How Atheism Saved My Life

You quite often here about people's religion saving them, whether it be by keeping them from committing suicide or helping them overcome an addiction, but in my case I would say it was atheism that really saved me over the past few years.

I had been depressed for a very long time. Lost people close to me, had fallout's with all my friends and coupled with that I had a huge drinking problem. I would drink huge amounts practically daily, and felt the only time I would be happy was when I was drunk.

It got to the point where I would spend hours a day just sitting and fantasizing and planning out how to kill myself. I just desperately wanted to find my lost loved ones again, go to a better place after death and for all the pain to end. A couple of times I came very close, the only thing stopping me really being my huge fear of physical pain.

And then, 2 years ago I came across a book called 'The God Delusion'. And I felt that it not only summed up why atheism is correct, but it also put into perspective the elegance and beauty of the world around us as it is, and how the vast complexity and wonder of the universe is only diminished by the petty and limited beliefs surrounding theism.

Also, most importantly I realized that this life that I had was the only one. And it was a wonderful and amazing privilege to be living it at all. The sheer improbability of it all alone made me value my life so much more, and by delving into science and the mysteries of the universe I gained a whole new outlook on the purpose of my life, that it was as for filling as I would choose to make it.

And today I couldn't be happier. My life has become truly amazing, and I am so thankful that I didn't end it early and waste getting to where I am now. I have people that I truly love surrounding me, and am doing a university degree majoring in Physics and Chemistry where the truly amazing things I learn everyday never cease to strike me with awe.


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  • H*** yeah. Anyone who studies the physical world around us extensively and doesn't come away feeling awed, even spiritual about it - but NOT in the Abrahamic sense - is lying. Science rules.

  • I do still believe in god, but not in a choreographed god as by what religions say. The g........o..........d that this universes ideas were born out of.

  • Your life belongs to you, and the good is to live it.

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