mother/daughter relationship than they have with their natural mum although I think highly of their mum and I encourage them to visit her as often as possible.

    After Ren and Lilly had s** together I was the one who brought up the subject that our family walk around the house naked and kiss if may be. if we have an argument we kiss and make up before we go to bed and more often than not if Ren and Lilly have an argument they will kiss and then go to bed together.

  • Happy birthday the other day belinda from greg

  • Greg,
    I have 2 sons aged 8 and 11 and a daughter aged 9. I want them to smoke and I've shown them posts here by Belinda's twins. My son 8 and daughter 9 have expressed an interest in smoking and since reading Ren and Lilly's posts they have tried it. They cough and splatter a bit but they will keep at it.

    I smoke 2.5ppd.

    I will ask Belinda later how Ren and Lilly came about to having s** with boys. Iike most can understand how they have s** with each other.

  • Hi Betina explain to your 11 year year old son about smocking how enjoyable smocking is and relaxing and try to teach him i reckon he will enjoy smocking what brand do u smoke from greg

  • Hi Betina tell your 2 sons smocking is so enjoyable

  • Your husband does he smoke and how many per week and what brand does he smoke i am 61 have been smoking over 40 years 1ppd winfield blue i have no children from greg

  • Hi Greg,
    In all sincerity smoking 1ppd like you Greg is reasonable and I should smoke that little and I think 1ppd should be adequate for Belinda's twin daughters because they are only 12. On the other hand they are highly sexual and increased smoking goes with a high s** drive.

    My husband smokes about 1.5ppd.

  • Hi Betina is your 8 year old boy smocking yet try and your 11 year old boy tell him smocking i s really enjoyable from greg

  • Hi Betina when u are smocking ask Amelia to sit on the lounge give her a lit cigerette and hopefully she will start smocking talk to her i think while u and her talk she will just smoke and not thinking before u know it she will smoke the cigrette from greg

  • HI Betina do u have any friends that let there children smoke

  • Ren Lilly and Belinda,
    Now that your baby twin sisters are smoking they will be able to smoke with their little 5 year old cousin, Chloe.

  • Bettina I babies are not too young to smoke but legally they are too young. Lilly and I are legally too young to smoke too but we're not about to give up.

  • Bettina the baby twins will be 17 months old in about 10 days. They don't smoke the whole cigarette and have a lot to learn before they smoke properly. They the cigarette wet above the filter line but they are ever so cute.

  • Ren, Lilly and Belinda,
    So happy to read that Belinda has started the little darling baby twin girls smoking. I just wonder if they're too young at this stage. They're only about 18 months old aren't they?

    Let us know how they progress and I hope it won't be too long before they'll be inhaling cigarette smoke deep into their lungs.


  • Do u have children that smoke or they are adults now and if do they let there children smoke and what about u how many do u smoke per day from greg

  • I forgot to put my name to that post about our baby twin step sisters smoking.

  • Mum went grocery shopping this morning and we fed our twin baby step sisters their food. When they finished eating and while they were still in their highchairs we gave them each a cigarette. They don't mind the taste of smoke but Summer has an eye infection and when mum walked in she tried to get mad at us but she couldn't stop laughing. Then she said we shouldn't laugh but encourage them and praise them when they smoke. She said she'll take over teaching the babies to smoke however she's worried a little coz Summer gets an eye infection and cigarette smoke gets in her left eye but they don't object to the taste and smell of smoke

  • Cyndi,
    Your mum doesn't have to know you f uck. That's your business anyways. Just lay back and enjoy.

  • Ren, Lilly and Oskana you girls rock. I'd like to be allowed to stay out all night and party. My mom would die if she knows I f*** but I'm allowed to smoke. I'm 14 so I'm jealous of you three bc you're only 12.


  • Hi Cate, it's been a long time since we've sen any of your posts. You once posted on that other thread but it's f ucked, it goes down all the f ucking time. I hope you're reading this.

    Is Lola still getting plenty of c ock, smoking and drinking? When you posted you mentioned that Lola doesn't like a boy to put a condom on his d ick and if she gets pregnant you won't be all that concerned. She must be ten by now? Lola would look cute smoking with a pregnant tummy at ten. Half her luck if she falls preg.

    Ren and I want to get preg now but mum wants us to wait until we're 14.

    If Lola wants a girl crush then please give her a kiss on the lips from me.

    Love Lilly.

  • Lilly,
    It's Cate.
    Lola is fast approaching ten in a few months. She's smoking more than ever - about two packs a day now! She still sees Phillip occasionally, but the romance has cooled a bit, and she has discovered that variety is the spice of life! I'm not sure he was ready to accept that fact, but she insists on doing what she wants. About a month ago, I came home from work to find her partying with two boys - fifteen and sixteen years old - from high school. It really doesn't surprise me because she dresses so much older. She rapidly filling out and has started an occasional period. She can easily pass for a girl of fourteen. She also dresses rather provocatively which catches the attention of any boy. S** for her is like breathing. It just comes naturally. Lola hates condoms and no, she's not on the pill. I'm resigned to being a grandmother by the time she's in high school, but we'll see how it goes.
    Bye for now.

