Is it Gay ? I don't believe it is

My g/f ? wife we have been together for 25+ year's and have always been open with one another although we each agreed to allow undisclosed or at least unshared s** with another partner.
I have not been inclined to indulge but she has on occasion which is okay she just doesn't share any details or tell me about it. Not complaining here it is just that recently she had just finished having s** when I arrived home unexpectedly.
She was lying in bed after telling her s** partner to exit out the side door near our bedroom and didn't have a chance to freshen up , the room smelled of s** but we had s** just before I left and was only gone roughly two and half hours.
I was feeling h**** so I undressed and laid next to her she acted a little differently but was afraid to tell me she had just recently had s** with someone else part of our foreplay is some kissing and me fondling her b****** and kissing my way down she tried to stop me but I didn't catch on as I love going down on her she did smell a little more musky but good and it actually turned me on a little more than I usually get, she seemed a little more wet but I only thought she was more than ready for another romp and thinking wow she is as h**** as I am and was really pleased about it and continued My foray into her wetness licking all over her v***** and bottom it all tasted good to me not better than any other time but good and different than any other time so I thought nothing more of it.
after some time passed she felt really guilty and said that she had something to share with Me that was most likely going to make Me very upset with her then began crying when I tried to console her she backed away a bit then said I had s** with someone else today and well I didn't have chance to clean up before you came into the room I tried to stop you but was afraid to tell you well I am afraid but I have to tell you that you just cleaned me up by going down on me and licked all of his s**** off of and out of Me I am so sorry.
I was in shock but not angry and didn't say anything for quite some time while kept crying I don't know how long but I went to her side and told her the only thing that I could that I loved her very much and as a matter of fact still very much in love with you so please stop crying She just stared for a moment in disbelief then said your not angry? I said no but thank you for not keeping it from me after all I did tell you that although you tasted different you tasted pretty good not sure I want that to happen again though.
A few weeks past and I decided to tell her that the smell of her really had me horned up when that incident happened and she said I noticed believe me wow you were more cranked up than you have been in about five year's and I was very happy and so much more satisfied but your vigor has not diminished either I am so happy that it didn't push us apart but I think actually made us closer do you? and I had to be honest and say yes that I wasn't lying when saying she tasted good that day then saying I wouldn't mind a repeat if she didn't think that is gay or wrong and that if she would be comfortable with it so we have indulged in Me cleaning her up after some one else has had s** with her and went as far as having the guy e******** in a small container then after he is gone she keeps it warm inside her until I get home then I sniff it poor a little on her and lick it off some times even poring some onto my tongue because I like the taste of it.
I have no desire to do anything with a guy at all but she say's she'd like to do a threesome and let the guy e******** on her then me lick it up fresh she say's it tastes much better but I don't know about doing that I don't consider what we have been doing as Gay or maybe letting a guy e******** into my mouth without touching him or making any kind of bodily contact nor doe's she but anything more would definitely be Gay even so I won't go that far so doe's anyone else think what we are doing is gay?
It sure has brought us closer together we only do it once in a while and now we try other thing's and our s** life as well as our relationship has grown tremendously I am afraid anything more concerning sharing another person's e******** would drive us apart but fortunately we never bring it up.
So what do you think is what I am or we are doing Gay? It really isn't going to change anything that we do I was just wandering if I or should I say we were wondering if more people agree with us we have asked some Gay and Lesbian friend's most of them agree with us but other's are unsure they say don't give something a label that doesn't have or need one just appreciate what you have with one another and live on to be a very happy couple.

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  • I've done the same thing with my wife (who is bi) several times, except always with the other guy in bed with us. We've had a lot of FFM's and several MFM's. In a few of the FFM's I've c** inside both my wife and the other woman, and my c** always gets eaten out of the one I came in by the other female. And during most of our MFM's, I've eaten my wife out after the other guy came inside her. I never felt gay and have no desire to do anything with a guy, although I have helped put him inside her and had some incidental tongue contact with his d*** while I was eating her out with him inside her. It made for some VERY intense o****** for all of us. And watching him c** inside her gets me super h****. Then while I'm eating her out, he's kissing her or she's sucking him, then sometimes I'll snowball with her after I've licked her out. Those are some of our wildest times we ever have in bed. My wife never has s** with the other guy alone because we both enjoy the MFM's so much, but she often has a girlfriend over for s** by herself. Even when we're by ourselves, just talking about those times is enough to ramp up our s** drive immensely. I wouldn't worry about it. Nothing gay in your situation. Just enjoy it!

  • No, not gay. In fact, it's somewhat common. Don't worry and enjoy.

  • You seem to be very afraid of the label "gay". Who cares if its gay or not. If it turns you on, do it. I've cleaned out my wife's p****, but it was mine not from somebody else. It turned me on enough, we had s** again immediately. We both agreed, that it was the best s** we've had.

  • Sometimes people needs to hear what they are saying from someone else. So what you are saying is that YOU and YOUR SPOUSE are happy abou it BUT you dunno if other people are happy about it or not??!!

  • I love to watch my wife with another man, then lick his c** off her before I enter her. She always c*** with him, and again with me. I always c** harder with another man in bed with us. We did ffm, but I like mmf better.

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