I allow my child to smoke

I smoke four packs a day, and have for a long time. My six year old girl recently asked me to let her puff on my ciggy. So I did. She asked to do it repeatedly all day. By the end of the day, she wanted her own ciggy. So I gave her one. Since then, she has been smoking like a champ, about a pack a day. I somehow feel guilty but not really. I actually don't think it's all that bad for her to smoke.
Recently, I cut down to 2 packs a day because I am pregnant--3 months. I just don't think I should deprive myself just because I a pregnant. I expect my new baby will want to smoke too, and I don't have a problem teaching it how to do it. I love smoking more that anything. I don't think I'm all that bad, but my friends say I'm wrong. Any comments?

Jun 10, 2014

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  • Belinda
    I've been reading your posts forever

    Now I know where the girls in your family get their f****** from. It's you, you sl ag. No wonder your daughters, Ren, Lilly, Isabella and Oksana have been busy giving birth (and head,) soon Olivia and Chloe will be moms

  • To the poster at the top of this thread. You are an ideal mum. I adore women who have a bond with their young daughters and smoke together. I'm a hedonistic mum who was enthralled when my twin daughters wanted to smoke and drink alcohol at 6 years of age. They started having s ex soon after that.

  • My dad got me to smoke when I was 7, I'm still smoking and I'm 44. I love it and I encouraged my kids to start when they were 6 and 8 years of age.

  • That is great how are they going know what brands do they smoke ppd

  • Any other parents let there children smoke

  • I got the thrill of my life when an ex boyfriend of mine just admitted he stole a pair of my undies from our clothesline and came all over them when he took them home and masturbated on them. I asked him how he knew they were mine and not my twin sister's. He told me I mentioned I had to go and get all the washing off the line as it was all mine. He said he left with a pair of my undies before I had a chance to get the washing in and told me he never smoked as many cigs as he did the night he was wan king o FF and sucking my underwear. So sweet.

  • You and Lilly are c ock teasers Ren, you're dirty little c unts but MILFs just the same.

  • Paula,
    My menswear store owner had his way with me again last night, not that it bothered me. We stayed the night at Jonah's hotel and are a beautiful a 3 course meal there. It's situated on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The food was to die for but I think it's a bit pricey at $175 each. The bed was comfortable and we f ucked throughout the night. I don't know what the tariff was nor did I ask but he booked the honeymoons suite.
    Hope you are well and I'm thinking of you.
    Love Belinda xo

  • I'd love to fvck Belinda and Paula together with their daughters Ren, Lilly and Jackie all at once. My cvck is eager for their cvnts right this minute.

  • I want another baby to see if I can give birth to a boy. My twin sister has a boy and a girl and I've got two baby girls and they are 7 days old. I desperately want to start having another baby right now. Mum said two babies are plenty for a 14 year old girl to take care of and she wants me to wait for another 2 or 3 years before I have any more kids. She also said it'd be better if I didn't drink or smoke as much as I do now.

  • All the young girls in our family will be smoking at an early age. My two older twins Ren and Lilly started smoking when they were 6. My niece started when she was 4. Now Ren has given birth recently to her own babies and she wants them to start smoking by the time they're 4, same with Lilly's babies that will be born within a few days. Ren and Lilly are 14 and are smoking throughout their pregnancies. My toddler twins are 3.5 years old and they too will be smoking when they're 4.

  • Belinda good for you and your family of young lady smokers. I'm pleased to read that you're a hedonistic mother. Do you feel the same way about them drinking and having s*x at a young age as well?

  • Since I was drinking and having s ex at a young age I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't endorse the same with my young girls. Don't you think?

  • I really want my 7 year old daughter to start smoking with me how do I ask her to smoke with me without my wife knowing it? My wife hates smoking I wish I could ask her to smoke with me.

  • Is she smoking yet

  • If you REALLY want your 7 year old daughter to smoke, she'd be smoking by now.

  • Hey,
    Is your 7 year old daughter smoking yet?

  • Start her off with disposable vapes. They come in flavors, the grape one is quite nice and fruity. Only allow her to vape for a week or so until she gets addicted to nicotine and learns to inhale. Then throw them away because they're nasty. Once addicted she'll smoke cigarettes.

  • Paula,
    Aside prostitution maybe being lucrative for me I'm having second thoughts about carrying through with it. Maybe it's the thought of feeling dirty until I think, what the f uck, it's all about money.