  • It's Australia Day and Ren, Oskana and I have been to a party with a few other girlfriends and guys and mum gave us 2 packs of ciggies each and we took a bottle of vodka. Ren has another bottle in her beach bag and we have another pack of cigarettes each in our handbag. We were totally wasted last night but Ren is still in bed getting her c unt
    f ucked something chronic. I was tongue kissing her as she was being f ucked by our friend called Leyton. Oskana and I also had our share of f ucks and our c unts are as sore as AF. We're going home later this afternoon because we'll be out of ciggies.

    Love to all and I hope all the chicks get plenty of c ock on this Aussie Day.


  • That Chinese man who lit our cigarettes has a nice family to run his restaurant. He didn't say anything when we told him we're 12 and that we drink and smoke. Belinda tasted Ren's Vodka and coke and she thought there was more than 3 nips in the glass. We 3 girls wore the same outfits, watermelon colour shirts, dark grey short leather skirts and black knee- high f uck me boots. Belinda said we all looked hot and she wasn't so bad herself.

  • I don't know what the rest of the people are doing on this lovely summer's day in Sydney but we just finished lunch in China Town. It was a pleasant change from the b itches b itching about us smoking. A Chinese waiter lit my cigarete, Lilly's cigarette, Oskana' s cigarette and mum's cigarette. Mum asked for 3 glasses and 3 nips of Vodka in each glass for us kids in a larger glasses with diet coke to disguise the contents, to give the impression we ere drinking straight coca cola. after our main course we had dessert and coffee and smoked about 4 cigarettes each before leaviing.


  • Ren Lilly and Oskana
    I admire Belinda and Oskana's mother for allowing you young ladies to smoke. There is nothing nicer to see a young girl and hercmom enjoying a cigarette together at 12 years of age although I know from reading this forum you were smoking with your mother's approval long before that.

    I'm 37 and I didn't smoke in the presence of my mom until I was 18.


  • Don't worry too much Donna we love smoking, drinking and having s** and it will take more than the likes of Noel to stop us.

  • Noel,
    You appear to believe in child abuse in that you are threatening to smack the girls bare a****. By you pulling down their panties and hitting their bare bottom is bordering on paedophilia.

    I was doing all that when I was not much older than the twins and Oskana and I'd have my mother take you to court and divorce you if you were my father.

    Lighten up for f**** sake and let them have fun. They're only young once in a lifetime.


  • You 3 girls may be smart in school but you're feral. Your language is putrid and you're too young to be having smoking and drinking.

    If I were your father I'd be taking insisting you undertake drug and alcohol rehab sessions before I smack your bare a****.

    Your mothers are s****


  • Osky,
    Wtf are you doing with all your phone data, how the f uck did you run out?
    I'm glad you posted, mum has tomorrow off work and aunt Natalie is looking after the babies. Mum is taking us out to lunch at China Town in the city tomorrow and she said she'll pay your fare and lunch. I'll ring you tonight about times. Mum said we can wear our f uck me boots and mini skirts because it's kinda sleazy down there but the food is really good and besides all that we can smoke.

    She didn't say we could wear our f uck me boots, Lilly asked her if we can wear them and mum said yes lol. Then she slapped Lilly across the face in a friendly way and said "I love you badass little
    B itches. Lilly was smoking when mum said that. She had her thumb in the pocket of her short shorts with her 4 fingers resting on the shorts near her
    c unt and mum said to her" you look so damn hot love"

  • Hi Ren and Lilly,
    I'm out of phone credit so I hope you're reading this. I'm out with my parents and family today visiting my aunt. F uck it's going to be as boring as cat's p iss.
    love Oskana

  • Ren, Lilly and Oskana,
    You are smart girls academically as Belinda was saying about a week ago. For you three young ladies to come in the top ten of your school is a great achievement. Not are you badass you are very intelligent.

    Ren it must have been disappointing for you to learn that you lost your first place to Madison after your teacher decided to re-mark your papers.


  • Oskana
    You're very polite. I wouldn't call Josh a
    T urd, I'd say he's a c unt.

  • Lilly says it as is, calling Josh a c***.

  • F*** there's that f*** face t*** of a troll josh again.

  • That comment below is from me, josh so take your f****** panties off.

  • Hi Ren Lilly and Oskana Iove to f*** smart girls who smoke. We can have a 4sum when you're ready.

  • Osky,

    huh, the teacher told me I came first in front of all the class so I went home and told mum. She was thrilled. Then about two or three days later she took me aside in private and said she made a mistake in marking my papers after going over them again and that Madison E. had beaten me by one point, I've got "second place" written on my report card. What a FuckTard

  • Hiya Oskana,
    Well if its not our fav Russian girlfriend.

