Alcoholic Husband

I am writing this confession today to seek some opinions. Okay so I have been with the father of my kids for 8 years, he works a full time job and supports us well, I go to school full time. I take care of everything like the kids the cooking the cleaning, I pretty much do everything for him. But he is a alcoholic. At his job they are not strict about drinking so he can drink and work at the same time. he drinks everyday and he drives like that too, he doesnt have a license either, sometimes when hes drunk, he blacks out, he turns into this really mean person, its gotten to the point where i dont even want to drink anymore because of him and i never really did in the first place, Ive tried to tell him how this makes me feel it goes okay for a little while then hes right back on his track, Im scared for him, I want him to be around when our kids are grown, I want him to see everything they accomplish, I dont know what goes through his head its like none of this occurs to him, like he doesnt care, I am willing to support him in anyway but he just has to make that step and realize what hes doing to us, hes already admitted to being a alcoholic but he still drinks, my grampa drank all the time and i seen my gramma go through what i am going through, my grampa had a stroke when he was in his late 50s and hasnt been the same, he cant even remember us, any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


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  • He drinks 5 days a week, I'm guessing about 12 beer a day and sometimes a pint of vodka, he wants to go to school he jus needs my help, did I also mention he is very dependant on me for everything, I pray he changes his ways

  • I gave him a ultimatum, and that is to be sober at all times when he is around me and his children or dont come around at all, and i told him if he gets to drunk to drive then he can call me or sleep where he is, and i am in process of helping him go back to school so he wont have to go to his job where all the drinking comes into the picutre, i love him so much i will do anything to help him, I hope he can keep this up its day 5 without a drink.

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