I Don't Speak Human

I work a drive thru and every person I see coming to buy food here has dead, unintelligent eyes. When I look in the eyes of an animal, someone is home, someone is looking back. But when I look at 75% of the people who eat here, I see nothing, just a blank cow-eyed stare, not really even seeing me, that screams disinterest and unintelligence. The interests of "normal" people boggle me beyond belief. Like...

Celebrities? The private lives of people you don't know? If I expressed interest in that, I'd be called a voyeur and possibly arrested, but only because some people's private lives are considered public property and others aren't. It's acceptable to stalk someone and have massive stockpiles on the internet of their personal private information if they're "famous".

Hip hop? The subject matter of most songs in hip hop, the current most popular musical genre in the world, is the musical equivalent of "gurl you know I TOOOOLD HER" style drama and catfighting. I have no idea how a song that's literally just about some argument over boyfriends can become the most popular song in the country, but I guess there's no accounting for taste.

I honestly don't know what else most of the people around me are interested in. It seems all they give a f*** about is the latest gossip about their family/friends/significant others/etc., famous people, and hip hop. How do you LIVE like that?

I talked to a girl yesterday who didn't know what sea world was, or orcas for that matter. And what really gets me about these people is that most of them are Christian, a religion that has strong opinions on humanity and its place among all the other species of the world [i.e. that it rules them]. And yet they know nothing ABOUT any other species. So many kinds of beings in the world and they literally only ever think or care about their own. How?

They don't even know anything about their own bodies. They don't know how many bones they have, or the names of even the most basic ones. They don't even KNOW they they have two bones in their forearm/legs and one in the upper arm/leg. How can you be so unfamiliar with your own body? Don't even get me STARTED on the sexual aspect of it all. Shudder.

Is it truly any wonder that someone like me often doesn't feel like I'm even human at all? When I look around and the humanity around me is THIS dumb and willfully ignorant of the world around them? Sure, there's plenty I'm not interested in, but I look around me and it seems everyone's worlds are SO SMALL and it's pathetic. Did we evolve such huge brains in order to think only about drama and gossip?

I can't wait until I can get out of here and interact with some people who actually educate themselves and THINK, use their minds for something. The people here are so unbelievably empty. It's sad, but I have no desire to stay and try to help - a futile endeavour. I want to leave this place in the manner of a bullet leaving a gun.

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  • I get you. And, don't worry you are not alone. There are interesting people out there, the thing is just that they are not in the majority, so you need to give yourself a bit of time to find them. Once you do, it can be quite exciting. Btw. You can increase your chances by going to interesting places and get a better job. From what your interests seem to be you might find it much easier to find interesting people in a university biology department than in a drive in. Find a way to work in one of those. And don't judge humanity by the idiots but by the delightful exceptions.

  • Actually, understanding complex social structures and our place in them IS the reason we evolved such big brains. It was (and in some ways still is) vital for our survival and reproduction.

  • Except no one around me has any idea how to interact with other humans. They bicker and fight and play mind-games with their mate of choice. They abuse and manipulate their children and shoo them away instead of helping them learn. People don't use their brains for s***. They could contribute to the collective knowledge of the human race but instead they throw it away.

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