This is awkward

I hate religion, i have hated it for my entire life, i can't figure out why human beings follow being who don't even exist so blindly and do as they are told, in the name of some god or who ever.

any way, my family is catholic and as such i am excepted to be catholic as well, only no one in my family knowns i hate religion. here is were it gets awkward, a few days ago i got drunk with a friend on mine, we were having a good time and we eventually passed out in his room, when i woke up my shirt was off and my back was killing me, as soon as i got up he started freaking out and told me to go look at my back, i went in the bathroom and saw i got a tattoo on my back, it's a nick black and red reversed crucifix with the words "F*** YOUR IDEALS" across my shoulders blades. and it was semi fresh so i had gotten it that night. well needless to say i went home and tried to hide it until i figured out what to do, but my mom saw i was walking with back held back more then usual and wanted to take a look, i her no i'm fine but she insisted and when i tried to walk away she slapped my back with a five star, it hurt like a nasty b****. when she saw the tattoo she was less then over joyed and since then she has kicked me out of the house, i'm living with my best friend and all my stuff is at her house....also she will not talk to me, not a word.


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  • I was raised christian, became atheist over time, and nowadays I'm a practicing Pagan, but although I consider myself religious/spiritual I still don't literally believe in any deities' existence. That might sound complicated. But my religion has really brought me a lot of joy over time. It has nothing to do with the afterlife, appeasing some god or being better than "sinners". Nothing to do with rejecting science in favor of superstition or blind faith. Very little to do with morals at all, actually. It just kinda put a spiritual twist on things I was already fascinated in, like science and the living world around me. It helps me see living things in a new and even more beautiful light, and helps me understand my own mind better through practice. I just want to say that maybe there is hope for religion in the world, if it's less Abrahamic and more like what I've found. You don't need to believe in some punishing God or an afterlife to have religion. And it can actually be good for you instead of shameful and guilt-tripping.

  • I think your mother took things a bit too far, you cannot force someone to believe something that they dont want to. And the fact that she is willing to kick you out of the house because you don't believe means that she is not following those beliefs herself. Well I wish you luck, no child should have to go through something like that just for expressing themselves.

  • You reap what you sow; sorry, but I have no sympathy. You are free to believe what you want, but you also have to live with the results. And for your family not to have known your beliefs before now shows that you do not have any conviction in your beliefs.

  • Paleeease (eye roll) Seriously, spoken like a person who sounds like they would follow everything that mother did to the letter. The fact that the family didn't know about his beliefs meant that they were ignoring them in the hopes that he would change, or in the hopes that they could force him to change, or in the fact that didn't want to believe that one of them was a non believer. It had nothing to do with him, because if they didn't know then they were idiots who just didn't understand their child who they raised all these years (which i'm starting to think is true) I don't think he should be punished for not believing something that to him makes no sense at all, this is like the persecution of the christians, killed for believing in something, so what you think he deserves everything he got just because he couldn't believe so the same should be true for everyone out there in the world who have been killed or punished for their beliefs. This is why I cannot stand religious nuts, they never have any sympathy for those who don't share their views and act all high and mighty just cause they can twist religious to suit themselves.

  • Like they say, if you don't believe there's a God, you're making a huge bet on being right. Good luck.

  • No people who say that are f****** idiots. God loves all sinners whether they believe in him or not. It is the people following god who have to get over the complex they have that they are god's supervisors when they aren't. Because the lord knows they didn't get a message from him saying that. I'm tired of the idiot's in religion (not all religious people are like this, just the heavy handed ones who can't accept that there are difference in the world) who try to make their actions seem plausible because they say it is what the lord wants. And I think the lord everyday that I am not like them.

  • There are way too many things wrong with what you wrote to even try to address them. Obviously you are living in a fog of religious misperception and don't understand religion OR the world, so your thoughts are a jumble of incomplete ideas or partial statements of some warped and shallow theology. I truly feel sorry for you. Either find a new church, or stop going.

  • I truly feel sorry for you if found it hard to understand what I said, maybe you need to learn the english language better so that everything you encounter is understood.

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