Why though?

I like to keep certain high school friends around on facebook just for my amusement at how s***** their lives are as they get married to the first redneck bum that knocks them up, start spitting out loud undisciplined kids that they hate, and all the while cling desperately to the religion they were indoctrinated into as children. Then I look at my own life... my committed life-partner and I who know better than to bother with an expensive wedding or a complicated legal contract binding us together - who know FAR better than to bother with children, for crying out loud - and who are happily pagan and free from the clutches of Abrahamic religion. I just think everyone trying to live the "normal" life script has the hardest time of all. But they have only themselves to blame.

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  • There's an aspect of human nature that enjoys the suffering of others. It's the reason people like Jerry Springer are able to draw an audience. I would be surprised if you didn't think of having children now and again (that too is human nature) but on the whole you sound happy with your life while your facebook stalking satisfies your need to feel superior.

  • Sure, I think about it. One can't make a decision without thinking about the other possibility. It'd be fun to see what a kid between my partner and I would look like. But when I weigh the possibility in real life... heeeell no. Every time.

  • I love OTHER peoples children because I can give em back when they start acting up. I'll make a wonderful uncle some day but having rugrats of my own... no thank you! Anyone who thinks different needs to spend a few weeks working at Chuck-E-Cheeze or any other venue that hosts children's birthday parties.

  • So that's why you're so bitter! You work at Chuck-E-Cheese. Now I got it.

  • Lmao. I come back and find you think a different person is me. /pats back. Thank god I don't work at CEC. I'd probably kill myself.

  • I agree with the person below you are obviously jealous of all of the people you say are wrong.

  • Jealous of the exhausted women I see in the grocery store getting their hair pulled and spit in while their brats scream and throw embarassingly public tantrums for not getting their sugary food of choice? Sooo jealous. Wish that was my life! Feel free to respond with "But what about (insert supposedly cute baby thing here)? You're missing out!" Ineffective. Nothing babies do is cute, honest to jesus. Even things that might be considered minimally appealing in certain babies are not worth the s*****, pukey, screamy, tantrum-y, lack of money "reward".

  • Also, jealous of people living in a religion in which other humans tell them to fear everything that comes natural to them, because an invisible person in the sky, whom they've never seen, will punish them for ETERNITY if they kiss boys, or dare to do their own thing in life? I can't possibly fathom living that kind of way.

  • Well you sound it, for you to look so deep at all of those people's lives mean that somewhere deep inside yourself you feel that you're missing out on something.

  • So what? I should just reproduce without thinking deeply about it and what the consequences would be? Yeah, that sounds like a GREAT idea! Since that's exactly what everyone else does and regrets it...

  • You are obviosuly a bitter lost person.

  • "bla bla bitter bla bla." Standard intellect-free response from those who can't think for themselves very well. Each and every commenter who couldn't contain their frightened tears demonstrated this. Pat yourselves on the back!

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