Open and proud

I'm attracted to a person who uses kind and gentle words, when interacting with people and animals.

I'm attracted to a person with a compassionate and empathetic nature/disposition.

I'm attracted to a person's cute, cooky and individualistic mannerisms and sense of humour.

I can't help who I'm attracted to, gender and race has no relevance on my attraction to others. My attraction and connection to others is spiritual, biological, intimate etc. Whatever happens, happens. I enjoy the experience and journey.

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  • Vague, yet defensive. Love the virtue signaling too.
    Ain't you just a treasure! You seem to think so.

  • Sounds like you and your goat were made for each other.

  • Sounds like you're a mental misfit and need to put a gun in our mouth.

  • Perhaps you should heed your own suggestion. It's only a psychologically dysfunctional person, that could've thought something like this :) Good luck with that.

  • After you admitted to being a paedophile, you now rag on someone else? Sounds like your psych profile checks off all of the whack indicators.

  • Wrong again :)

  • No, we have you pegged.

  • Nope, wrong again

  • No, it's clearly you. Sicko!

  • Nope, still wrong :)

  • So? I can do anyone I want. :)

  • Nope, you're the paedophile insinuator.

  • You're the pedophile.

  • Nope, wrong person again :)

  • Who admitted to being a paedophile on this website? Do you have any written evidence to back up your ludicrous and disgusting statement? Is the proposed paedophile, male or female? Are they from the USA or any other Country? Do you know their age, status, profession, dob, Country of birth etc?

  • You were one of those bragging about it! Why are you now deflecting?

  • Wrong again!

  • Nope. You've been identified.

  • Nope, wrong again :)

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