It never even occurred to me...

60 years old and my wife and I stopped having s** 10 years ago, mainly because I was embarrassed that I couldn't get it up anymore, but I made other excuses. Now for some reason I'm getting really h**** every day, but can't really even get hard or e********. On top of that - apparently my p**** qualifies as a "micro-p****". It sounds stupid that I never knew this but I was only ever with a few women before getting married and they never said anything and my wife has only been with me. But I recently read something saying anything less than 2" flacid is micropenis and I'm (yes, I measured) only 1.5". When I used to be able to get hard I was probably 4" but now even when I can get a little hard in the morning it's much less than that.

I feel bad for the years that I deprived my wife of sexual satisfaction. Even when we were having s** I couldn't make her o***** and didn't last very long. But now I have this strong desire to make things right, if it's not too late, but I know if I bring it up she'll say I should try V***** but what I really want is for her to date men who can satisfy her and for her to cuckhold me and humiliate me - even if it means dating other men openly and my friends and family knowing about it (a reason that would hold her back).

How do I even bring up this subject to her in a way where she will understand this is what I truly want, and so she won't settle for the little pleasure I could even offer her?

Mar 30

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