Dad Saw My Friend

Okay, my bedroom is in my basement. In my basement is a little half bathroom and around the corner from there(just far enough so you can't see around it), is the laundry room and there happens to be a shower in there.
The only problem being that there is no door, just a huge arch.

The other day, my friend (bringing her boyfriend with her) came over for a while to take a shower, before going somewhere with him, since she lives outside of town.

Her boyfriend was in my room and so was I, and she was getting in the shower. My dad came down, and said he was just using the bathroom. So I didn't say anything about her in the shower since you could hear the water running and I figured he wouldn't go over there.

But when he got out of the bathroom, he did go over there... and saw her with nothing but a bra on and a pair of pants she grabbed to cover herself...
He stood there for like ten seconds, apologized and went upstairs.

I went over there and she was extremely p***** and told me she hated me and she was going to break my face the second she got out. After she was in the shower behind the curtain, she called her boyfriend over and told him.

Then made me go upstairs and tell everyone it was my fault and stuff. Which I did, but when I was by the stairs waiting to go down I overheard her taking to her boyfriend about how stupid I am for not saying something and stuff...I felt absolutely horrible and guilty...

After she got out and cooled down she told me she didn't actually hate me but that she was never coming here ever again when my dad was home, or taking a shower here unless I announce it to the whole universe...

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  • I would of said next time take a shower at your place not at someones home .
    I wouldn't worry about it , nothing to be all bent out of shape about it . Besides it's your dad's fault for peeking then calling you over he is the adult and knows better to treat a guest like that .

  • She'll get over it.

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