Im in love with a very old lady

I am a 24 year old male nurse and I work at an assisted living facility. I have fallen in love with a woman that is 82 years old. People at work think it is sweet that I spend so much time with her. They have no idea. I really love her. I already loved her before we ever did anything. One day I was bathing her and she tried to undo my pants. I stopped her. Later when I was putting her to bed I kissed her and she kissed me back. I took her gown off and we made love. We do it now once a week or so. Her skin is so soft. This may sound funny but it isn't meant to be. Her breast are like empty skin sacks. I am thinking about letting it be known. Thats why I am trying it out here. I will have to find another job. I want to bring her home with me and take care of her. She tells me she loves me. She calls me boy.

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  • You the Man!

  • To the naysayers: If you get offended by the jokes and comments on here, go ahead and blame your parents... for raising a p****.

  • Don't let those few ageist dimwits who posted bullshit like you would go to jail and stupid s*** like that get to you. They don't know what love is. Like racists, they are prejudiced against the woman just because she happens to be 82 and they ASSume she is senile. Rubbish to those idiots. They probably are too ugly to get a romantic partner and are jealous of your love.

  • Sigh. I so love this romantic confession.

  • This is a beautiful thing.

  • This is so sweet. I wish my grandmother could meet a good man like you.

  • This confession has inspired me. I am a 20 year old dude working temporarily as a bagger in a high class grocery store that a lot of rich people shop at. I want to be like them. I tried selling vacuum cleaners and other stuff but sucked at it and went broke. So here I am in a freakin' grocery store. But, there is this old lady who the guys at work say is filthy rich that gives me the eye every time she comes into the store. I ignored her before, but now I am thinking she could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I have been looking for. If I play my cards right with her, maybe she will buy me expensive stuff like a sports car and a condo. Better than that, maybe she would leave me a million dollars in her will that I could live large on and party with. I'm going to try to woo her. I could always fool around with young stuff on the side.

  • Gosh, this is so sweet it made my heart glow reading it.

  • This could be a box office smash hit movie with sales like The Titanic. Forbidden Love that spanned the generations. A true love story unlike any other. Forbidden Love. Not even the preachers and the puritans with their crosses and their connivings could end this taboo romance. Forbidden Love, against all odds this May-September couple fight for the right to love without limits. Coming soon to theaters everywhere, Forbidden Love! Don't miss the movie of the millennium starring Robert Pattinson and Jessica Tandy.

  • That's lovely. God bless them both.

  • Im not gonna argue with an idiot good luck in jail -light

  • You would look foolish arguing with yourself. -dark

  • What he said.

  • Hiss, hiss, boo, boo to the naysayers. These are two lonely adults who somehow found love in this ever-changing, troubled world. I salute their success. Bravo! Bravo!

  • 82 is the new 40. It's all good. Live long and prosper.

  • There's nothing wrong with mixing a little pleasure with work. Even heads of states have done so. To you starry-eyed, dumbed-down liberals, remember when your guy did it in the Oval office with, what was her name?, oh, yeah, Monica. You didn't say s*** then, yet you admonish an overworked nurse in an understaffed assisted living facility who just gets a little R & R (with a consenting adult) at work. What a crock and what a double standard! Pathetic!

  • This is very sweet and shows how truly love always finds a way.

  • Wow thats a new low hes pretending to have people encourage him, enjoy prison and dont drop the soap. in all seriousness dont touch the patients youll regret it -light

  • Gawd! Another 19th century prude. In a dialect you can understand, go thee to a convent. You will find kindred souls there with outdated, prudish views and tight-assed, puritanical mindsets. P.S. So sorry if the word assed offended your moral screwed up, antiquated moral sensibilities. Bahahahaha!

  • I am a lonely elderly woman and this heartwarming story brought tears to my eyes.

  • Man, pay no attention to the prudes commenting negatively about your charitable act. You are doing a public service by sharing your body with that old woman who probably hasn't had any in God knows when. You are like a saint to so selflessly satisfy her needs. God bless you.

  • You are my hero. I must get a job in a nursing home!

  • That should be interesting and hilarious when we see you on the news, how are you gonna sell your love story from a prison cell hahaha, honestly stop thinking with your p**** and your overinflated ego smarten up rookie if you wanna avoid massive fines and a life sentence in jail

  • Oh, please. They are consenting adults. This isn't the year of the Inquisition. Duh.

  • I am in the same boat. I was a loser with chicks until I got a job in a nursing home. Now I get more action than I can handle and for the first time in my life feel like a stud. It does wonders for your self esteem. Sometimes I feel like a rockstar with groupies. I don't care if I get fired over this. If I do I'll just visit other nursing homes as a civilian and make out like a bandit of love with all the love starved babes in need of some manly TLC.

  • Please don't tell a soul and stop it. She is considered a vulnerable adult and cannot even be expected to consent to s**. Not only are you looking at getting fired,you are looking at rape charges,assault,abuse,possible long jail time and being banned from working with kids or the elderly for a lifetime. You could also get sued by the woman's family,or put your employer in s***.just google what u doing and read the stories. I have worked in healthcare longer than you been alive and f***** many women;none of them patients.There are cute women working in healthcare and many like s**,you can f*** them in the rooms even.Stay away from patients.

  • Exaggerate much?

  • Dude no, if you end up having s** with her while youre on the job and someone finds out not only would you get fired youll end up facing legal trouble, be careful

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