I just want to go before him...

I've been in a serious relationship for a few years and I do love every it of it. In sexual terms, my boyfriend isn't bad, I do get pleasured but I wish he could make me O*****. I have slept with two other people other than him and they didn't make me go either. I know that it's a common thing for women to not go during s** (I do during oral), but I just wish for once I would actually go. I some what think that maybe we need to try different positions or something but I really don't know how to go about it. I find myself thinking back sometimes to one of the other men I slept with and wondering if he could have made it happen in the times we had s**, if we continued to. I just questions many things. Hopefully my wish will come true soon!

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  • Buy a silver bullet ride him. Put the bullet against your c*** while riding him. Amazing o*****

  • I have been waiting 20 years for my hubby to make me o*****. It ain't happening!

  • Again, can you make yourself o*****? If you can't its not your husband's fault. If you can, then you and your husband should seek counselling.

  • If we are fooling around orally, I can o*****. It just doesn't happen during s**.

  • I doubt its the bf/boyfriends. Some women need to learn how to o*****, its upto you. I remember reading a good line..."women need to take responsibility for their own o******".

  • You On top and just grind, if that doesn't work seek medical treatment if you are worried

  • Agree. Go on top and even have him use a c*** ring. If you can't o***** by yourself, you will rarely with your bf.

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