i dont know how it happened

ok so i started smoking when i was 11 and for the last 5 yrs i been smoking less than a pack per day. i started because this older guy i like a lot dared me and then he said that i look sexy when i smoke. then maybe 1-2 months ago i went to a bar with that same guy with the new fake id he got for me (he dont need a fake cuz hes old enuogh) and i smoked a little more because he liked it and then we went back the next night as a couple and it was the same except that we went earler and stayed later and so i smoked more and now its got to the point where all of the sudden im smoking over 2 packs per day every day whether or not im drinking and 2 dont seem like enough now. i guess hes my bf now and he loves me to smoke but the problem is i dont know how it happened so much in so little of a time and it makes me woried.

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  • BOLLOCKS B******.

  • It should make you worried. You could have emphysema and other serious lung diseases in your future. Believe me, you don't want to end up one day always gasping for breath or need an oxygen tank to breathe.

  • She doesn't give a crap about that. You want to get her attention? Point out how much damage it will do to her skin. By the time she's 30 she'll look like she's 40.

  • She will give a crap like that if it happens. Aged skin doesn't mean s*** compared to trying to catch a breath like a person drowning.

  • You don't know many kids, do you? The only thing they care about is how they look because they're convinced they'll be young forever. Anyone telling them otherwise is just bitter and old. They care way more about their skin than whether or not they can breathe.

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