Pathetic Life part 2

I'm now at a different school where I am hated just as much as I was at my other schools, except this time it's not me at all. No one will bother to get to know me that would be too fair, they have to listen to the rumors, spread by people who don't even know my name. Claiming that I said this about her, or did this at my last school. That I'm going out with this guy, or that one. lying at every chance they get, I f****** hate it. Is anyone going to ask for my side of the story? Of course not. Why bother, right? Because it's my 7th day here, I must be just like the rest of you ghetto nobody's doing nothing, going nowhere right? By now , since I'm just like you, I must be wanting to get into a fight. So much so that I just walk around calling everyone something behind there backs. There are only two people I bother to talk to here. And those two people don't talk to the likes of your kind. Kind? The Basics. Basics people with basic thoughts and basic ideas they think they created. Influenced entirely by their surroundings. "Slaves of the environment" as Vygotsky would say. Use beings incapable of an original thought. Just because your 'Mama' named you 'Uniqua' doesn't make you unique. And the saddest part is, they think they are. Some of them even think they're going to be someone. Ha! Best of luck, Basic Trash.

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  • Whoever the trouble maker or makers are.
    Type out a letter explaining you are a friendly girl and cannot understand why they dislike you.
    Make your typed letter clear letting them know the type of girl you are and that you would never talk about anyone.
    Drop the typed letters on their desk and walk away.
    But do explain its making you feel very unhappy and that if you offended anyone you are sorry.
    This should help to make them think different-even if at first they laugh.
    It is mental abuse they are giving to you.
    And I hope you take my advice.

  • Yeahh I know this feeling very well. I tend to refer to these people as "nowhere" bodies. Somebody who has nowhere to go and nowhere to be, and will probably go nowhere in life. They're just an idle body in the environment.

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