I want to try swinging (foursome)

I want to have s** so bad. I want to try swinging with another couple. I want to feel another man's d*** f*** me violently while my husband watches and plays with his wife. I want to feel the body of a woman. I'm bisexual but I have never been with a woman. I want to smell, taste her s**, and snuggle my face in her slit. I want to kiss, lick, bite and tease her c***, while I dig into her with my fingers, and feel her warm c** gush forth. I want to eat her out while my husband f**** her in the ass, and while she licks me. I want to hear her whimper and moan in pleasure, while her husband watches and strokes himself, and then i want him to f*** me real hard, while caressing and kissing his wife, as my husband f**** her. I want it to be a foursome love fest. Igniting our passions together. I want my hubby to experience this with me, because I love him and wamt to share life with him. He is my soulmate.

I. Have such a high s** drive. I crave s** everyday and my hubby can't meet my needs, I need more! I wonder if swinging would get him more interested in s**, and spice things up. We are best friends but i can't live with s** 4-5 times a month!

There, i said it. It's not that i need another partner, i just want to expand our sexuality. I don't want to be with anyone else. I just want him to enjoy himself, with me, and pursue his fantasies *with* me.


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  • I fantasize about having a hot girl ram a giant d**** up my ass until I scream like a little girl.

  • I like playing with my b****.

  • Any sexy girls out their got really drunk lately??? Please tell us about it or better still, post a picture or two.

  • I have this fantasy that a woman castrates me and turns me into her eunuch slave.

  • That was my confession from awhile back. Stop copying me MEOW.

  • Bahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa lmaoooooo.

  • Semper ubi sub ubi.

  • Fantasies are an excellent idea to spice things up. Acting on them, though, can be like opening a Pandora's box.

  • You should get together with the "Obsessed with seeing my wife o*****" guy. By an extraordinary coincidence he likes that foursome stuff too.

  • Ahahaha, maybe :p. Thanks

  • Welcome to the equivalent frustrated experience of 99.99% of married men...

  • I've always had a fantasy of having another couple to swap around with. I would love to have a group type orgy where we all go at it. Or we all lay around in a circle and we each j*** off/finger the person next to us. I think it would bring a level of intimacy unknown between a group of close friends.

  • Selfish hyper-libido b****, I can't stand people like you. Don't get f*****' MARRIED if you want to f*** other people

  • It's none of your f****** business what people are into. married or not.

    Go f*** a goat!

  • STFU, Republican!

  • If her husband is into it what is the harm? At least her husband isn't a cuckold.

  • Hey it's just a fantasy, never said i would act on it. Plus i got engaged at 18 and where i live (middle east) we aren't allowed to be independent and my father practically locked me up so i never got to be me by myself. So excuse me if i daydream about a less conventional lifestyle and exploring things.

  • Hey i want the same thing except i want it to be a four person relationship between all four of us.

  • That's called polyamory. It's an interesting lifestyle. If it works for you, go for it! Just be responsible about it :).

  • Thanks

  • I wish you were my wife!

  • I was gonna say the same thing!

  • Perv Alert

  • I wish I were married to myself too! Haha. Thanks :p. Just get ur partner to read "Conversations with God."It really changed me and made me have a larger outlook on life and taught me to love unconditionally. Being jealous of someone else with my husband just highlights my insecurity and jealousy - which comes from fear, not unconditional love.

  • Wow I hope your wishes come true for you and your husband, are you going to let this other guy c** inside you? And are you going to ask his wife if your husband can c** inside her? Why don't you sick the other guys c*** and let him c** in your mouth while your husband f**** you doggy... wonderful.

  • We already do all that.

  • Hey im the OP, i didnt say that lol.

  • Hmmm. Sounds hot. I'd love it!

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