I am 18 years old and I am a feeder.

I am 18 years old and I am a hardcore feeder. A feeder is someone who gets off on their partner gaining large amounts of weight. My current girlfriend has already gained around 40 or so pounds, up to 280 from 240 at 5'3''. So far she has consented to gaining the weight, but at this point, she is so huge, if she gains much more weight, she won't have to consent to it anymore, it'll just happen. She has already stopped being active in any way, and whenever I am with her, she lets me do everything for her and feed her fattening foods. I am in heaven, and we constantly are having s**. She is getting very close to the point of no return, and she will just grow huger and fatter nonstop. I don't think she ever planned to end up like this, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) for her, she chose a boyfriend that likes her to be fat, and wants her to get way fatter.

I would love to hear more stories of people like me who have fattened their girlfriend/wives to oblivion and beyond. Did it work out well? Did it take some doing? I would love to know all the details.

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  • If you're gonna feed her up to the point where she can't really do much other than sit around and eat, it's probably in both your best interests if she is told that's what will happen. Consent is a big deal in feeder/feedee relationships. My feedee/fiance has a set weight she doesn't want to get beyond because she doesn't want her sister and mother to see her a helpless pile of lard. But that doesn't mean the prospect of being blown up that big seriously gets her worked up! :)

    So there's a lot of role play going on, with medical restraints on the bed, funnel feeding, and sensory deprivation using a blindfold and noise-canceling headphones playing sound files on repeat telling her what a big, helpless, gorgeous fucktoy she is.

    That's just a fantasy, of course, because even if she was interested and consented I don't have the means to ensure her wellbeing once she is helpless. That's a seriously big deal and a lot of work. If it's even something you guys are considering, experiment by having her stay in bed for a weekend, or even a week, and see if you can handle all the work involved in caring for her.

  • I have no idea what my wife weighs, but she is the size of Colleen Williams

    She was big when I met her & after being with her for a couple of years she had gained more weight. Then she told me she liked being fat & wanted to gain more. She just has me wrapped around her little finger & I spoil her with what ever she wants, so she has just gained more & more weight.

  • I hope things are good between you two and the scale is still climbing!

  • Maybe she'll let you rename her "Beachball"

  • Aight n****

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