I really should have told someone but how could i admit to anyone what had happened. I'm so ashamed mostly in ashamed of how much i enjoyed it. It started as the usual night me in bed legs spread wide with my p**** lips parted enjoying making my moist p**** soaking. Suddenly i am grabbed by the arms and legs by two men. I cant believe iv been caught p**** on view and as shy as i feel i cant help feeling turned on. The "boss" barks orders at the other. ."we have struck gold here shes a dirty b****". "dry her p**** and lets see if we can get a reaction.if there is any moisture on her p**** its only fair we sort her. My p**** gets completely dried and man number 2 sits directly looking at my p****. He is using two hands to spread me wide. I know I'm gonna get wet and I'm fearful and yet excited about what's gonna happen. I pretend to fight it.but as boss man very softly but quickly touches my exposed c*** i can feel myself getting turned on.guy two days " boss its happening look at her dripping hehe . She is getting f***** and f***** until her wet p**** cannot take more. Then she will be f***** more. Last thing i hear is.put that blindfold on and watch this c*** f****** her p****. Your turn nextim showing you first what i want done to this dirty b****..... Tbc



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