I got vaginally sodomized with a vibrator for being a virgin at 21. They did it in front of guys to humiliated me and had fun doing it. Don't even know who they were. The whole act went un reported and I'm not about to go public and embarrass myself all over again.

Apr 10, 2014

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  • I am divorced now but I found out my X was f****** her ex fiancé and his dad for over a year. She would f*** her BF then take a ride to the store with his dad and f*** him too. She told the dad wait until Jay started playing video games to ask her to go???? WTF She then f***** his dad and his brother DP. I then found out she was 16 and f***** 5 biker guys like 35 to 40 in the same night at her aunts house in Indiana. I always flirted with girls but never actually f***** one. I feel like such a chump. Literally married a w**** and had no idea. She f***** other guys while we were married basically the whole time. I even think she was f****** one of her students she is a HS teacher. What a chump........ lol I can honestly say her p**** was so damn loose regular s** was not that good. I did get the ass sometimes but no joke the girl I met after the divorce, my X a****** was no where near as tight as this girls p****..... No joke my X a****** was way looser then most girls p****. No wonder I don't miss her........ lol I saw the "big p****" episode "larry david" lol no joke thought her p**** would be an XXXLARGE AND HER ASS AN XX LARGE. F****** WHORES............... LOL WAY TO GO "LISA" i WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND YOUR BIG HOLES................ HA HA

  • Sodomy is butt stuff, not v@ginal stuff. Quit making up words so that you sound like a next-level victim. And no, I don't care how humiliated you were.

  • Then stay away from them !

  • Sounds fun.

  • You're not funny. Those people deserve to be charged with sexual harassment and rape!

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