    We weren't going to come here any more cos of some troll named josh giving us a hard time. Then some kind person told us not to reply to him more or less. So hopefully he has f ucked off now. Before that there was a 24 year old woman you will notice trying to have it off with Lilly and me but her parents don't know she smokes lol.

    The other site we posted on goes down on us more than my boyfriend lol. I don't think we'll be back on there.

    I haven't seen you since Lilly and I turned 12, so we're big girls now. By the end of the year we'll all be teenagers. You turn 13 on 1st October and Lilly and I will be 13 on 30th December. Hey where did you come in last year's school exams. I came second in the school and Lilly came 4th?

    Don't worry about your dad saying you smoke to much. He tells Lilly and I that too and he's not our father.

    There is a party before April's birthday but April's mum has seen Lilly, you and me smoking and she hasn't said anything as far as I know.

    Tegan is having her 13th birthday party next Saturday, 25th January. Her actual birthday is on this Monday. She smokes as you know so that's cool. Do you remember her mum and dad, they came to our nude pool dinner party for the first time about a month before Christmas, they're great parents but he's a bit creepy. He didn't stare at us smoking and in the nude or anything, it's just that he's got weird eyes.

    Love you Osky and can't wait until I see you.
    Love Ren Xxxxxxx

  • Hey Ren and Lilly,

    I was looking or you on the other site we used to post on, then I decided to look here for you. We're coming back from our holiday On Sunday from the South Coast. The first week and a bit were sh it. I missed you both so much. During the third week I met a great guy but I could only got the one chance to f uck him. i'm in love with him and in one way I don't want to come back but then i'll miss you badasses . He comes from Queensland so i guess I won't see any more.

    In another way, dad gives me the sh its. He says I smoke way too much lol. i just light another cigarette and say "yeah f uck whatever".

    Are there any parties to attend soon, surely one of our classmates is going to celebrate her 13th birthday very soon. April has got her birthday coming up next month and although she smokes, he mum won't let her so that means we can't go to a party and not smoke.?

    See you very soon,
    Love Oskana

  • Ren and Lilly
    It might be a good idea if you don't feed this troll any more time you two sweethearts.

  • You twins are f****** s****.


  • There's no reason to mind anything, not a thing Josh, so you don't have to MIND of that yourself.
    You are a prized troll.

    Now if you don't MIND leave us alone and get on topic about smoking.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    I smoke meth, weed and I sometimes inject heroin between my toes so my parents can't see the marks.

    I don't use a condom when I f*** if you don't mind.

  • Josh,
    You sound disgusting. Who the f uck would want to take drugs, what drugs do you take? Why the f uck would you want all that piercing, studs and tats. If you showed up at our door, dad would kick your ar*e.

    Dream on, you're not f ucking you.

  • Lilly and Ren
    I'm 17 and I drink, smoke and take drugs. I've got my nipples, ears and lips pierced. I've got a ring through my nose and a stud through my tongue. I've got tats all over my legs and arms.

    It has always been my dream to f*** twin girls while they're drunk and they're smoking.

    How about a bit of fun together. You can ride my c***.


  • Lilly,
    Belinda is being responsible for you girls. Again she gives you plenty of leeway in life. All she wants is to ensure that you are both safe. There is nothing babyish in that she picks you up from parties at 2am. That is ample time for you to party. I would be pretty p issued off too if I were buying you cigarettes and you gave them to your girlfriends.

    Don't you think Belinda has a duty of care to see that you girls don't get your alcoholic drinks spiked and stay safe from would be rapists?

    Above all I would be horrified if my young daughter climbed into a car driven by anyone affected by drugs or alcohol.

    Be thankful Belinda loves you enough to care. You're being far too harsh on her. As people have ready said "you young girls are allowed to enjoy and receive more than your share of life's fun"

    I just hope your male s** friends wear condoms at the parties you attend.

    That being said keep enjoying yourselves.

  • We are grateful for what mum does for us but sometimes she treats us like babies. Okay she lets us get drunk sometimes at home however when we go to parties she only lets us take 3/4 of a bottle of vodka between us. She says that we'll get about 9 nips each out of it and it's enough for any 12 year old girl.
    Mum has other f ucking rules too when we go to parties like, we're only allowed to take 2 packs of cigarettes each because we have given some to our girlfriends and mum says "she' s f ucking sick of providing our friends with smokes all the time". We're to be at the front gate of the person's house who is holding the party at 2am on the dot so mum can pick us up. If we're not there she said she'll embarrass us and come into the house and grab one twin under each of her arms and drag us out. We're not to get in a guys car and let him drive us home in case he's drunk or drugged,
    F uck. Ren and I are not to go to the bathroom together when we're at parties. Mum wants one of us to look after our drinks in case they've been spiked with some f ucking date rape drug. Mum said it's okay to s ex with the guys but we should be aware of who is s******* us at all times and the guys should not be overly rough with us to the point of being animalistic.


  • Ren and Lilly you should be grateful for what Belinda allows you to do at such a young age. She lets you drink, smoke and have s**. How many other 12 year old girls are permitted to do all that.

