Reproductive Signal

My biological clock is ticking loudly.I am 29.It's too bad I'm single,and I'm going to stay single for a bit.It's strange because I always thought that the biological clock ticking was a myth,but it's not.

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  • What separates us from the rest of the animals? You might say things like clothing and the internet and stuff, and that's not wrong. It's also missing the very basic point that the one natural advantage we have is our brains. Other species have teeth, claws, can swim, can run right after being born, etc. We get great big brains.

    Which, for the slow kids in the back, is a way of saying you are not a slave to your impulses. Use that great big brain and THINK, we all have impulses we're much better off for not doing, and that's one of them.

    If you need a baby so badly, there are millions already here who are up for adoption. Making a fresh one from scratch on a planet that already has 7.8 billion people on it is pure selfishness. Duh.

  • Please think before reproducing... Having kids is a HUGE venture and not for everyone. If you ever regret it it will be hands down the biggest mistake of your life, you could hardly s**** up more than having a kid and finding out too late that kids aren't for you. Remember, a human being will oome from your "signal" if you choose to. Use your head and think - can you afford it? Do you know much about kids and what it's all about? Are you good with kids? Don't listen to peer pressure. Think for yourself, long and hard before you make that choice, it's one of the biggest choices you can ever make.

  • I work with disabled children, a the reason for a lot of the disabilities is older mothers. But no one wants to admit it, because women are supposed to be liberated from the biological clock now. But of the few dozen children I work with, all with Down Syndrome or autism or general retardation, only two were born to mothers in their 20s. The vast majority of them were both to women in their late 30s and 40s - women who had careers first, then wanted children.

    Like I said, no one wants to admit that you can't have it both ways as a woman - climbing the corporate ladder and waiting to have children. It goes against modern feminism.

  • If u want a baby this black guy will help you out no strings attached!

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