  • Paula,
    I have no ill feeling about prostitution. I have given Ren and Lilly my full support to prostitute themselves. I often have thoughts of joining them in a mother-daughters trio of prostitution. When they are 18, I'll be 33 so it won't be too much of an age difference. Who knows though I may start earlier. I have a lot to decide. It's still appealing to me.

  • I can't wait until I can have again. I'm so ho rny. Mum said wait until 6 weeks until I heal cause I've just had babies.

  • I mean I can't wait until I can have s ex again.

  • Its good that your mum takes her for a drive to smoke cigarettes. I can't imagine not being able to smoke or drink. I f****** love weed as well, its so fun to get high. When is sis baby due? Is she planning to get her smoking and drinking young?

  • You should get high on weed alot more fill up your lungs with smoke and cough more can you do it?

  • My twin Ren had her babies last Thursday, twins huh, a boy and a girl. They're all doing okay. Her little girl has a gut infection. The babies can smoke, drink and f uck as soon as they want. My babies are due at the end of April.

  • Congratulations ren and how are u lilly from greg

  • We're doing fine thanks Greg. I can't wait until I can f uck again though. Lilly is doing ok although she's very tired. Her stomach is f ucking huge. She's due to have her babies in 25 days.

  • Hi Ren and Lilly I thought your mum encouraged you to drink alcohol and smoke weed. Now she is limiting you, that seems kinda cruel as I'm sure you are addicted. Hoping she will reconsider.

  • Hey Ren I'm sure you have fun smoking weed and getting high you should get high more can you make yourself high more?

  • We are addicted. Mum still gives us weed but she's limiting our drinking bc we are pregnancy. Ren is having her babies, she's in hospital now but mum goes in and takes her for a drive so Ren can smoke cigarettes. Naturally she can't go back to the hospital smelling of booze. She rings me asking me to take her in some Vodka in a thermos flask so she can drink alcohol but mum said no.

  • Do you like watching Lilly smoke cigarettes and throwing up from smoking

  • I love watching Lilly smoking cigarettes but I hate watching her throw up. Are you a
    f ucking idiot?

  • It's Friday and mum buys our ciggies today. Unfortunately she's not buying us alcohol. She said Lilly and I can have 2 drinks a night from dad's bar and dad has put a f ucking lock on it. Only mum and dad have keys to the bar and we don't know where they're kept.

  • You're mother should have aborted you twins. How many do you smoke per day?

  • You're mother should have aborted you twins. How many do you both smoke per day?

  • It's none of your f ucking business how much we smoke or do anything else b itch

  • Oksy, Tegan, Emelia, April and everyone. Tell all the girls and guys that Sarah is having her 15th birthday party at her place on Saturday 12th March at 6pm. Mum is only letting Ren and I take half a bottle of vodka and 3 packs of cigarettes between us. We're not to go to the bathroom together and leave our drinks unattended in case someone spikes them. She probably thinks we're gonna get raped. Mum said if we're not at the gate by 2am on Sunday when she picks us up she'll go into the house and grab one twin under each of her arms and embarrass us in front of our friends.

  • Hi Ren,

    I'm well, thanks for asking.

    Merry Christmas.

    I'm glad the weed is helping with Lilly's morning sickness.

    Keep smoking and drinking. I can't wait for you baby to be born. Say hello to Lilly and tell her I was asking about her.

    Hope you have a good Christmas.


  • Hey Ren and Lilly,
    How's Oksana going with her pregnancy? I know you twins are 13 but is Oksana older or younger than you two. Is Oksana still drinking and smoking?

  • I'm doing fine Jatin but my twin, Lilly gets morning sickness so bad. When she gets up in the morning she lights a cigarette and then throws up. Mum gives us weed to smoke when we get up now and it's the best thing for morning sickness for Lilly. Then after breakfast that's when we really enjoy smoking ciggies.
    I hope you're well.

  • Do you love watching Lilly smoke cigarettes?

  • I absolutely love watching my twin smoking cigarettes and weed. She makes me so
    ho rny.

  • Hi Ren,

    Hope you and Lilly are keeping well. How are things there.

    Keep smoking and drinking. Let me know how your pregnancy is going.

    Take care.


  • Ren,
    I would love to see you and Lilly kiss while you're drinking and smoking in the nude. How often do you f uck each other?

