The bosses wife

My bosses wife is almost 60 and I am 19. For 8 months I have been receiving b******* from her sometimes up to 5 times a week in her office while the boss is out doing jobs.
I couldnt bring myself to have s** with her but it's ok just letting her suck it I guess. Has anyone else ever found that some older women are absolute horn dogs and love the c*** or is it just me

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  • It's great..I picked up a hot, 58 year old hispanic woman one night at the bar I go to. She KNEW how to give great head and sucked the h*** out of me. Even used her long, pointy nails to dig into my item. Goddam, it was hot!

  • Don't worry about having s** with her. Women that age may be experiencing other health issues, or she may be feeling a little guilty about her addiction.

  • Hey my 55 year old woman gives the best head ever. She just love's giving me @ral s** and she only gets better at it. She loves me blasting off in her mouth, she gets off on that. I let her practice all the time and I don't have to ask. She says, "you know what I want" and pulls my pants off and get's right on the head. She likes giving more than getting, I ain't giving her up or sharing you horn dogs. She's an awesome woman.

  • B**** sounds hot and ready. You need to be getting after that s***.

  • She sounds nasty. Ya gotta keep on hittin' that. JEALOUS!!!

  • You're a really lucky guy. Wish I had what you have.

  • I'm 24 and my boss's wife is 62 and I've been doing her for almost 3 yrs, ever since I started working for him. It was just after I got hired, and somehow I got invited to her 60th b-day party. I went there expecting to stay like 15 minutes and then leave, but the minute I was introduced to her we hit it off big f****** time but she had been drinking so even then I thought nothing was going to happen. But the next day she called me at work and asked me to meet her for drinks and I went to the bar and as soon as I set down next to her at the bar she reached between my legs and grabbed me and then shoved her tongue into my mouth. She asked me if I wanted a drink and I said no, I wanted her p****. She laughed and said she liked me and then said "I'm going to keep you forever". We went to a motel and f***** for four hours straight, and it was the best s** I have ever had. As we were leaving the motel and she was driving me back to my car, I called my fiancée on my cell and told her I had met somebody and I was calling off the engagement. My boss's wife was amazed that I had done that, without even being asked, and she said that she would make totally sure I would never regret it. And I never have. She makes me happier than any woman could, and I really don't even care that she's married. That may change in the future, but right now, I'm okay with her being married and yet still making me her number one man. I love her and I love being her number one. My boss has no clue, but even if he found out and fired me, I'd still keep seeing his matter what.

  • I think it's totally totally totally sexy! Don't stop! Keep doing her, and even f*** her if you can!! Older gals need love, too!

  • I am an older gal in need of some hot love. Are you anywhere near Saint Petersburg, Florida, and what are you wearing?

  • I'm not close. But I am hard. And I totally LOVE older women. Can't get enough of that kind of ass! Best in the world!!!

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