Missed Getting/Giving Numbers Today

I went to a city swimming pool this morning to register my toddler sons for swimming lessons.My Grandson was also with me.Ahead of me, from the the front door, was this short white woman with a decent booty and a pretty face. As we were in the que to register,we had small talk and she was so interesting,divorced,two kids..We registered and somehow she was again in-front of me as we were leaving.I asked her for her name and she told me and I told her mine.I could not bring myself to ask her for her number or give her mine.I thought about her for hours. Later in the day I went to Walmart and as I was leaving with the 3 kids,I decided to stop at McDonald within.They were almost closing.One lady employee passed me by and I asked her if they were closed and she said not yet but she had to use the bathroom. She came back,took my order,which was already being prepared, and rung me up. Then we talked and found out she has 3 kids,does not like her boyfriend who is a loser and invited himself to live with her and has messed up her truck up. She was a sexy white woman in her 30s,well groomed,blue eyes,nice booty in uniform.I introduced myself, left without even asking her for her number or giving mine.I did tell her that I could not believe her bf met her before I did.I lost two possible good p****** in one day.

May 18, 2014

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  • Can't miss what you never stood a chance of getting, Grandpa

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