My Love

I love a twelve year old girl. I'm fifteen... She'll be thirteen this June. We're absolutely perfect for each other. We dated before, and we're still best friends, but I want us to be more. I want to be one with her, have kids and grow old with her.

Yes, I do realize that's a bit out-of-the-world for a 15 year old to be thinking about, but I have dreams and I can usually achieve any goal I set. I absolutely, positively love her in every way. I'm always--not joking--ALWAYS thinking about her. I can't get her off of my mind!

Thing is, I have little emotion. Except for her, I don't love... Hate... Sorrow, and happiness... For the most part, I'm... satisfied, I suppose, with my life, but the "happiness" thing... If I feel it, then, I guess I don't understand it. It's hard to explain. But when it comes to her, emotions are real, they're there... I can feel them and understand them. She's a binding with which I can be mended. She's a monster tamer, and I'm the monster.

If only she felt the same way. She acts like she might, but she usually has a boyfriend. What to do, what to do....

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  • This is pretty cute. It might just be a tad bit weird that your ages are that far apart. How do you know each other? And btw, people say I have great English and writing skills, and I'm 14. So, not every teenager has super bad grammar. Smh.

  • Well... Actually, we met on the school bus back in 2013. I had just moved here, and I overheard her talking about rabbits, so naturally, I blurted out my own opinion on her selling price of them. Our friendship's been growin' ever since. xD

    It's kinda weird sometimes, but since her maturity and looks appear so much older, most people don't notice.

  • You are a troll. Usually, it is children posing as adults. You are an adult trolling as a child. Your English skills are too perfect for a 15 year old.

  • Lol, it's funny that you think I'm an adult.

    I'm fifteen. My grammar skills are the result of three years' worth trial and error... High scores in all English classes... And the lack of a social life, which I still do not have and have no desire for. You're the troll here. Obviously, an adult (pedophile or troll) would include more comic references and allusions, and wouldn't be so, well, perfect. To be fair, though, if you disapprove of trolls so much...

    Why are you on this site? At least 50% of the content here is trolling.

    Oh well. Can't make sense of everyone.

  • If it's meant to be, it will happen. Maybe when you guys are much older. You say you two dated before. Why did it end? From your post, the way you describe your feelings for her are a little intense and concerning. Because there's love and then there's obsession. The latter is not healthy or safe. Happiness comes from within and everything else builds upon that foundation. What is most concerning are your feelings towards her vs what you say you actually feel. It seems like a potentially volatile situation that if you were to date again and it didn't work out to your expectations, could you handle it? Remember she's a person with her own dreams, feelings and ideas. And she may not fit into the world you have created for the two of you. Somehow you have to come to terms with this and look at it from a different perspective. Not all goals are meant to be reached. Sometimes there is just a lesson to be learned. Like how you can feel deeply for another person. This is one of those where the end goal are ever changing.

  • It ended because at the time, we couldn't see each other nearly as much as we can now, and in the end, it was mutual. We remained friends afterwards. If we dated again and it didn't work out, one of two things would happen: I 1) would lose interests in relationships permanently or 2) I would find someone else... Although I don't know that I could feel that way again.

    On that note...She /is/, after all, the only girl that I find remotely attractive or lovable. I act like I like others, too, around my family and such, but really, I couldn't give less s**** about anyone else besides her. Finally...

    She is an innocent person. Until that is changed, I could and would do no harm to her. Not willingly. And I'm not one to be driven insane. I can't be. I've been drained of too much feeling and too much has happened in my life.

  • Get a car. Chicks dig a guy with a car and boys her own age won't be able to compete.

  • Pedes...

  • Wat?

    Do you mean "pedos"?

    I have no clue how you come to this conclusion, but on the contrary. We're both teens (she'll be thirteen this year), so I don't see the problem. :P

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