The best man

The bestman at my cousins wedding and I switch number... he later flew into my city and we spent a great night together best s** ive had in the 24 yrs of my life... now he is back to his twn as a business owner but acting too busy 4 me... wtf do I do?

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  • Well I did ask him about kids ...I have a child. He has none and I recently asked if he wants kids his answer was I dk, kids are expensive.But im gonna try the lunch with no s** and that will be the deal breaker because I don't have time to be waiting on him...and 15 years is the age difference....

  • Just f*** him as much and as long and as hard and as often as you can. Let the relationship - if there's going to be one - take care of itself. You want to f*** him. So f*** him.

  • I completely agree with you.. we do Skype (like twice a week) and during the day he'll send a text and say I miss you or how are you.Im use to getting a lot of attention in relationships.I am actually planning on moving to where he lives next summer, I planned that even before I met him.My money is not where it needs to be, that why I haven't.I like him the s** is great! He is a lot older then me..Which makes me think,Why isn't he married?I will be in his city in a few weeks visiting family and handling some business arrangements.So I plan on having lunch or dinner with him and not sleeping with him and see how he reacts.Is that a bad idea?

  • So, he does contact you. I think when I was reading your posts, it seemed like his contact was really infrequent or not at all. Maybe for you, it's not enough basing that on your comment about getting a lot of attention in relationships. Now, this may be something you need to work on internally. Because at some point you need to be confident with yourself and in any relationship you're in. In regards to this guy, I think it's a good idea to go to his city and have only lunch or dinner. Take s** off the table for that meeting to see how he acts and more relvealing to see how he acts when you return back home. Because that will be key. But he is putting forth effort to make contact with you, and that's great. The question is why won't he commit. Because really, how long does he expect you to keep talking to him for? How can you put your feelings on hold? You do need some kind of answer or you need to make the decision. And maybe it's about timing. When you move, regardless of the status of your relationship, get your own place and your own set of friends. What is the age difference between you two? Why isn't he married? Who knows..maybe he never found the right girl. That doesn't have to be a deal breaker. A lot of people get married later. The deal breaker would be if you want children and he doesn't.

  • He came and saw me a second time and I ask his intentions .... he said he isn't really sure at this point...But I mean he is very busy....I don't really want a fling right now... I would definitely want a long term relationship...But ive had a great night of s** turn into a relationship before...How long is too long to find out what he wants to do?

  • This is so tough. Because finding a connection with someone is hard. But I don't really buy his excuse. Sorry..Everyone is busy, but people make time if it's important. He found the time to fly out, which is a good sign. I don't think he doesn't like you, but he may not be ready for a commitment and just is not saying it. I wouldn't wait a long time; don't put your life on hold for this guy. Advice - Put you first. Stay true to what you're looking for. The ball can't always be in his court to decide what's next. It makes it seem like he's controlling your heartstrings. Tell him how you feel, get it out there. This can't be a relationship of convenience that he flies out to you if he wants to get laid, especially if you want more. If it's because of distance, maybe you and he can discuss eventually moving closer. But if there's any chance in a relationship really blossoming then more communication needs to happen. And thankfully, we live in an age where we have several options at our fingertips. It doesn't take a lot to text, call, email, skype to say hello. At least work on getting to know one another more..But if he still says "he's busy", then you may have your answer.

  • Were you hoping that a long term relationship would evolve from your weekend together? It sounded like you guys clicked and maybe he is really busy. In this case, you don't really have time to play a lot of games since you two live in different cities. Call him up and say you had a great time and feel a connection and just ask what he's looking for; if he's looking for anything serious. It doesn't mean instant relationship, but at least you can see if you each share the possibility of fitting into each others lives in the future. If he says no, then you know you can move forward in your search. And if he says yes, then you can make plans to visit one another and see where it leads.

  • ^ Perfect advice. ^ Follow it to the letter. Don't invest too much emotion (or love) in a guy who can't or wont' return it. Life lesson.

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