Nasty brother

I can't stand my brother. He's one of those people who go to the bathroom and never washes his hands and when my mother caught him doing that he started to pretend like he was washing them by letting the water run a bit before coming out of the bathroom. (yeah, like we're all idiots, it takes longer than that to get soap off of your hands, and coming out with dry hands is another point that gives you away.) And that's not all he does, he spends all day scratching his b****. (and before you say anything about me watching him and s***,its hard not to see it when he just sits there and does it not caring who passes by.) So, now he does all of this and then goes around touching stuff leaving behind a nasty smell on everything he touches. The refrigerator door, the food in the refrigerator, the walls, tv, phone. Its gotten to the point where I'm washing my hands every few seconds because I had to touch something he touched. He never likes to wash the dishes he uses before using them again, like say the peanut butter that everyone has to use, he will take a spoon that he's had lying around and use that to get the peanut butter out of the jar. (After I found that out I stopped using the peanut butter and the jelly and probably will get me own jars.) If that's not bad enough he doesn't like to take baths so he would sit around the house stinking up the first and second floor. (the smell would travel from where he was to fill up the rest of the house.) And when he does take a bath, most of the time he takes wash-ups leaving the bathroom sink a filthy mess, hair and dirt covering every surface. It's just nasty, even when I avoid him, his nastiness is every where, makes me feel like I'm going to be contaminated whenever I have to be around him.

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  • So then tell your parents !

  • I do the same thing with handwashing HAHA. My work has this dumb rule where you have to wash your hands in the bathroom AND when you get back to work, twice in a row. I think it's really stupid but if I'm in the bathroom and a customer comes in, and sees me, I feel obligated to at least give them the impression that I washed my hands. But we have no paper towels, only those disgusting air-dryers that just blows p***-particles all over your hands. No thanks. Plus my skin doesn't need the extra soap scrubbing, it will make them raw washing them that often... so I just run the water ;D

  • If your working with food ..

  • You need a place of your own.

  • Hello did it ever accrue to you she is not old enough and why should she move out when her brother is the slob . Not sure why mom and dad have not talked to him about his behavior that is odd and the daughter is the one more upset ?
    Where are your parents in all of this you can get sick if he dose not wash his hands after going to the bathroom .

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