Charity run

I went to a charity run yesterday as I love to run, my friend was going to meet me there. I run in skins but have to wear shorts over them as I have a rather large c***. It was cold and I was sitting next to a wall waiting for my friend to arrive when over the radio came give a stranger next to you a cuddle. Well there I was with this lady just in front of me that looked at me smiled and said come on let's cuddle.
She noticed how big I was and and that we cuddled by this time I had rubbed my package on her which she never tried to move or anything for quite awhile. By now I was hard and two other ladies wanted a cuddle as well so I rested my now hard 8inch c*** against her she jumped a little before moving away then the other one knew what was going on and we rubbed for quite some time, luckily we were just away from the crowd. Next thing my friend called me and asked where I was so I told her. By this time the lady had my hard c*** just out the top of my skins and was wanting to do what ever she could next thing I know my friend arrived and she said put that back in I'm not even allowed to touch that his wife would kill me. So that was the end of that but I did get her number and she is going to be filled with my c**.
My friend looks at it but won't open her legs for me but don't want any other lady to have it.

May 12, 2014

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  • We have another run coming up soon and will be staying for a couple of days after the run if only I could get her into a spa or something I might have a chance. I just want her to have a try.

  • Work magic am sure u gonna nail her one day

  • In Australia
    This has been the best time of my life after that day. I know my friend wants to try it but won't for some reason

  • I wanna come to Australia one day and find a woman to f*** in the wilderness while kangaroos watch in amazement,lol.Man just find a way to get your friend to try it...see, its your fault,you showered her the equipment before it ever got in her now she is scared to death. You got to convince her that that is actually a harmless pleasureful snake!

  • Lol where was this at?

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