No regret,s

I was 14 my first s** experience, I like it an had many more, it might be wrong at that age, but I seem to have my health thank god.

Jan 28, 2014

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  • Make sure you use birth control every time so you don't end up pregnant. Also, get an STD check because certain ones can make you infertile if left untreated.

  • Good luck in ever finding a good guy to respect you . All your going to get
    are creeps because your an easy lay and word spreads fast in school on
    who is easy .
    Plus your underage and that can cause problems if your parents press charges on a boy .

  • If no one was hurt in any way, then no harm done. It's in the past and if you don't regret it, then there's nothing wrong with it. Just an event that is part of who you are. :]

  • Well don't believe the lie that's going around that young people don't have s**, because believe me there were kinds in my junior high school and elementary school having s**, 11, 12, 13, all younger than you were. I mean that's around the age when puberty starts, and if everyone is going around believing they don't have s**, then there's no one going around telling them not to have s**. So, of course they're having s**, I'd just advise that when you grow to have kids remember your experience and teach your kids about these things at an early age, instead of waiting till they are 15 or 16 (which would be too late by then)

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