    As she said just be patient for a couple of years before you get pregnant.

  • Belinda
    You are an amazing mother to Ren and Lilly and I know they are words that are sometimes overused.

    For you to be so insightful and to observe their sexual behavior is something that most mothers would shy away from. Furthermore you encouraged or gave them your permission to have s** simply by buying them the aides so they are able to pleasure themselves. Outstanding.

  • Melissa,

    Ren and Lilly's love is unconditional. They argue like all siblings but they make up and kiss before they go to bed at night. These are the times they sleep together more than not and have s ex.

    I noticed their heavy petting when they started living with us when they were ten. They would sit on the lounge, in the nude , smoking and drinking Vodka cruisers. The first time I noticed their intimacy, I sent them up to one of their rooms and I bought them a strap on each in the following days to pleasure themselves.

  • Belinda
    I read that your twin daughters Ren and Lilly have s** together and that it's commonly known as twincest. I hadn't heard of the term before since you alluded me to it and I've since read about it I fully understand them having s**.

    For how long have they been doing it and how did become aware they were having s** together?

    It does show me that they are truly love each other.

    I'm not a prude, I'm a grandmother and in my early 40s

    All my love to them and you.


  • Ren and I stayed in bed until about 11.30 and f ucked. Mum brought us in breakfast at about 9am, scrabbled eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, a cup of coffee and a glass of pineapple juice. She kissed us and closed the door and said "be a little quiter when you're making love if you can, I just put the babies back to sleep"

  • It's very clear to me Zemma the twins won't be having s** with you. Lilly has told you to f*** off while Ren has shown little or no interest.

    Belinda's family is fun filled, she allows the twins to drink, smoke, have s** and I like their swearing.

    She is an extraordinary good mother in teaching Ren and Lilly the art of tongue kissing and has holds nude pool parties for her own friends and their kids, all of whom are smokers.

    I'd imagine Chloe to be a little darling as she lights and inhales on the cigarettes she smokes.

  • Zemma
    O F F

    We're never going to have s ex with you


  • Ren I'm 24 and I like young girls. I like it that you and Lilly smoke and you tongue kiss. That's what I want to do you both as well as scissor and other dirty s***.

  • Zemma,
    You're only 3 years younger than mum and our natural mum is 35. That means you're only 9 years younger than her.

    Okay we tongue kiss Belinda mum but she taught Lilly and myself to tongue properly when we were smoking. I mean physically. She Lilly and I tongue kissing together on the lounge when we smoke and she told us we were moving our tongue way too fast. We still tongue kiss mum when we smoke and I love it when she puts her hand on the back of my head to draw me near her when we're tongue kissing and smoking. I also love the sensation of tongue kissing my twin when we're smoking.


  • Ren gives Zemma a piece of her mind lol. How old are you Zemma?

  • Zemma,
    Please be sensible on here. F uck.

  • That should be I'd love to have s ex with both you girls. I love to scissor.

  • Ren and Lilly,
    My mom lets me smoke and I smoke a ppd. I'm bi s exual and I'd to have with both you girls.

  • Zemma

    F uck you're 24 and you say your mum LET'S you smoke. You're a f uking
    troll for sure.

    P iss off


  • How old are u zemma

  • I am 24 and I love having s** with much younger girls. It's a real turn on. I squirt and I c** so f****** hard

  • WOW Belinda mum told us that she has been writing a lot on here. I read all the posts from the last couple of days and I answered one for her. Someone wanted to know how many 5 year old smokers come to our pool party dinner nights. There is only one and that is mum's sister's daughter, Chloe.

    My twin Ren and I have always told Belinda mum we love her and won't leave her and we love her babies who call Ren and I mamma.

    Belinda is very, very attractive and since she left school teaching and bought into a hairdressing salon the number of men clients increased. She stood outside the mall where she has giving out brochures while she was smoking and even her friends told her she looked hot.

    The only thing is Ren and I want to get pregnant right now and have our own babies but mum wants us to wait a couple of years and then she'll said she'll reassess it. She said enjoy her babies for the time being but it isn't the same.

    I want my twin and me to have preg tummies now.


  • Your mum is right wait a couple of years u girls helping your mum looking after your mums babies then in a few years think about it but what about education

