I hate myself

I hate myself for being me....
I don't know why I am like this...I always say that I love everyone but if I really did I would not have hurt them... It's easy to help others when the situations are favourable but why I choose my own happiness when it is time to choose between my happiness and that of the one's who need my help..why don't I sacrifice my happiness for the sake of others...
Another thing is I hate myself for not telling the persons whom I love that how much I love them... I don't say it but I do care... I want them to share their problems with me.. I don't assure them of solution but with a surity that I'll always be there to listen to them... I hate myself for not experessing these things to them...
It's not easy for a girl like me to talk to everyone with open heart...I always try to but I fail. I am an introvert, timid, insecure girl having fears of rejection and ingnorance... I have never thought about anyone's bad not even of those persons whom I don't like..and I never will...
I want to entertain everyone with joy, love and happiness... Why I am so boring... I just hate myself....

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  • Me too
    It's gonna be fine I promise. Life gets better

  • Not necessarily. Especially not for the introverts of the world

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