Anchorage Dom/Sub Relationship confession

I am a Dom with a very beautiul Sub.
She is married. She sees me because her husband won't choke her, slap her, f*** her rough like she wants. I c** inside her every time we're together. Either in her p**** or in her mouth. One night, she left work, came by for a quickie and then picked up her husband from work in a matter of 1 hour. When her husband goes for training, she stays with me. She is 21 and I am 40. I have her so well trained that she doesn't seek s** from her husband. She refuses him unless I tell her otherwise. When she comes over, she removes her clothing and puts on her outfits. She is my beautiful, dirty s***...and his wife.

May 18, 2014

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  • I'm a submissive male. At home my wife is totally in charge. It started in the bed room. Actually initially she and I had talked before mariage about equality and respect for women. We did not have se until we were married. Then she was very keen to make sure that s** was equal. She wanted us to try it side by side. That was anoying for both of us. In the end, after discussion and trying things we fell into a routine that was I enter her only at her request and then we roll over with her on top.

    We practiced a lot trying to c** together. Again that gave way to me holding off until she came.

    Then as the mariage kind of got old and stale and lazy and she did not want s** we drifted. Then again after discussion we agreed that I was not to ask for s** nor grind against her. just do nice things. I found that in order for her to get turned on, all the cores had to be done. Beds made, house clean, washing done. So I started doing more and more and till I was doing everything.

    There were times when I got frustrated and angry and she would tell me to go for a run or go to the gym and as time went on she became more demanding and more confident. In the bed room we tried a few things and basically we ended up with her on top and me on the bottom and I only c** when she has already c** and gives me permission and as a tease she often says 'not tonight' and then this just continued more and more.

  • I am not into this but am curious,where do you find a girl like that and how do you train her?

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