Mommy dearest

I am a 21 y/o swm who has 2 passions- wearing my mother's clothes, and being tied up. Mom and I are the same size so her clothes and shoes are a perfect fit. This is very erotic. I did this since I was 17, and never got caught. Finally about 5 months ago, mom caught me red handed. I tied myself up, in her clothes, lipstick and makeup, and gag.
She was very surprised, but not shocked. She was in no hurry to untie me, mocking and reprimanding me for at least 2 hours. Later she told me she kinda knew I was wearing her clothes. I tried to explain the bondage part - needless to say, I was embarrassed and shamed. Surprisingly, mom made a deal with me. I could dress up whenever I wanted, but I had to do all the housework, and could not go out without her permission. I took the deal. I had no idea doing housework in tight hi heels would be so tough, but I was happy.
It got real interesting after a few weeks when mom offered to tie me up! Of course I said yes, and she tied me to a chair, gagged me, and we watched tv for 3 hours. With my legs together, my erection wasn't noticeable. Then 1 day she tied my hands over my head to a hook over the door. This time my erection was obvious. I didn't know what mom was thinking. A few days later, mom hogtied me on my knees by the sofa. She kicked off her shoes and told me to kiss her feet. I did, liking it. When she made me lick her feet and suck her toes, I was hooked! Now I cant get enuf of my new passion. We both know it gets me off, and many times I have come in my panties. Everytime I have an 'accident', I'm grounded for another 2 weeks, so right now I'm grounded until mid October. I don't care - I love being a submissive, foot licking, transvestite momma's boy.

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  • Wow I thought this was a girl until half way down. Color me surprised.

  • I think that's very hot! you need to f*** her.

  • Hey Norman, go type out your sick fantasies elsewhere.

  • You're a very, very sick f***. But your mother's worse.

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