Sometimes you just need to be used

I saw the whole thing. The light turned red, I looked left and right, and left again before crossing, a large truck didn't stop, ran the red light and hit a Civic broadside, pushing the car . I ran to the car against the traffic light pole. I ran to the car and watched the young girl driving breathe her last breath. I was a witness against the truck company, I was called every name in the book. No one talked about the dead girl.

After it was all over I went back to my private life, but living there was impossible, the memory haunted me. I left, ran away. I moved far away, got a nothing job, rented a garage apartment. One night the landlord came up to see me. He said 'he needed me to pay attention to him, if I did he would give me a break on the rent. I thought of that girl, I let him in.

I'm not one to surrender to a man, it's not in my nature. But dying just like that with out experiencing the base pleasures of life was on my mind. I needed right then to be used, taken, the dirtier the better. I let him do what he wanted, all he wanted. Physical, base s**, for no other purpose other than animal l***.

11 days

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