Emma shouldn't

I guess you could say i'm the dirty kind of girl.. I don;t exactly have what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship but I damn well have what it takes to f*** the s*** out of anyone who's up to it that meets my standards. So why is it that I caught myself needing some so bad I started getting myself off while drinving tonight, and it was the best o***** i've ever had. As I started driving home I was thinking how badly I just wanted to get thrown down on the bed, f***** as hard as I could withstand, and then continue on back home. The thoughts started burninng through my body and I just couldn't help the urge to give in to the pleasure, I sped up and I slowed down both the car and my sopping wet fingers. I stopped at a stop light and the fear of the light changing rapidly sped up my movements and everything I was holding inside, including the best scream I could let out came so hard and so good I ithought I would miss the light turning green, My pulsating c*** and the realease of the energy was like nothing i've ever experienced. I can't wait for my next excuse to drive.....

Emma shouldn't be sych a bad girl but you know she will......... till next time

May 1, 2014

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