  • Before mum bought into a hairdressing salon she was a school teacher and is thinking about home school schooling us. She is considering it but she said there's a few obstacles. she's been cleared by the Education Department to tutor us in fact she was asked to return to the profession in a school but she won't do it. She will save $125 each a day in daycare fees because the babies will be at home if she home schools us. Ren and I go to a private school and the fees are $14,800 each per year, less 15% because there are two or more siblings at the same school, so that is $25,60, then she'll save on our summer and winter uniforms and text books, excusions and sports gear like our tunics and tennis racquets and joggers. Mum can make good money, by doing a woman's hairstyle and makeup with a complete manicure and pedicure she earns about $500 and when she gets a wedding party of women for a day's work there is enough in to pay for our cigarettes and daycare fees for the babies for over a week. There is still a lot more to weigh up, when the babies were born mum and dad had two more rooms put on for the babies and an extra bathroom. so we have a big mortgage again. In that upstairs bathroom he had five vanity lights above the bathroom vanity put in so when the babies get older there will be one light each for us 4 kids and mum. Mum was talking about putting the babies in one room and using the other room as a salon and make-up room and taking dad's car and her car out of the garage and converting it into a classroom with desks, computer, whiteboards, carpet, airconditioning, and insulation. Mum can get paid for tutoring some of our friends who smoke. she needs to be aware that jealous neighbours won't dob her into council for having a home hairdressing business. Her biggest worry is that Ren and i have a 250-1 chance of having twins cos we are twins and she said she doesn't want us to f*** up our lives. Just wait she said.


  • Thanku lily my name is greg belinda is doing a great job u two young young ladies lilly and ren reading all your emails etc are great

  • And happy birthday to u girls the other day your mum belinda is a ledgened my name is greg

  • Thank you for the birthday wishes Greg, that's so nice of you. We had a great time. Mum and dad took us out to dinner while Belinda's sister, Natalie looked after the babies. It was pleasant that we received cartons of cigarettes from our pops and nanas for the first time as they endorse our smoking. We are lucky to 3 sets of grandparents - two sets of our biological grandparents and one "grandmother" and "grandfather" who are Belinda's mum and dad but out of respect we call than nan and pop. We also refer to Belinda's sister as Aunt Natalie.

  • Belinda,

    Which twin is older, Ren or Lilly and who is the most badass?

  • Renae (Ren is 17 minutes older than Lilly.
    I think they are both badass in everything they do and I don't want them to get any older, unfortunately they will, that's a fact of life. When we go out to lunch I like them to look smart. The three of us wear the same -
    My favourite is us wearing black leather pants and red shirts although Ren and Lilly are identical twins with long blonde hair and blue eyes, they don't like wearing the same same, they say people can tell they're twins. They are tall for their age at 5 feet 4.5 and me being a hairdresser and makeup artist I like to do their hair in a sassy manner. I apply their makeup with red lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, false long eyelashes and false painted long fingernails. This goes with the ettique I was talking about and their look gorgeous when we're having lunch and smoking after I have dressed them and it makes them feel more at ease when they're smoking in the public arena.

    To answer your question as to whom is the most badass, as I say I have to say they are equal but then Lilly leads the way with her boldness.

    They started calling each other love, sugar t***, sweetheart and other cute names sometime ago but lately when they make love Lilly started calling Ren her little
    W h***, M ole, b itch, s lut and even c unt which made me cringe but there was no malice in it, this is their expression of their love for one another.

    My mum has told them her mum loves Ren and Lilly more than her own biological grandkids but keep it quiet to keep the peace. She knows they have s ex because when I was in hospital having the baby twins I asked my mum to ensure that they take the Pill every night and she likes nothing better than having a cigarette and cup of coffee with them.

  • Apart from my twin daughters Ren and Lilly who are smokers I have baby twin daughters who are 16 months old today. I gave them a congratulary cigarette each on NYE and they walked around the house with it puffing away without inhaling much though Summer accidentally inhaled twice while smoking her cigarette.

  • Are they going to teach them how to smoke soon

  • It's my intention to have the babies smoking full time soon and I'm allowing Ren and Lilly to teach them. Although I don't expect the babies to be full blown smokers until they are 4 years old.

    I want them to learn to smoke ettiquely, ash their cigarettes with stlye and do cheek hollowing inhales like Ren and Lilly, keeping the smoke in their mouths for 5 to 6 seconds and exhaling cigarette smoke through their nose occasionally.

    One thing I detest and that is seeing young girls between 10 and 15 who smoke and spit in the street. I won't tolerate that.

  • Thats cool. how old are they twins? Whats wrong with girls spitting?

  • The twins Ren and Lilly turned 12 on, 30 December. Their dad and I have had custody of them since Christmas 2017 when they were 9 going on ten. They call me "mum" I offered them a drink on NYE that year and they said "mum we smoke and there's nowhere at yours and dad's place we can hide " so I handed them each a cigarette and I was in awe with their snap inhales so I said "OK you can smoke, there's no reason to hide your habit, for how long have you been smoking?" Lilly said they started when they were 6 but didn't inhale until they were 7. It was up to me to then to tell their father and all grandparents that our little girls are smokers. Only my brother who is 25 took objection to them smoking and he says I'm a w**** for allowing Ren and Lilly to smoke. However we are not in contact with him any longer. It wasn't easy at first with Ren and Lilly, they blamed me for taking their dad away from their mum when they were two. But over time when I allowed them to drink in moderation, have s** with guys and each other and smoke we have developed a loving and open relationship. I was 17 and in my second last year of high school and their dad was 26. 1m 27 now and I gave birth to his baby girls, Liberty and Summer on 6th September 2018

    Ren and Lilly are bright as reflected in their academic schooling this year. I might talk about that later.

