I love being a single guy and you should too

The great thing about feminism is that it has liberated men from the horrors of marriage and from legal entanglements with toxic women. Making money, spinning plates, a man cave and a few good pets are all a guy really needs. Women have a biological clock and, because of that they need relationships, but men simply don't

The biological clock is a woman's problem that men shouldn't feel obligated to take responsibility for. It's all about the money now and marriages are disposable. That's how feminists have conditioned women to view relationships so that's the rule that men should live by.

Feminism has returned humanity to it's most primal sexual function found in most mammals. In the animal world the males don't usually hang around to help the mother raise the offspring that he helped procreate. With the advent of birth control, why should men be held to a higher standard? We've all been liberated so who needs fathers anymore?

My advice? Walk away from the burdens of commitment and marriage and learn to enjoy all of the new found freedoms that feminists have given us.

Nov 23

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  • It's funny how when men speak of becoming independent from women & marriage they get get demeaned by females but women who speak of Independence are regarded as empowered. Funny.

  • Honey, get off the internet! Your Hot Pockets are ready!


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