My wife has made me happy........

She has added in last 2 years over 50 pounds, no longer a USA size 14, wears size 9 panties 40 C bras but tight, I love her to lay around all day and I feed her the hards was getting her to 200 full pounds and now she has a steady boyfriend he is here all the time, we kept her nude all summer on back deck resting and eating she has became a breeding sow, even apporaching 240 she can get legs up, her boyfriend has his bother coming here next week so she will be accepting 3 c**** steady............ she is a breeding 53 yera old sow kept scrubed clean, and silky smooth shaven the only hair on her is eyebrows and head she never complains loves her new life..... oil repair man here today let him go upstairs he shot in her 5 minutes she never said a word just accepted him, h*** most of police department shooting their c**** in her.....Love it!

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  • A sperm repository lol.. I love it!

  • Well. Now I don't feel nearly as weird about my personal quirks anymore! You make mine look downright tame!

  • LOL!

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