    I hate girls spitting when girls smoke, I've already spoken about ettique.

    I don't mind Ren and Lilly tongue kissing while they're smoking in public. I've read a lot about twincest and I understand it and I support although it's thought of as being immoral and taboo (it's illegal) . Ren and Lilly often have s** together under my nose on the lounge and we think nothing of it.

  • Belinda how old were u when u started smocking and how much u smoke per day

  • I started smoking when I was 11 but I didn't get parental permission to smoke at home until I was 13. I smoked throughout my pregnancy. I didn't have the willpower nor the desire to give it up. I love smoking and its as h**** AF when I'm breastfeeding the babies and smoking at the same time. I smoke about 4ppd but I own and operate a busy hairdressing salon and make up parlor so I don't get to finish all my cigarette and I hate saving them and re-lighting them later. I'd rather take a fresh one from the pack when needed.

  • Any sisters or brothers let there children smoke

  • What?
    Wouldn't the sisters and brothers you speak of be their own children, thus they would be mums and dad's?

  • That post about the hairdressing salon and smoking with parental permission is from me,


  • Sorry i ment if u had brothers or sisters who are now parents do the let there children smoke

  • Yes I have a sister who is a couple of years older than me. When her daughter was almost 5 we wanted her to smoke but it was Ren is the main that taught her. She only smokes about 14 a day but one Saturday she smoked a whole pack of 20. This is something we keep secret between her, my sister and her father. We can't tell our our dad yet bc he thinks the world of her. She is a cute little smoker. It does have its downside, when we're out she craves a cigarette so we have to get her back to the car.

  • How long do u think cloe will smoke 2ppd

  • Mum said we're not to force Chloe to smoke more cigarettes than she wants or needs. It's difficult for her when we visit our grandparents because she has to refrain from smoking but mum has told Chloe's mum who is her sister she should tell their mum Chloe smokes.
    Belinda mum said she should be cool with it because nan loves it that Lilly and I smoke.

  • She should tell her mum chole smokes tell her there would be other patents children 5 year olds like that girl olivia from greg have a great week end u girls and belinda

  • Do u have friends that let there children smoke

  • We have a tight knit circle of friends and their sons and daughters who smoke. Unfortunately not all of Ren and Lilly's friends smoke and because of this their mums won't allow their daughters to hang around with my twins.

    There was one mum who I encouraged her to allow her daughter to smoke. She would come to our place after school specifically to smoke and i gave her mouthwash after she smoked a few cigarettes before she left to go home. I felt this was deceiving her mother, so i had a word with her and then her mum allowed this girl to smoke. She is in the same class at school as my kids.


  • Your friends how are old are there sons and daughters who smoke and how much would they smoke

  • I'm not sure how much my friend's smoke because I'm not with them all the time but the kids who come to our pool parties with their parents are aged between 5 and 16 years old are smokers. The 5 year old is my niece, Chloe.


  • Many 5 year olds come to your pool parties who smoke

  • No, only the one, Chloe. Everyone brings a plate of food and we've got a heated in-ground pool with decking, sometimes we have a BBQ but Ren and I don't eat much red meat, we're more into sushi. Other times mum and dad pay for caterers especially if it is one of their friend's birthdays. We all skinny dip and the best thing about it is that men don't p urve on us but they do notice our ti ts and p ussies


  • Belinda u are a great mum letting your children smoke that young

  • How is oliva is she still smocking and how much per week

  • I haven't heard about Olivia, Freja, Isabella and Megan for months. They stopped writing to us long ago. They were Swedish but moved to Alaska about a year ago. Megan was their mum and she was younger than. She had isabella (Izzy) when she was 14. Izzy is about 9 months younger than Ren and Lilly. Izzy and Ren had a girl crush on each other.

    Olivia was 4 when Megan taught her to smoke and last count she was smoking pack a day. She turned 5 last October I think.

  • When I allowed Ren and Lilly to smoke they opened up to and told me they hated their father and I picking them up during school holidays from their biological mother's place to take them on holiday with us particularly from the time they were 7. We'd stop and have a rest break and their dad and I would have a cigarette or two. I told them had they told me that they were smokers when they were 7 I would have undoubtedly allowed them to smoke at that age.

    What annoyed me is that they didn't feel comfortable telling their natural mum they smoke.

  • At that age they were frighten u can not blame them

  • I should've been more clearer. The twins mum had more than a good idea they were smokers (she told me that herself) after I told her i was allowing the tins to smoke. she said she could often smell cigarette smoke on their breath, in their hair and on their clothing. I was annoyed that she didn't aproach them about their smoking. Nonetheless their natural mother and I have a good rapport with one another and often go to lunch but still if Ren and Lilly decided to back to live with her, I'd be devastated.


  • Do not worry u are a great person and i hope u had a happy birthday

  • It wasn't my birthday, it was Ren and Lilly who recently celebrated their 1th birthday. Their grandparents, natural mum, my sister, their father and I bought them cigarettes together with clothes and we gave them money. My brother doesn't acknowledge their birthday and he has nothing to do with us because I allow Ren and Lilly to smoke although it's uncomfortable for our mum.