  • You're not setting your eyes on me and my twin when we're being intimate ok? Ren is my b****.


  • Hi Ren,

    Thanks for replying.

    Keep smoking and I hope you teach your kid to smoke at a very early age.

    Don't listen to anyone who says you shouldn't smoke while you are pregnant. I know you like smoking very much so keep on smoking. Once your baby is born you should try and smoke more so the your baby gets used to the smell and hopefully gets addictive at a very early age.

    Please keep in touch on here and let me know how you are getting on with your pregnancy.

    Take Care


  • My baby will be smoking before it's 3 I hope. I'm sure I'll be teaching it Jatin. I can't wait. I was thinking I will let it call me Ren and not mummy because I am a young mum. When my kid is 18 I will be 32 so if it's a girl we can go out together to clubs and pick up men.

    I can't smoke less if I even try. When Lilly lights a cigarette she always lights me one and I light one for her when I'm smoking. She then goes to dad's bar at home and gets me a can of beer or a can of bourbon and coke and one for herself. Then we sit on the lounge together in the nude and kiss, drink and smoke.

  • Oh f uck i love reading that you plan to start you kid very early, it will be a good thing im sure. The fact you still smoke/drink while pregnant is hot to me i f ucking love it.

  • Hi Ren,

    How are you and Lilly? I am a guy and I am 47 years old. I am a Indian from UK.

    If you don't mind can we be friends. I don't drink or smoke as I have health problems. If I did not I would.

    If you want to know more about me let me know.

    You and you sister are so lucky you smok, drink and s**.

    If hope you and your sisters pregnancy how wel and you have beautiful kids, maybe twins.

    Is there Amy other way we can keep in touch if so let me know.

    Keep in touch and let me know when you find out what you are having.


  • Hi Jatin,
    Nice to hear back from you. It's a shame you can't smoke and drink. I don't know how I'd get along without my cigarettes especially because I love smoking more than anything. It even makes me hor ny sometimes when I smoke.

    We can keep in contact here.

    Take care


  • Hey Jatin,
    Good to hear from you. Lilly and I have two friends named Jatin, one is a guy and one is a chick. Are you a chick and how old are you? Do you drink, smoke and have s ex? We don't know whether we're having one baby or twins yet, I'll find out for sure one way or another in about 9 days time. Lilly will have to wait a month after that coz I got pregnant a month before her.

    Our babies will be cousins and Lilly and me want to be mums to each other's babies and Lilly's babies can call me mummy and my babies can call Lilly mummy. Lilly and me love each other heaps. We still f uck each other but will have to stop soon coz of our pregnancies.

    We will let our kids drink, smoke and have s ex as soon as they want coz that's what our mum lets us do although mum doesn't like us to get drunk. The last time we got really drunk was on our 13th birthday which was last December. We'll be 14 on 30th of this month.
    Keep in touch

  • What age will you let your girls fu k

  • As soon as they want to talk about it.

  • Happy birthday yesterday ren and lilly and happy new year and belinda from greg

  • Thanks Greg,
    We went out last night for new years eve. We didn't drink a lot just got a bit tipsy. A couple of guys we met wanted to f uck us. F uck they should have noticed we're pregnant because our bellies are huge.

  • Hi Ren and Lilly,

    Congratulations that your both pregnant. I'm Jatin from uk. Will you be teaching your kids as soon as you think they are old enough to smoke. I love hearing about what you two get up to. I hope you both have twins.

  • Are your little sisters playing with themselves as they smoke yet Ren and Lilly. You should start to include them in you and your sisters sexual play. How old do you think you will introduce your own kids to lovely cigarettes and the pleasure they bring.

  • Ren and I have given the little toddler twins a few ciggies but mum wants us to wait until they're 4 before we teach them to smoke property.

  • Ren and me are worried that when our babies are born we'll bring the wrong ones home from hospital. It:s causing us so much f ucking anxiety that we're smoking a whole lot more. Last weekend we smoked 4 packs per day each and mum said that's way too much for 13 year old girls.

  • I would love to f*** your swollen preg ant p**** while you chain smoked need to keep your lungs full so your ba y can get as much nicotine as possible

  • Well that's not gonna f ucking happen. You're probably a 60 yo paedo.

  • It has taken me a month but I'm finally pregnant. Now Ren, Lilly and me will have our babies together and before we're 14. No I'm not going to give up smoking either.

  • How many do you smoke a day

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