Almost summer, what will it be this year?

My wife's libido seems to hibernate in the winter but come the summer months she's figuring out ways to get me rock hard with something spontaneous.

Last year we went to Saratoga Springs for a race weekend. After a fun day of drinking and watching the races, we head back to our hotel. She's asks me to go buy her a drink at the bar and she'll meet me in the room. Get to the room a few minutes later and she's waiting for me in a just a pair of sexy heels and a really sexy hat she just got. She had me lay down and she puts her p**** in my mouth then just worked her way down. She kept me hard for an hour as she stayed on top.
Next day we go to brunch and she comes back from the ladies room and drops her thong in my lap and says we can go, she paid the bill. She's wearing a sun dress so I know it's ears access. She completely teased me the whole way back to the hotel by stopping in different stores to shop. She'd rub her ass against me brushing past.

She never likes to shower together at home but combine the warm weather and a summer vacation hotel, and there's a good chance she's walking in on me showering sucking me off with the water coming down on us.

May 13, 2014

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  • If she hibernates in the winter then go abroad for Christmas! that way you may get your wife like that even more often!
    She sounds great btw, I may do the same things to my bf this year haha xx

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