  • It is up to them but i think they will stay with u how long have they been staying with u

  • They have been with their dad and I for little over two tears now.

  • Good on u lettering your children smoke like mine 8-9 smoke 1ppd i smoke i ppd

  • Not at all. My daughter smoked when pregnant and now her daughter smokes. Happy to hear your 6yo loves it to.

  • How old is your daughters child

  • How many ppd

  • I don't agree. My mom (still a heavy smoker" encouraged me to smoke when I was 12. She did this because she foolishly thought it would stop my thumb sucking habit.
    By the time I was a late teenager I was smoking a lot, more than one pack every day. I'm in my late 30's now, with early emphysema and, yes, STILL suck my thumb while asleep. My lungs are trashed and I've given up trying to stop.
    This is just my experience but it can happen to your kids also; it's all in the genes and other things.

  • I could never take away the pleasure that Ren and Lilly get from smoking.

  • Test

  • There's too much taboo about kids smoking. There's no way in this world that I'd take away that pleasure of my twins Ren and Lilly get from smoking. Parents should loosen up. Passers by are the pits. They stare at my kids smoking in outdoor eateries of cafes having a cigarette with their coffee, you know what I mean. Even other kids say to their mum "hey mum, look at that girl smoking a cigarette or look at them smoking," when they see my kids smoking.

    I tell my kids to keep smoking and don't give these people any cheek. It's easier for them and me to just ignore other people's comments although Lilly can be a little outspoken at times.


  • Good on you mom's for letting you daughter's smoke smoke at a very young age. Don't worry about what other people say about your daughter's smoking, as long as they like smoking let them.

  • Do u smoke and do u have daughters and children that smoke and how much do they smoke per day

  • Sorry I forgot to put my name I am Jatin

  • Do u smoke do u have children that smoke and how old and how much do u and your children smoke per day

  • My twin, Ren and I aged eleven get more f ucks when we're smoking and a bit wasted too. We f uck every night. If it's not with guys, we f uck each other. That's the way we're wired. We love each other sexually and emotionally as twin girls. We tongue kiss and smoke on the lounge every night after we do our homework and run around naked. Mum doesn't give a flying f uck about it either.

  • I wear short shorts and rub my c unt when I'm smoking. I find it a real turn on for men. Occasionally I get a f uck out of it. I don't particuloarly care what people think of me either. I'm 14 and it's difficult for me to go more than 3 days unless i have a c ock up so far up my ass or up my c unt.

  • Are you up for a f uck today or tonight? I'm a male and I'm 51. I'll buy you a carton of smokes and you can smoke the lot when I'm f ucking you. But I want you to to be drugged and drunk too. Do you swallow c**?

  • Mmh, you sound alot like my neice. She‘s a year younger than you and her parents still think she‘s an innocent little girl. But as soon as she‘s on her own or with me, she‘s chainsmoking, wearing skimpy outfits and hooking up with guys and girls. I‘m really proud of her and love showing her the fun side of life! Love, Emily

  • Cool you let you daughter smoke! Inwouls have loved to start that young... But tell me, did you really cut back for pregnancy? I‘m a 3+ smoker and neither would nor could cut back at all. Love, Emily

  • Do u have children that smoke

  • My daughter who at the time was a ppd smoker didnt stop when she was pregnant either. Now her 11 yo daughter smokes 1 ppd and we are proud of her.

  • Does your 11 Year old daughter f uck as well and does she swallow c um, what about her giving smokey h ead jobs?

  • That is great do u think she will smoke 2 ppd soon

  • What about how much do u smoke per day

  • Good on u i agree children smocking

  • You're f ucking wrong alright. You're a f****** idiot. I hope your daughter sues your ass when she gets cancer you f
    F ucking whorish B itch

  • Good on you mum. Kids deserve the same adult fun in EVERY thing they want to experience. I mean EVERYTHING, smoking, having s ex and drinking. It's their goddam right. My twin eleven year old daughters have been smoking for years.

  • Sounds good to me and just like mine have an 7 and 11 yo both smoke.

  • What brand do they smoke trom greg


  • 1 ppd

  • What about u how much do u smoke per day

  • So u and your children smoke 1ppd

  • 1-2 ppd how bout yours?

  • My children 1-2 ppd what brand do u and your children smoke

  • There ages 6-- 10 plus how much do u smoke per day

  • What about your sisters or brothers do they have children that smoke

  • I also have an adopted daughter who smokes 2 ppd as does her daughter (who is 6) 1 ppd

  • What brand does your adopted smoke and her daughter

  • Any friends let there children smoke

  • Hey Belinda, sounds we're raising our kids the same way. My daughter is 13 and also a smoker for years. And yes, she has other fun too!

  • How much do u and your daughter smoke per day

  • Do u have friends that let there children smoke

  • F****** love it, what kind of fun? My 11 smokes and has fun and the 7 looks up to her so watch out. I dont have no limits/rules for them regarding fun/smoking.

  • How much do they smoke

  • What sort of fun

  • IDK u tell me you mentioned it.
    Drinking? S**?

  • Lucja,

    Allowing our kids to smoke to smoke is NO big deal. My twin daughters Ren and Lilly have been smoking since they were 6, inhaling since they were 7. Parents have FOREVER been offering their kids drags from their cigarette. I can't count how many allowed their kids to light their parents' cigarettes, take a couple of drags and hand it back. It seemed all my classmates were doing it from the time they were eight.

    what gives me the sh its are the antis on this board. Just because kids smoke, it doesn't necessarily mean they are bad kids.

    My twin daughters are well educated an attend a respectable private school.

    to the poster below below, I smoked through my pregnancy without any ill effects to my kids or myself. I didn't have the inclination to stop smoking nor did I ever have the willpower. It was easier for me to keep smoking because i enjoy it so much and I didn't want to try to quit.


  • How much do u smoke per day

  • Why brag that you give your kid ciggies? If you smoke around her, especially that much, she's been smoking all along. Oh, and so was your second bio-mistake, even though it was "only" smoking 2 packs a day through the cord. Keep lighting up and pushing out kid after kid-- you are on to such a good thing there! Any comments, b****?

  • Props

  • This is my first post. A lot has been written about young girls smoking which i adore and admire. I thought someone may have started a post about what I am going to ask. I haven't seen any, so here goes.
    I'm Sandy, a 19 year old smoker and have been smoking for 11 years -Nine of those with parental approval.
    I often see men aged in their 40's smoke, some younger and some of them make my p**** so f****** wet when they smoke and built this way - more about his build in a minute, I had lunch the other day at a cafe and I saw this guy in his forties eating a hambuger while he drank his coffee inside. I was outside having my coffee and smoking away from the eatery. I kept on peering through the glass at him. When he took a bite of his burger, his right bicep just bulged. He was muscular, has a six-pack stomach and wore jeans, no shirt. He didn't see me i am sure. He ordered another coffee and came outside, sat down and lit a smoke. When he inhaled, I could have f***** him right then and then. After a few moments watching him smoke and athletic body, I had to turn away and inconspicuously adjust my underpants because they were moist, near saturated. He smiled at me when I lit a cigarette on the way out when I left the cafe but he didn't see me clean up my mess with a couple of the cafe's napkins I'm positive of that. I went to a nearby store and bought a new pair of undies, used the old pair and I wiped my p**** clean of the pre- c** that was by this time running down my thighs. . He's my kinda man. I'm sure most of other ladies have experienced that. Tell me about it. I need a f*** now just thinking about him.

  • F*** Sandy,
    That's hot af

  • Okay Im sorry but this isnt sexy at all!. What the h*** is wrong with you letting a child smoke! ! And youre also pregnant 3 months and smoking ??!! Like if cutting to two packets is going to make any difference! You should be ashamed of yourself for risking your daughter to get lung cancer or asthma. As well for your baby,i hope it doesnt come out sick.

  • Natural selection at work.the animal knowing it has no value destroys itsself.somewhere this story is true but b minus for taboo factor.sharing husband with daughter or killing hitch hikers for food and sharing...well that would be A territory.

  • I'd bet a lot of money that you are an incredibly hot smoker! SOOOOOoooooooo f****** sexy!

  • I hope your husband understands just how lucky he is.

  • jesus u r soooo f****** retarded. u r killing urself but that hardly matters.....u r also killing both your kids, the one thats alive and the one that hasnt been born yet. u shouldnt be allowed to have children, u r*****.

  • So sexy

  • That's f***** up man. AND you're smoking while preggo? What is wrong with you? This s*** right here is why I have a problem with breeders. I wish I could take your ability to have kids away from you after seeing the way you abuse it. I hope this is a fake confession because breeders like you make me sick.

  • You are a horrible person!!!!!!

  • sexy b**** . . . . . .

  • ^ Damn straight! ^ You are INCREDIBLY sexy! WOW!!!

  • Do y'all just m********* to literally any confession on here that seems to be authored by someone with a v*****?

  • This is an absurd response about masturbating while children smoke. My girls aged ten smoke. I surely wouldn't want them around you while they smoke. P*** off you pedo. Don't come here for your fantasies.

  • Oh shut up. It was a legitimate question, and your own character has now come into question because of how blindly you fling baseless accusations. Methinks pedo protesteth too much, yea?

  • Why don't all you antis just f*** off and remember most people had their first cigarette before they were ten years of age, even if it were it a puff. remember too that some even took up the habit on a full time basis as i did and my twin daughters.

    Go start your own anti smoking board and leave our kids alone to enjoy their smoking habit.

  • NOPE! Gonna stay right here and call you out for your stupidity. Can't handle it? Cry some more.

  • of course.....don't you?

  • Any other parents let there children smoke

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